Post Reply Yusei & Akiza Are Not A Couple
Posted 12/28/08 , edited 2/8/09
Okay I've Seen People Posting Fan Video's Of Yusei & Akiza As A Couple When There Is Not Proof That They Even Are A Couple. I Mean What If They Became Just Friends? & That's It. I'm A Yusei Fan. But Until We Finish Watching The Series. I Don't Think People Should Be Getting All Happy About Theam Becoming A Couple. When For All We Know They Could Just End Up As Friends In The End. I'm Not Saying They Won't Be A Couple & I'm Not Saying I Don't Want Them To Be A Couple. I've Just Been Watching Both The Japanese & English Episodes Of The Series. & From What I've Seen So Far She Doesn't Like Yusei As More Than Just A Friend.

I'm Such A Yusei Fudo Fan!

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Posted 2/28/09

why not..they look qyite good together
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