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Post Reply Game ll Corrupted Wish
Posted 1/9/09
Wish granted, but u only passed cuz ur back in 1st grade

I wish i was a character in Shugo Chara
Posted 1/9/09
Wish granted but you're only in a fiction paper world

I wish I wouldn't need to do house chores
Posted 1/12/09
wish granted, but you have to do school chores,(clean the school)

i wish i was perfect
Posted 1/27/09
ill join in

wish granted but everyone starts hating you because of it

i wish i was a vampire
Posted 1/31/09
wish granted, but you walked into the sun and burned

I wish i was Hinamori-Amu from Shugo Chara
Posted 2/2/09
wish granted but you got abducted by gozen and hipnotized into working for easter...

i wish i was a mangaka
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24 / F / In front of the c...
Posted 2/4/09
Wish granted, but no one buys your mangas.

I wish I had a working money-making machine! ^_^
Posted 2/6/09
Wish granted but you go to jail for counterfeiting...

I wish i had a cupcake...
Posted 2/6/09
Wish granted but it's wasabi flavored

I wish be famous
Posted 2/8/09
wish granted but as soon as you become famous youre career goes down the drain

i wish i lived in a beautiful mansion
Posted 5/3/09
granted. but~ you'll not live there happily~ :(

wish~ i wish that my bf was edward cullen~ XP hehe
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21 / F / Philippines
Posted 5/6/10
I'll join in again after a very long time..!

wish granted but only in your dreams..!
I wish I found a REAL diamond..ahaha..
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