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Posted 12/28/08 , edited 12/29/08
Arashi Test! MyOjo April 08
*how many questions will you get correct?

Question 1 - Please find all 6 of the differences between the regular room and the room reflected in the mirror in the picture below.

Question 2 - What piece of furniture does MatsuJun want the most right now?
A - Sofa
B - Full-length Mirror
C - Air Purifier

Question 3 - What color is the bike that MatsuJun rides lately?
A - Yellow
B - Black
C - Red

Question 4 - When MatsuJun first read the comic, Hana yori Dango, which character did he most want to play?
A - Domyouji Tsukasa
B - Hanazawa Rui
C - Nishikada Soujirou

Question 5 - What song is MatsuJun dancing to?
A - Happiness
B - Love so Sweet
C - Kitto Daijoubu


credit to nukumi @ vox
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F / £ğöçεή†яỉǺ≈ ŁąñЕ...
Posted 1/9/09 , edited 1/10/09
man, i totally failed, but if i did a little research, i would have gotten them right, i guess?
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Posted 1/13/09 , edited 1/13/09
in the first question i only get 4 the magazine also change the color!.
in the no 2 and 3 im also wrong
but in the 4 i knew the answer i read it in some blogs that why i knew it
and no 5 i dnt answer it lol!
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