Autumn Spring Chapter 3
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~Whenever he needs help, I’ll always be there for him…~
Yes! School is finally over! Hm..I wonder why Kim Kibum didn’t talk to me today. He seemed so out of it. I grabbed my bag and someone yanked it to the floor. It fell with a dud and I turned around to see Lee Ae-cha and her three other friends. The two had the same fierce look while the other looked really scared. The two grabbed my arms and I tried to break free, suddenly a hand slapped me in the face.
“Take him to the abandoned restroom now!” Ae-cha demanded.
They threw me into the restroom and closed the door. I got up and banged on the door and tried to push it open. It was locked.
“Why are you doing this?”
“Don’t act innocent. You stole my boyfriend.”
“This is your punishment!
“Hey! Wait!”

~When I saw him for the first time, I knew he was no ordinary boy~
I walked down the hall, consumed by my thoughts. Why do I get so happy when I see Lee Sungmin? Do I really like him? Do I?
I heard footsteps approach me and it was a girl. She was shaky and panicky. She seemed to have something to tell me.
“What?” I asked.
She sank to the ground mumbling. Then she started sobbing.
“What is it?” I shouted, shaking her shoulders.
“Lee Sungmin…”She started.
“What about him?!” I demanded.
“Ae-cha…abandoned restroom…”Her sobbing got louder and louder.
I sprinted down the stairs and headed towards the abandoned restroom.

~All the money in the world does not compare to your happiness…~
How long have I been in here? It’s getting cold. It’s so dark…
I felt a surge of pain in my lungs. It’s getting harder to breathe. I gasped for air and felt the airway closing up. Then I saw light coming in from the opened doorway. My vision was starting to get blurry and I only saw the outline of the person.
“Lee Sungmin! Wake up!” the voice cried frantically.
“My…inhaler…classroom…backpack…” I managed to say. Every breath was crucial to me.
Then the person carried me and ran all the way to the classroom. I could hear the person’s heartbeat and it was thumping rapidly. I was slowly losing conscience, but then I felt a surge of air entering my lungs. Thank goodness.
My vision slowly became clearer. Light started to flood my eyes. I looked up to see my life saver. It was Kim Heechul.

“Kim Heechul?” I asked shocked.
“Are you okay Lee Sungmin?” He asked as he sat down on the chair adjacent to mine.
“Thanks you for saving me, but how did you know I was in there?”
“Well, I heard two girls talk about it and besides, if I don’t say you, Kibum wil…” He shut his mouth quickly and didn’t say anything.
“Kim Kibum will what?”
“Oh nothing,” Heechul got up from his seat, “I got to go…I have uh…golf lessons…”
“You have golf lessons this late?”
“Bye!” He ran out of the classroom leaving me puzzled.

~When I first met him…I knew he was my guardian angel…~
I ran frantically into the abandoned restroom and found it empty. Where could he be? Please let him be okay! I ran down the hall and bumped into someone.
“Watch it you – hyung!” I said surprised.
“What were you going to say?” He said, trying to look serious.
“Have you seen Lee Sungmin?”
“Yeah. He’s in our classroom – “I blew past him.
“Yeah! You’re welcome!” he shouted.
I only heard a mumble but I could hear the phrase coming from Heechul, “Kids these days…”

I ran into the classroom and found him sitting in a chair. I kneeled in from of him.
“Kim Kibum, what are you – “
I pulled him into a hug.
“Don’t ever scare me like that.” I pleaded, hugging him.
He gently pushed me away and looked me in the eye. “I won’t.”
Then our lips met as if they were destined to. I reluctantly pulled myself away and saw him blush.
“So what happened?” There was no answer.
“Lee Sungmin?” I asked.
“Eh?” Sungmin said in a daze.
“What happened?”
“Nothing happened…” he looked away.
“I know something happened.”
“I just accidentally locked myself in.”
“With string around the doorknob on the outside?”
He looked away and did not say anything.
“Alright, I won’t ask. I’m just glad you’re okay.” I conceded and gave him a hug.

Here Ch. 3 XD i hope you guys like it!! *getting nervous*
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