Autumn Spring Chapter 4
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Then our lips met as if they were destined to. I reluctantly pulled myself away and saw him blush.
“So what happened?” There was no answer.
“Lee Sungmin?” I asked.
“Eh?” Sungmin said in a daze.
“What happened?”
“Nothing happened…” he looked away.
“I know something happened.”
“I just accidentally locked myself in.”
“With string around the doorknob on the outside?”
He looked away and did not say anything.
“Alright, I won’t ask. I’m just glad you’re okay.” I conceded and gave him a hug.

~If my love for him can be measured by weight…the scale would break…~
“I have to go home.” I said.
“Okay.” Kibum said as he steadied me.
I was walking fine, but then I felt something overcome me…next thing I knew, it was dark.
I woke up and found myself in a hospital with my umma holding my hand and Kibum sleeping in a chair. My umma saw me looking at him.
“That boy must be tired after watching you until three o’clock.” She said eyeing Kibum who was fast asleep.
“Huh? Oh yeah.”
“Sungmin, who is he to you?”
“Just a friend.”
“Are you sure? He seems to be more than a friend…”
“No, I’m sure.” I said blushing. I didn’t want my umma to know.
Kibum woke up and the doctor came in. They stood up and bowed to the doctor.
“Doctor, how is he?” my umma asked.
“We did a full body scan on him and I won’t know the results until tomorrow. He seems fine so you can take him home.”
“Thank you doctor! About the bill…”
“Oh, it’s already taken care of.”
I looked at Kibum and he winked. He was so generous to do that…
“Oh! What time is it?” I got off the bed.
“Relax! It’s the weekend.” Kibum said, gently tucking me back under the covers.
“Oh. Then you should go home. I’m sure your parents are worried about you.”
“I’ll call you later so we can hang out. Right now it’s six o’clock, so why don’t you go get some sleep and then at one, we’ll go out…if that’s okay with you…” I said softly.
“Perfect! See you later!” Kibum left the hospital eager than ever.

~Everday I’m glad I’m alive because I get to see you.~
I left the hospital room and took a taxi home. As I was in the taxi, I saw Heechul sitting in his café. I got out and saw him drinking coffee.
“Hyung.” I called out.
“Come in,” Heechul greeted as he opened the door, “one more cup of coffee.” The employee poured a cup.
I sipped and smelled the comforting aroma.
“How come you’re up so early, Kibum?”
“Oh, I was at the hospital.”
“What? Why?”
“Sungmin fainted.”
“Is he okay?”
“Yeah. We’re going to hang out at one.” I said happily.
“Cool. I should pay her a visit. Which hospital is she staying at?”
“Um…Memorial. Wow, this is the first time you actually bothered visiting someone other than me.” I looked at him suspiciously.
“Yea, well, he’s the only boy in our school that’s kind and not into money.”
“True. Well, I better go home.”
“I’ll take you home if you need a ride.”
“Thank, hyung.”
Heechul dropped me off and sped away. I opened the door and my butler bowed.
“Hello young master, Master and Mistress are back.” He said still bowing
“Really?!” I asked surprised.
“Yes, they’re in the dining hall.”
I walked into the dining hall and sat down.
“Eat Kibum.” My father gestured to the plate in front of me.
“When did you get back?”
“Just now. Let’s see, right now it’s eight o’clock.” He said, looking at his pocket watch.
Shoot! I hope he didn’t hear anything about my break up with Ae-cha!
“So did you call the Lee family yet?” I mentioned casually.
“No dear, we were going to call at ten.” Mother stated.
“Oh, I…uh…already tried. The maid said to call back at…two.”
“Oh well, thank you dear.”
Okay…time to get away before he starts questioning where I have been. I slowly got up from the chair.
“So we didn’t see you when we came back.” Father mentioned.
“Oh. I had coffee with Heechul.”
“Until last night? The butler said you did not come home at all.”
“Oh. Uh… I slept over at Kim Heechul’s house.”
“Hm…Kim Heechul…that sounds familiar…oh…is he the orphan that is the heir to a multi-million dollar coffee company?”
“Hmm…good work befriending a rich heir.”
“He’s my friend Father.”
“Friend? No rich man has “friends,” but business share holders.”
I said nothing and just left the dining hall. I decided to just lie on my bed, but then I dozed off.

~I’ll love you even after death…~
I sat on my hospital bed and was chewing on a piece of toast. I heard a knock on the door.
“Come in.”
“Hey Sungmin.” He greeted, placing the flowers in a vase.
“Heechul, what are you doing here?”
“Come to see if you’re okay.”
“So does Kibum know that it was Ae-cha that locked you in there?”
“How did you know?”
“Please, I may be pretty, but I’m not stupid.” He smiled.
“Did you tell him?”
“No. I figured you wouldn’t say.”
“Thank you! Can you keep it as a secret?” I held out my pinky.
“Yea.” Heechul linked his with mine. There was a knock on the door.
“I better go.” Heechul got up.
“You can stay! Can you?” I asked.
“What if it’s Kibum? Won’t he get the wrong idea?”
“No, I only think of you as a hyung.”
“Okay, well from now on, you can call me hyung.”
There was a knock again.
“Come in.” I said.
The doctor came in and had a grim look on his face.
“What’s wrong?” I asked concerned.
“I’m sorry Sungmin.” A tear drop streamed from the corner of his eyes.
sorry for the hanger,but i have to do my hw lol. sorry! Enjoy! XD
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