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Posted 12/29/08
A Co-Moderator has a couple of jobs to do for the group.

1. They help the moderators finish requests.
2. They clean up the forums.
3. They can submit profile ideas for the group, which is always needed to be approved by the Moderators and Creator.
4. They can help with the website.
5. They can help make the newsletter and deliver it.

However, Co-Moderators are only allowed one job, not everything. However, to be part of the staff, you have to have some experience. You need to be able to make avatars and all that good stuff. In case you need to fill in for a moderator, which we find odd, you need to be able to do the job, a good job. To sign up for the role, fill in this form and enter below:

Crunchyroll Name:
Your desired job: [Choose two. No more, no less.]
Things you're good at: [Ex. Making aviis, wallpaper, HTML, writing, etc etc]
Moderator of: [The groups you are moderator of.]
Samples: [Enter at least three pieces of your work. They must have your signature on them. Please put in spoiler. They also have to be your MOST RECENT.]

Being co-moderator isn't that bad. You don't have to do five things at a time, like the moderators and creator. Also, when the staff sees great potential, trust, and that you seem to understand Photoshop really well, we will upgrade your status to a real moderator.

Any further questions please direct to XIChocolateXI

~The Staff [DenDen told me to post it for her ._.]
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