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Posted 12/29/08

This weekend Im going to the Anime South Convention in Destin, Florida(USA).

Im going as Yuuri.XD
I already have his outfit, but does anyone have any ideas for extras?
Like making his crown, Morgif, ect. I need to know what to make these things out of...
I have a recorder for the Demon Flute already. I just need to figure out what song Yuuri plays on it.

I cant wait til next year since I may go as Murata.(and have a friend use my Yuuri cosplay)

Thanks for any suggestions.

Your Geika,


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Posted 3/6/10
hmm i love cosplay :). last year i was sailormoon :). this year i believe i will be Gunter since i love his purple hair.. if not him then i'll be Wolfram ...
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