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29 / M / Land of darkness
Posted 12/29/08 , edited 8/13/10

In The Name of Allah


Hayo Ironoside & Ultimate Power

Wednesday 24/12/2008

Boy - he... he... he...
(A boy is running inside a big castle)
Boy - he.. he.. Where the hell is the door?
(And after a minute he finds the door and when he wants to open it)
Man - are you running away from someone???
(After a few seconds he looked behind)
Boy - yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
(The boy used all of his power to attack that man and a big blast happened)
Ironoside - haaaaaaaaaahaahaahaa...
[In a Forest]
(Ironoside is waking up from his dream)
Ironoside - what’s wrong with me, I have seen this dream more than ten times until now.
(He woke up and prepared himself to continue his journey in the forest)
Ironoside – {I think my name is Ironoside}
(He is looking at his necklace [written on it Hayo Ironoside])
Ironoside – {it’s about ten days I seeing same dream. I don't remember anything,the only thing i know now is i was alone in forest with two swords on my back , I don't know where I came from?? Where I belong?? Is Hayo Ironoside is my real name?? What I am doing in this forest?? Why I can't remember anything from my past? and why i have same dream over and over? But for now i only want to get out of here as soon as its possible.
(in his way he saw a lion)
Ironoside - ha a lion .he looks strong let's play with him.
(And he's going in front of the lion but when the Lion saw him Lion ran away)
Ironoside - haa!!! what happened, we didn't start yet?? {Hmmmm .... oh I had fight with him yesterday and I beat him up.what should i do now?}
(A girl shouting voice)
(Ironoside runs fast toward the voice to see what is going on)
(After he arrived at the scene, he saw the lion there and Ironoside thought the lion is attacking the girl)
(When he got closer to the place he saw the lion was defeated)
Ironoside - {the girl done this?.!!!}
(But the girl was still screaming)
Ironoside - hey ..hey come on the lion is dead.
Girl - not the lion, there is a rate over there.
Ironoside - a rattttt???
(After that he turned around he saw a rat, he caught the rat)
Ironoside - this one?
Girl - yes please throw it away
( Ironoside throw it away and watched the girl with a surprising face)
Girl - what?
Ironoside - did u defeat the Lion?
Girl - yeah...
Ironoside - and your....
Girl -heeey I am a girl after all and i have problem with rats... any way thank you for helping me.
Ironoside -your welcome ...{hey wait a second why I don't ask for her help to get out from this forest} i...
Girl - ohh i used most of my power, now i don't know where i am now. can you help me?
Ironoside - huh....{what the hell i was thinking??} ...
Girl - what u live around?
Ironoside - ....
Girl - don't tell me you lost also
(Ironoside turn around)
Girl - hmmm... what ever
(after a minute silence)
Ironoside - can i ask you one thing
Girl - yes?
Ironoside - how did you beat up the lion?
Girl - With my Wood
Ironoside - Wood??
Girl - Ultimate Wood Power
Ironoside - Ultimate Wood Power??
Girl - you don't know what is Ultimate power?
Ironoside - no
Girl – its normal that ordinary people don't know so much about it, but at less they know what it is it.
Ironoside- ........
Girl - ok how I should begin???hmmm,,,,. Ultimate Power is a special ability that some people have it and they must practice hard to Master it completely
Ironoside- ...
Girl - ok i'm ready now.
Ironoside - ready?
Girl - yes watch me and see what can i do with my Wood ultimate power
(She putted his hand on tree and close her eyes and with deep breath and waiting), I found it.
Ironoside - found it??
Ren - a way to get out of the forest
Ironoside- but how?
Girl - I can use my wood power to connect with all the trees in this forest.
Ironoside – ….
Girl - in another word i have eyes in all the trees in this forest
Ironoside - oh,,,,
Girl - lets move
(They Start walking)
Ironoside - {it seems ultimate power is something}
Ren - by the way my name is Ren what's your name?
(for second Ironoside felt something is wrong)
Ironoside - {whats this feeling?}...
Girl - whats wrong?
Ironoside – nothing. I think my name is Ironoside
Ren – you think ?
Ironoside - to tell you the truth…
(Ironoside start to tell her his story).............................................................................................................

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter01

Done By: Ironoside

Continue is in: Ironoside's Group
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23 / F / On chair, decidin...
Posted 2/28/09 , edited 3/1/09
Quite an interesting way of writing! When i have the time i would like to read the whole thing, but unfortunatly i only have the time 2 read the 1st chap. <_<
I'll see wat i cn do
Keep up the gud work!
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118 / my studio
Posted 11/20/09 , edited 11/21/09
this seems to be a movie script.
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Posted 8/13/10 , edited 8/13/10
It's more of a script than a story. Are you the protagonist?
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F / In a beautiful pl...
Posted 8/14/10 , edited 8/15/10
It's quite an interesting story or like SakuraSenin said, more of a script.
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