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Posted 12/29/08
So I was wondering for a while now...
If StepMania has a disclaimer that the program cant be used to generate money, why is there coin options?

if there is a loophole, i'd like to know, and how do i set my machine up to be able to use "coins?"

If there is a link in StepMania's original site on coins, send me a link too :]
Posted 12/30/08
They kept the coin option in Stepmania mainly to keep the whole "arcade style" theme for it. In actuality it's not meant to even be used but it works if you have the proper equipment and hardware to hook up (e.g. USB Coin Box). It's only useful if you really want to keep track of how much time you spend playing (Options -> Bookkeeping) but aside from that it's completely useless and just there as a novelty.
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Posted 1/11/09
yeah I've been wondering that too thank for explaining it Gundam
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