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Well no clue it was going to finish up like this. I mean we seemed pretty well on course for a Yuuhi ending or perhaps something a bit vaguer. Instead Jun really made a decision which is fine in my books. Kind of a rare event where the girl I felt myself cheering on didn’t end up losing. Perhaps I’m not such a cursed person after all. Still they finally had Junichi sit down and look within himself. Took both girls walking out the door to force him to stop acting the way he had been. The danger of being alone again like he was before Minato came back really shocked the guy. It may have also helped him think about how he had changed and who was responsible for that change.

No doubt he wasn’t an easy person to deal with when younger. Minato’s first meeting with the guy after years reflected this. Someone who believed he could exist alone and had pushed away many people. That guy even going to the extent of booting out the maid that had been assigned there. Though didn’t need to tell us that from the horrible state of the house he was living in. Guess it all started from that point on though. It is hard to resist someone that kind who could slowly warm your heart up. Before he knew it Junichi was really reliant on Minato and a strong bond had been forged. So perhaps it’s not a great surprise that he ended up choosing her in the end.

For the sake of those against that kind of relationship the parents certainly did hint at there being a lack of blood relation. Seems kind of likely that Junichi was adopted or something and thus it’s really not an issue. Time spent apart would have killed the feeling of it being wrong to care about a sibling like that also. Definitely some busy parents Jun has to be sure. They show up to rescue him after he walked into a kidnapping which was to be expected and then they flew right off again. But that definitely showed the bomb blowing up the other day wasn’t fatal.

At the end Minato really didn’t waste time getting things going. She kicked right into Junichi’s major school swimsuit fetish. Hard to say how things might have kept going if Yuuhi hadn’t come in. While she is around its clear the romance battle has passed. There is nothing wrong with the three of them living together now that things have finally been settled with Jun’s feelings. Of course it might be tough on Yuuhi sometimes since her feelings were genuine.

Final Words:

Well at the start I picked this series up since romance in a show is something I like to watch. Now in the end this one didn’t end up being one of my favourites all time. Average is probably a word that could describe it pretty well. They didn’t seem to have a firm focus on what they wanted to do. Sometimes this was a comedy, a drama, and a love triangle series. Then they even gave random episodes to side characters which was alright but also caused some trouble in terms of time. The ending as well leaves me wishing for a few changes. I’m fine with the girl that got chosen but it seems like they could have given Minato more development. She really didn’t seem to change much except in accepting her feelings for Junichi. Yuuhi was the character who developed the most over the entire series. Perhaps the same could be said for Junichi in terms of only accepting his feelings for Minato rather than having great character development.

In the end I think the major point was that Minato and Junichi just needed a push. Those two already had the strong feelings for each other that could have turned into a relationship. But the problem was that they were too comfortable with how things were. They had each other and didn’t need to go into dangerous waters at that time. Yuuhi could have been replaced with anyone in terms of a person. But her role was a catalyst that should up the calm household and suddenly made it impossible to stay the same. Junichi and Minato both had to grow and accept the feelings they had inside. There were plenty of hints that both were attracted to the other and cared about each other. Maybe they could have done more with Junichi for example in making it seem more than just a physical attraction.

In the end things weren’t too bad for the characters. Even without being with Junichi Yuuhi has grown a lot as a person. She doesn’t need the engagement since she is now more than just some naïve girl living in a big house. With friends around her, there is now freedom to be her own person. Know there are plenty of girls that would have liked to be with Junichi but he had to pick one at the end of the day. The rest will all be fine and continue being the way they always have. Well Karen may need some time to get over the shock of Jun ending up with his sister.

For Junichi and Minato it’s a pretty happy ending. If the major hints hadn’t been dropped in this one about them being non-blood related I might have been worried. I mean the world overall just won’t accept such a thing at the end of the day. But if they have no blood relations then they can figure things out. At any rate they love each other and that should make plenty possible. Though if Minato keeps dipping into Junichi’s fetishes then Yuuhi might walk into an embarrassing situation.

This was far from a perfect series. I’m still happy for picking this one up. While I had some bad moments with this show, I also had some fond memories. Really if you can look back on a show and be happy for watching then I don’t think it was a waste.
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