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Upon meeting with his parents Jun’ichi discovers that the men who brought him are enemies and brought Jun’ichi as a trap for his parents, and Jun’ichi’s mother proceeds to fire missle’s at them from the jet she is riding on. When the smoke clears Jun’ichi’s father states that those men lied to Jun’ichi to lure them here, upon finishing that sentence a large mech appears behind Jun’ichi and his mom proceeds to bombard it with missels as well. Jun’ichi’s parents explain that the enemy is a dangerous cult that kidnaps children and with that Jun’ichi’s parents leave again.
Jun’ichi returns to the house and Minato greets him and asks about their parents and Jun’ichi responds that they were doing ridiculously well. Jun’ichi proceeds to have another brief “imouto” moment until Yuuhi appears and the two greet each other somewhat coldly. Jun’ichi asks Yuuhi if she’s still angry and proceeds to which Yuuhi replies “not really”, this causes Jun’ichi to tell Yuuhi to say if something’s bothering her in an angry tone. Yuuhi proceeds to question if Jun’ichi’s one to talk since he’s in love with his sister. This flusters Jun’ichi and he asks Yuuhi if she’s misunderstanding something and proceeds to ask her if she’s jealous, and Yuuhi says that she may be. Yuuhi continues saying that she’s thought this through and she wants to know the truth from Jun’ichi. Jun’ichi then proceeds to apologize, to which Yuuhi asks if Jun’ichi even knows what he’s apologizing for; and Jun’ichi wonders what it was and tells Yuuhi to just tell him. Yuuhi then slaps Jun’ichi and proceeds to leave the house and when Jun’ichi tries to stop her she punches him and says good-bye.
While resting on the couch, Jun’ichi asks Minato what happened while he was away. Minato replies that Yuuhi has been thinking a lot about her and Jun’ichi, and Jun’ichi asks what the two of them talked about. Minato replies that the two of them have been hurting Yuuhi. The next day Minato also leaves the house stating she can’t leave Yuuhi like that, but Jun’ichi says that this was originally their house; to which Minato replies that it was originally his house. Jun’ichi asks what he’s suppose to do, and Minato tells him to figure that out himself otherwise no one will be happy with the results. In class Jun’ichi is thinking about what happened and Tsukasa and Fuyuhiko notice that something is going on with Jun’ichi. Outside Minato is playing tennis and Naogomi talks to Minato about what’s bothering her. Meanwhile Jun’ichi is discussing what happened with Tsukasa and Fuyuhiko. Tsukasa advises Jun’ici to go apologize, and Jun’ichi asks to whom, Tsukasa calls him an idiot and tells him to apologize to both of them. Jun’ichi replies that he’s already done that and comments that he doesn’t understand a girl’s heart to which Tsukasa laughs and replies that a girl’s heart isn’t so simple that a guy could understand it.
That night Jun’ichi is in his room looking at the print club picture of him and Yuuhi; then looks at the picture of him and Minato with their parents, and remembers when Minato came back from living with their parents. Apparently at the time Jun’ichi wasn’t very close to Minato and told her to not call him onii-chan, and that’s he’s enjoyed being by himself up to this point and having family all of a sudden bothers him. Minato replies that she didn’t leave him, and she came back so he wouldn’t be alone. When Jun’ichi asks why, Minato replies because she’s always loved him. Remembering all this, Jun’ichi wonders what would’ve happened if they weren’t siblings. Immediately following that thought Jun’ichi hears the sound of a motor and discovers Sugishita-sensei outside the house on his motorcycle and Sugishita tell Jun’ichi to get on. Sugishita-sensei takes Jun’ichi to the beach and Jun’ichi comments that it’s been troublesome, to which Sugishita-sensei comments that others would be envious of his problems. Jun’ichi comments that he’s saying that without even knowing what his problems are, and Sugishita agrees saying he doesn’t know and he doesn’t want to know. He continues to tell Jun’ichi that if he doesn’t know then go in blindly with everything he’s got. Jun’ichi comments that it’d be a waste of energy to do so, Sugishata comments that even if that’s so to just go for it. Sugishita continues saying if a guy’s lost to think about it, and Jun’ichi comments that even if he does those two won’t come back. Sugishita comments that as it is no one will come back and adds that if he continues as he is Jun’ichi will end up alone and gets back on his back and leaves Jun’ichi at the beach calling him an idiot.
Meanwhile Minato seems to be staying with Naogomi surrounded by computers. Minato apologizes for imposing, and Naogomi says it’s okay because she couldn’t leave her like that and comments it’s the first time she’s had someone over so she’s happy. Naogomi comments that things aren’t going well between Minato and Jun’ichi and Minato asks if it’s that obvious. Naogomi comments that she’s always been watching them, and Minato wonders if Naogomi also likes Jun’ichi andNaogomi snickers and comments that Minato was worried just now, and when Minato asks if she does Naogomi says “of course not”. Minato looking relieved apologizes and Naogomi comments that Minato likes Jun’ichi and Minato replies it’s because he’s her brother. Naogomi continues saying that it’s an important time for Jun’ichi right now and says that Minato should probably go home soon and hopes that things work out for her.
Meanwhile Yuuhi is at Karen’s home and Yuuhi wonders why the tension is so high. Karen comments that it’s the first time that a classmate has come to her room. While they’re lying in bed Karen comments that Yuuhi is alone because of that stubborn guy, and Yuuhi comments that it’s not because of him to which Karen comments that it would be better if Yuuhi was a little more honest. Though Yuuhi claims it’s not as simple as that Jun’ichi would properly answer her anyway. At the Nagase house Jun’ichi finally makes his return after Sugishita leaves him stranded. After lying down on the coach, Jun’ichi comments it’s just him and Jun’ichi begins to converse with the Jun’ichi from middle school. The middle school version comments that they’re finally alone, but he’s always been alone and things have just returned to normal. They start to talk about how when Minato came back she was just annoying to them, but the current Jun’ichi comments it was just back then; the middle school Jun’ichi wonders if they’ve always felt she was annoying, the current Jun’ichi comments that her cooking was delicious and she was beautiful too and comments that the him now and the him then are different and he’s changed since Minato came. The middle school version wonders if that’s why he put up with another woman and Jun’ichi tells him not talk about Yuuhi like that and that he and Yuuhi fell in love with each other and his other self wonders if that’s why they went out and tells himself to properly answer because he loves Minato. He continues asking how long are they going to continue on like this and after some internal conflict Jun’ichi shouts out that he loves his sister. Back to reality Jun’ichi wonders if that’s how it is.
The next day Jun’ichi walks to school wearing the gloves he wore in middle school, Fuyuhiko and Tsukasa greet him and comment that he’s different from yesterday. Yuuhi comments that he has a good face on right now, and notices the gloves and asks what they are. Jun’ichi replies it’s a seal for his other self. After school while Minato is walking home Jun’ichi appears in front of her and asks her to return her. Minato asks for a reason to, and Jun’ichi explains that he’s thought a lot about it and didn’t understand it, but he thought it’d be best to say it otherwise that can’t continue. With that Jun’ichi tells Minato that he loves her, though Minto tells him she’s his sister, to which Jun’ichi replies it’s no good if it’s anyone but her and he doesn’t want to lose her. After hearing that Minato embraces Jun’ichi and Yuuhi spies the two of them behind a wall smiling and tearing up. Karen shows up behind Yuuhi shocked that he chose his sister, though everyone comments that they knew Jun’ichi would pick Minato, and Tsukasa apologizes to Yuuhi and Mitsuki asks if Yuuhi is all right and Yuuhi replies it’s better this way. That night Naogomi is burning some files and Mitsuki comes in and comments that it must be hard, and admist the conversation a second Naogomi shows up. At the Nagase house Minato interrupts Jun’ichi’s bath in a school mizugi. Yuuhi bursts in calling Jun’ichi an immoral animal and Jun’ichi and Minato are surpised to see her. Yuuhi says that she came to pick up something she forgot and says that she’ll continue to live here stating if she isn’t here they’ll do things like this. Minato states her happiness that Yuuhi will be coming back to live with them, and Yuuhi comments it’s because they live closer to school than she does. Jun’ichi comments it’s because she wants to be here, and Yuuhi states it’s because she doesn’t know what Jun’ichi and Minato will do if she’s not here and kicks Jun’ichi underwater in the bath. Meanwhile up in the skies Jun’ichi’s parents are looking at files that look similar to the ones Naogomi was burning, and Jun’ichi’s mom wonders if was okay not to tell them. A call from Yuuhi’s father comes in he comments that it wasn’t his daughter that gave up, and Jun’ichi’s father comments it’s because his son is an idiot, and Yuuhi’s father replies that he’s a good idiot like his dad and they all laugh. The whole series ends with Jun’ichi, Minato, and Yuuhi taking a print club picture.


Wow, so it looks like they went with an original ending; unless there’s a harem ending with just Yuuhi and Minato. In any case I gotta say that I have mixed feelings about this ending. I mean I have nothing against a Minato ending, it’s just that it was too sudden. We spent like 9 or 10 episodes slowly focusing on Yuuhi and Jun’ichi and the last 3 episodes about Minato and she wins with that? I’m just playing the numbers, but it leaves a strange taste then they bring out a whole harem ending without any progression into it. Well this is that type of anime so I shouldn’t be surprised.
Before I go on ranting on the episode I should note that I didn’t cover too much into the “middle school Jun’ichi vs. current Jun’ici” inner dialogue. I just gave the gist, that’s a fast paced and psychological scene kinda like in certain Evangelion episodes so I hope you’ll forgive me for putting too much detail into there. Just trying to summarize it kinda overloaded my brain.
No continuing with the episode, overall I like the Jun’ichi, Yuuhi, and Minato thing because they do all seem to get along together. I must say that for an ending, it’s a little unacceptable especially how it seems that Yuuhi gets her heart trampled on a little. I also found it surpising that Yuuhi was the one that cleared up her feelings and Jun’ichi was the one unsure and indecisive till the very end. Well considering this anime is based off a game, they were giving incentive to try out the game. If this was the goal, they succeeded because I really want to see the storyline for Yuuhi’s route, and also Naogomi now that I see she has a twin and perhaps a connection to UFOs. I have a few of the CG endings that I’ll post up later. For now I need to wrap my brain around this ending to find out how I feel about it.
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