Good Japanese dramas... crossdresser?
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Posted 12/29/08
I was just wondering if ne one knows of any Japanese dramas where a girl dresses up/acts like a boy.
or Vice versa.
Or anime's like that.

I've watched Hana kimi and ouran koukou host club.
it doesn't HAVE to be Japanese... [Japanese = me not reading the subtitles so much or at all]
[I'm also learning korean / chinese [mandarin]]

or any other drama to do with high school or w.e
... ya
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Posted 12/29/08
what comes to mind is coffee prince, its korean btw
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Posted 6/28/12
-Ikemen Desu Ne
It's the Japanese version of '' You're Beautiful. ''
It is about a girl who dresses up as a boy to join a boy band called ANJELL for her brother.
Her brother is having surgery so she pretended to be him at that moment. She fell in love
with one of the members...and yeah. It is a very good drama!

-Coffee Prince
This is a KOREAN drama. But it's very good.
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