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Posted 12/30/08
Interview on ‘CROSS GAME’

-First of all, please introduce yourself one by one to readers outside Japan.

~Members look at each other~
~Everyone looks at Nao
Nao “(Breaking the silence) What? Me?”
Tora “Yes, that’s how it goes.”
Nao “What was the question?”
Tora “A self-introduction.”
Nao “…self-introduction. Where should I start? (laughs)”
Hiroto “From your birth (laugh)”
Tora “From your first sexual experience.”
Show “It’s long (laugh)”
Nao “Then, should I start?”
Show “You go.”
Nao “I’m Nao on drums! Good evening. (laughs)”
Saga “I’m Saga on bass.”
Show “He’s lonely.”
Saga “Lonely… I’m lonely. Yes. (laughs)”
Everyone “Hahahaha! (laughs)”

- Well, is that because it’s winter?

Saga “Winter… that’s one reason. But I’m miserable, so that’s why I’m so lonely. (laughs) …that’s all.”
Tora “I’m Tora. I play the guitar. That’s all.”
Hiroto “I’m Hiroto on guitar! I have a little stomachache.”
All “(laugh)”
Show “I’m Show on vocal. Nice to see you.”

About their new single ‘CROSS GAME’
- Then, we would like to ask you about your new single.
Please tell us about each of the new songs: ‘CROSS GAME’, ‘【atmosphere】’ and ‘夢幻/Mugen –electric eden-‘. First, Tora. What is ‘CROSS GAME’ like?

Tora “Well, ‘CROSS GAME’ is like… a rock song. It has a band sound when everything is together, but there’s a catchy melody and it’s easy to listen to.”

- Next, what about ‘【atmosphere】’, Hiroto?

Tora “This is the segment presented by the original composer.”
Show “Come on, composer”
Hiroto “Well… it’s like floating-- the 【atmosphere】 is important for that song. The sounds and melody, as well as the lyrics, are linked each other to make a groovy and cozy song!!”

- Lastly, Saga, please tell us about ‘Mugen ~electric eden~’.

Saga “Well…. It’s very much like a “continent”. It has a tangible approach as it rides through to the rhythm, like the movement of a continent…like Hiroto…
Show “Hiroto?”
Saga “Hiroto. and…”
All “Ahahahaha! (laugh)”
Saga “And! Tora, who wraps his guitar playing tenderly around it. and… Show, who sings fluidly with the sound. Fufufu.”
Nao “I wasn’t mentioned! (laughs)”
Saga “The people who are in charge of the rhythm are the continent I mentioned in the first place! The sound reminds me of a continent.”
All “hahahah (laugh)”
- Now, I would like to ask you, Show, about lyrics you wrote. What inspired you and how did you start writing the lyrics for ‘CROSS GAME’?

Show “You know. First, I listened to the demo that Tora made. We were planning to have a song collaboration as part of an anime called “‘遊☆戯☆王5D’s /Yu☆Gi☆O 5D’S”, so Tora saw the anime and researched about it to understand its world, because he’s a considerate guy. After that, he sent me some important words and concepts that might be good to have in the lyrics. I started from that. The story is about a boy’s growth from darkness, a place where there is nothing, and his search for the light. I think that linked to our band somehow. I wrote the lyrics with that thought in mind. I have heard that “Yu-gi-oh” is the second most popular anime, next to “Pokemon”. Please watch the Japanese version with subtitles, instead of watching the foreign versions where other artists sing the theme songs.”

- What about ‘【atmosphere】’? How did you write the song?

Show “Well. I felt like floating in the sky when I heard ‘【atmosphere】’. The song presents the feeling of floating, so I chose my words to express that feeling. I was like listing words to describe the scenery.

- What about ‘Mugen –electric eden-‘?

Show “Well. It has an exotic approach, so I think the image of the song is dependent on the person who is listening. Personally, I think the song reminds me of wandering into a forest…so, what can I say, that the song is like a skyscraper? I wrote the lyrics as if I was wandering into a skyscraper. People outside Japan might not know ‘Center-gai’, which appeared in the lyrics, but I think I can say it’s like Times Square. It’s like you’re wandering into an amusement center, but your mind is still in a dream, with no clear boundaries between what is real and what is unreal. I wrote the lyrics to describe this view of a wonderland.

- Then, next is about the music video for ‘CROSS GAME’. What is it like?

Show “About the PV, …well. We’re going toward the light all together. The song has a band vibe, so we centered it around the band performance, especially the guitar performance. We describe this like going forward to the light together, with all of our members. The visual scene is that there is a column of light, and the members are…”
Tora “Surrounding the column”
Show “And playing the song”
Hiroto “Take the sound to the column!”
Nao “What about the Japanese sword that everybody might be wondering about…?”
Show “Yeah. I had a sword in my hand. It was to express my fighting spirit. In my mind, the phrase ‘CROSS GAME’ is not like ‘a really close baseball game’, but like a crossroad or a branching point of life. There are many choices, but you go the way you believe in. That’s the meaning of ‘CROSS’. I think, too, that this song has the power to go forward and fight to the end. To be honest, I just wanted to have the sword. (laughs) To express such things, I brought a weapon to the video. (laughs)”

- So it expresses the will to challenge one’s self to fight, and the Japanese sword was Show’s idea.

Show “That’s right!”
- By the way, do any of the other members have anything special that you want the viewers to see in the PV, because you stay with a theme?

Nao “Yes! (raises his hand energetically) Umm, the headphones! Well, they spark. Actually, it was made by a tradesman called Nao. He put the sparks on one by one every night.”
Tora “What did I keep with? The white part of my eyes. I showed the whites of my eyes. (laugh) And I wore color contacts.”
Saga “I, well, I, most of all, I was very sleepy… because we were making our album at that time. … It was a fight against sleepiness…. And on the set, we got meals so often, so I often felt very heavy during shooting, because I was eating so often…things like Onigiri (rice ball)… Onigiri is a traditional Japanese food.”
All “(To his explanation) hahahaha!”
Tora “They have it even outside Japan. Onigiri.”
Saga “They offered us so many Onigiri and I ate them a lot. My body weight in the second half is different from the first half.”
Show “You can’t miss it. It’s before he got lonely (laughs)”

- Fans overseas sent us suggestions for questions to ask. The other day, we received a question that said, “What is your favorite kind of onigiri?” So, what is your favorite onigiri, Saga?

Saga “Me? My favorite? Maybe ‘Ginsyari’ that they sell at Seven Eleven. I really do dare to choose one that contains nothing…. All in all, the taste of salt comes together to accent the natural rice. That’s the way of the Japanese. (laughs)”

- Thank you very much (laughs). Then, lastly, Hiroto, please tell us the part of the PV that you think we should see.

Hiroto “My recommendation is one shot, where there is a Marshall amp in the back. There’s a shot of me and the amp. I rarely appeared in the video, but in that shot, the amp came into focus instead of me. (laughs)

- Marshall became the main actor? (laugh)

Hitoro “Yes. It’s a promotional video for Marshall. (laughs.)”

- Was it an accident?

Hiroto “No, I told the director to choose it. (laughs)”

- So, be sure to check out the final video to see their recommendations! By the way, what did you do while you were waiting around during shooting? Besides eating onigiri. (laugh)

Nao “Making Onigiri (laughs)”
Show “Practicing drawing.”
Hiroto “I was drawing a girl. It’s very artistic.”

- Are you good at drawing pictures?

Hiroto “I’ve become good at painting recently.”
It’s the autumn of art, isn’t it?

Hitoro “That’s right. It’s partly because of that. Partly.”
All “(laugh)”
Hiroto “(Laughs). As is often the case for PV shootings, the waiting time is longer than the shooting itself, so we do something or other to kill time.”
Saga “I often sleep or draw, or do something with my computer…or play games.”
Show “I haven’t been playing games lately.”
Saga “No, you haven’t been. “Gundam VS Gundam” is coming out soon. PSP?”
Nao “What?”
Show “Let’s play that. Sounds fun.”

About Peace & Smile Carnival

- Our next topic is the 10th anniversary event for PS COMPANY being held at the Budokan on January 3rd. Many artists will perform during this event, but what kind of performance do you want to have?

Nao “… destruction”

-Destruction (laughs)?

Nao “Just kidding (laughs)”
Saga “I want to have an orchestra behind us….”
Nao “Don’t spoil our performance! No! (laughs)”
Show “We are thinking about the particulars at the moment.”

- You mean, we’re going to see something special, or alicenine. playing tricks?

Tora “Yes. We’re horrible somehow (laughs). We’re going to play some tricks.”
Nao “I think everybody is thinking about doing that (laughs)!”
Saga “When I’m free, I think about the other bands’ setlists. (laughs) I’m happy that our dream came true.
Show “We’ve seen so many of our senpai’s (seniors’) concerts that I can imagine what they’ll do…so unless they do extremely unusual things or play new songs, we can guess what they’re going to perform.”

- Wow. Do you listen to the other bands’ songs or go to their concerts?

Show “Yeah. I listen to them and go to their concerts.”

- Whose concert did you go to recently?

Show “Nao went to see the GazettE recently…”
Nao “I did. The day after Kai’s birthday, to celebrate…without taking a present.
- Empty-handed?

Nao “Empty-handed!”
Tora “Did you emphasize that? (laughs)”

- About the venue, Nippon Budokan. What is Nippon Budokan for alicenine.?

Show “Well. When I was into martial arts, many judo tournaments were held there. I’m happy to perform in such a stately venue.”
Nao “Yeah. Always…how can I say this... I think it’s the venue that many bands or artists aim to perform at. This time, to my joy, there will be so many people in the audience. The venue has a circular form. So, it would be nice if the audience fully surrounds the stage.”
Show “There will be audience members behind your back, Nao.”
Nao “That’s right! I can’t be lazy.”
Tora “You’re right. I can’t imagine it fully, so I don’t know. It’s unknown.”

- You might know when you stand on the stage.

Tora “Yes. I will not be overpowered by the audience, or maybe I will. I won’t know till I perform there.”
Saga “I haven’t performed at the Budokan, so I can’t imagine what it’s like to stand on the stage. Until the other day, I thought the Budokan was a big venue. But this time, I went there to case the joint and I realized that it’s not much different from a live house.”
Hiroto “I don’t have any special feelings about the Budokan. I won’t know till I perform there. I don’t have any feelings till I perform. After January 3rd, then…!!”

About Future Work

- Thank you. Then, let’s move on to the next question. 2008 is going to end. What kind of year was this year for alicenine.?

Show “Um, I think this year would be calm before the storm.”
Nao “I think so, too. …I look forward to the year to come.”
Tora “It was very busy this year…. Well, it passed by fast. I don’t know if it’s … because of my age (laughs), or if it’s because it was a fulfilling year. I will know next year.”
Saga “You’re right. If the next year becomes a good year, I think that will make me think that this year was a good year, too. It happens every year, but if the next year is a good year, that is what makes it so I can think the last year was a good year too. I think it depends on the next year.”
Hiroto “This year was a good year because we made good songs. Yes. We wrote as many songs as we could.”

- How many songs did you compose?

Hiroto “… about 20.”
Composition and text: Yuki, Kaori and MJP world team
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