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Posted 12/30/08
heres two of my poems i did about the groups
the blood and purity war

WHITE ligth
brings forth
pure pain
not knowing if i will be safe
in this gental spring of white
the flowers begin to reunite
will i watch as they burn and die
i rember there sorrowfull glee
as there petals danced in bettween the tree
as the wind setels
and the watchers die
in the silcence
stures something inside than never setels
like a mosterous bloum of red petals
hateRED and love
coliding into and eteral battel
makeing a larger rattle
than the unwinding chaos
this war will not stop
who will be the next for the chop

the black thorn kazoku
angry and sunny
pain and funny
this is nogthing more than blood money
in this undying shame
caused by the flame
we are all to blame
in these childrens dreams
with all there evil schemes
they push this to the extremes
as they play for there world
there lies are unfurled
they all enjoyed
the world that they have destroyed
they will smash thougth our souls
to reach there precious goals
untill the black thorn was born
so there shall be no scorn
as the red and white fade away
the black thorn is here to stay

a short sory i maed called death of a fallen

In the early hours of yesterday morning a body of a young adult was found in the middle of the co-operative car park, closer inspection of the body tells us that the victim was a female between the ages of 14-17 years old the body had no form of identification so an identification would have to be established there was a note with the body because of this note we first thought that the cause of death was suicide but the toxins report came back with nothing and there where no self inflicted wounds on her body, also further investigation reveals that’s the young woman had sever blunt force trauma to the back of the head witch leads us to believe that the victim was murdered a murder investigation was started , and not long into the investigation we found out our victim’s name is Helen louise Bagley she was 18 years of age and was a student a Cambridge Anglia Ruskin university studying criminology , while speaking with her dad I found that Helen had taken time out of university for health reasons she had also had a fight with him on that night , the estimated time of death puts the murder taking place at about 11:30 pm Greenwich Mean time also later on I found out that she on the same night empted her bank accounts , the father came in a Identified the body I had my suspects but with little evidence and no witnesses the case came to a dead end.

five years later after the case had been closed there was a call from the victims father who said he had important information about the case so we called him into the police station to here his story he told us that on the night of her murder she had been on the computer too long which was what started the argument they had and he remember that leading up to her death she was spending to much time on the internet talking to her friends he thought nothing of it till he saw in the newspapers a similar killing that took place a few days ago with the evidence supplied this was enough to re open the case i took a look into the similar case and found there was a note with the body it was the same note that Helen had it said
"fall to rise
lose to win
die to recover"

looking into this i discovered that Helen had been spending a lot of time on a message board and she was talking a lot privately with a person who's user name was killer after looking at IP logs i found out the the user name killer was actual a man from the same town as Helen we brought him in for questioning and he said that he and Helen where close friends and he was going to help her run away however after getting a warent for his apartment we soon found the murder weapon and the blood stanies on the bat confirmed that this was the murder weapon that killed Helen he soon contested the the murder how ever there was something strange he said “i killed her but she still lives” i just dismissed this as crazy talk then one day i saw Helen across the street from me i couldn't believe my eyes
“Helen” i said and she nodded her head and said "thank you for all you have done”
then she walked across the road and whispered in my ear “fall to rise lose to win die to recover” then she smiled at me
“Helen” i repeated
“no that person is dead” she then walked away from me but before she left she turend round one more time and said
“ Hi im Megami” then a car went by and when it whent past it was too late she was gone never to be seen again

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Posted 12/30/08
my anti-duchess story heee

Warning this contianes volice and horror read at your own risk

the rise of the anti-duchess
Once a upon a there was beautiful duchess who lived in a big mansion with her mum and dad and all her friends one day there was a big ball and she meet a lovely prince charming and fell deeply in love with him and they would be together every where then they got married and they lived happily ever after
the duchess placed the hand written fairy tale book on a grave
“for you my prince”

the duchess got up and walked out of the graveyard but before she was completely gone she turned round and spoke
“i will keep coming back each month until you answer my question” and with that she left
she lived in a small apartment there was pieces of paper with hand draw picture and words they said “the duchess and the prince charming”
she went over to the table where she was working on her next story and she started scribbling on it
“ and they live happily ever after the end” then she closed the book and walked in front of the large mirror and she picked up a brush ans started combing her long black hair and she looked in the mirror
“once a upon and time there was a beautiful duchess, she was the most beautiful woman in all the land but this was along time ago that it felt like another life to her it was so long ago that the duchess her self forgot all about it” then she paused then taped the mirror
“are you listening to me”
the reflection in the mirror wasn't her's it was the reflection of the duchess who was sitting on the floor the she turned around her golden curly hair swayed
“yes im listening please read me the story again”
the black haired woman smiled at the duchess , she went back to brushing her hair
“Once a upon a there was beautiful duchess...”
“no not that story the other one i one i cant rember”
“you know that story is a bad story full of pain and horror wouldn't you prefer this story”
she went to the table and held up the story book
“no i want to rember”
the woman sighed and sat down on a chair
“OK well don't blame me when you get scared”
she crossed her legs, and the duchess in the reflection shuffled closer
“i want to rember how i meet you”
“very well then”

five years ago

“where is my green dress” the Marchioness screamed, a girl came in carrying a lovely green dress
“no not that one the other one, what dose it take to get some good service around here”
“im sorry miss i will be back soon”
the only reason everyone put up with her was because she was a Marchioness and she was the half sister of duchess megami , the duchess was the most beautiful girl in all the land she had wealth and power beyond her wildest dreams but she was such a kind and gental duchess not like the rest of those snooty aristocrats, but the marchioness was a different story she was mean and scheming and was always planing away for her to become duchess at the expensive of megami, tonight there was going to be a grand ball the grandest of grandest.
“i want to look better and more beautiful than megami so then everyone's eyes will be on me” Emily said snidely
your never be as good as megami no matter what you do
“what was that” Emily said angry
“oh nothing Marchioness”
“well it better be or else go on then get me my dress and don't keep me waiting”
“yes miss” the servant went to get another dress

later that night at the ball all eyes where on megami no one payed any attention to Emily then there was an anoucment
“welcoming prince kain”
the prince walked up to the duchess and asked her to dance they danced the night away but the more Emily watched the more angrier she got i will teach her a lesson she wont forget then i will be duchess
after the prince had danced enoigth he went out side to get some air and Emily followed him
“hello i believe i haven't been introduced yet”
“ prince kain you are”
“Marchioness Emily”
they shock hands
“nice to meet you i didn't see you at the ball”
“i was there”
“oh i must of misted you”
“yes well i thought since your a prince you would like to know a bit about the duchess”
“what about her”
“well your highness i could see you where quite taken by her and i thought it was wrong to keep a secret from royalty like your self”
“a secret??”
“yes well you see megami isn't the real duchess”
“well megami is the illagitament daughter her birth was covered up because i am the real duchess but to save our family from this embarrassment we say that megami is the real duchess since she is the oldest”
“i see.. im sorry but i half to go now”
afterwards he went back inside
“oh duchess megami i didn't see you there” he said shakily
“is everything all right”
“yes every things fine i was just admiring your garden you have a lovely home duchess”
“thank you your highness but im sure its not as grand as your palace”
then megami mother came over
“your highness its far to late for you to leave i must insist you stay the night”
“oh i wouldn't want to be a bother”
“no no it would be our honour” megami smiled sweetly
“very well then i shall stay”
“good you can stay in our finest room”

later that night
“oh sorry your highness i thought everyone had gone to sleep” megami started to walk away
“no its all right , it would be nice to have some company”
megami moved next to the prince
“so..” the prince said
“umm so..” megami said blushing
“well you realy have a lovely home”
“i know you said that before”
“oh yes well im no good at small talk”
megami smiled shyly at him they stayed up talking most of the night unaware they where being watched the whole time
“ahhh..well im going to go to bed now”
“OK good dreams see you in the morning”
after megami left Emily moved in on the prince
“hello your highness” Emily curtsied
“oh i didn't know you were still up”
“yes well i wanted to tell you something”
“tell me what?”
“you see megami is not as good as she appears to be”
“what do you mean she seems perfectly nice enough to me”
“yes well that's all an act the truth is inside she is...” then she whisper in the princes ear and his eyes widened in shock and horror
“this is why she is the duchess so we can keep all her disgraces secret”
then the prince backed away
“i.ii have to go now”
with that the prince left the mansion
in the morning megami found out that the prince had left in a hurry last night
”yes he said he has some thing important to do at the place and was sorry that he had to leave without saying good bye” Emily informed megami

sometime later
the prince was invited back to the mansion
“come in my boy” megami's mother called him in
“yes ma'm”
“well i heard your quite taken with the duchess”
“yes thats true”
“well then how would you like to get married to her”
“i would be honoured”

“so you heard do you except the proposal” Emily asked intrigued
“yes my duchess i would be horroured to marry you”
“meet me at the church at 4 o'clock”
“OK till then”

later on megami got a note saying to meet at the church she was unsure at first but if she didn't go then Emily would be angry at her
she was stunned at what she saw she saw the prince getting married to Emily
how can this be we were suppose to get married
“you may now kiss the bride”
then megami was pulled away from behind and taken to the graveyard
the viscountess was the one who garbed her then Emily appeared from the church
“what the meaning of this Emily” megami said with tears streaming down her cheeks
“its simple i tricked the princes into believing im the duchess and your just an illegitimate child, so when he heard mom saying about marrying the duchess he thought she meant me” emily moved towards megami
“and now i have everything of yours your nogthing now”
“because i hate you i wanted to be dutchess” then emily pulled out a knife
“now be a good girl and kill your self”
megami didn't want to but she took the knife and put it to her wrists emily was rigth she had noigthing it was over for her
“thats it now slit it nice and deep so you get out of my life quickly the sooner you die the better”
then something died inside of megami and to her time had frozen and the world became dark
“ where am i” she said
“why where inside your mind” a voice said, the voice sounded familiar like it was her own
“no that's not my voice” then a figure steeped out of the darkness
“your right”
that's when megami first saw her it was a woman who had her face but she had long black hair and wore a torn dress with red stains on it megami looked at the woman i horror
“is that blood?”
there was no reply but a sinister smile
“who are you?”
“that's simple i am you”
“it cant be”
“well im not exactly like you”
“what do you want from me”
“oh i want nothing from you acutely im here to do something for you”
“realy what?”
the woman cam closer and spoke
“im here to kill your enemies to be your protector”
“but i don't want them to die”
“why not when they have taken everything from you and they want you dead dont they deserve to die”
“i.i gusse your right”
“ok lets shake on it then”
megami held out her had to shake hands then the woman grabbed her hand and then she was back in the grave yard she could see everything but i was like a dream she couldn't awaken from

“your rigth i will kill myself im now megami the anti-duchess” then megami got up and plunged the knife into emily and stabed her sevral times
“the sooner you die the better” she turend to the viscountess
“please dont” and megami slit the girls throat
“serves you rigth”
megami walked back to her house with blood coverd all over her when she went inside she cut every last person down until they all lay dead in a pool of there own blood last but least the prince came in
“i loved you but i gusse it wansnt enogth for you since you fell for sutch cheap tricks” she walked up to time and wisperd in his ear a question but he didnt say anything
"i will cut your heart out as you have done mine"
then she plunged her hand into his chest and riped out his still beating heart

“i will always rember you and the way you betrayed me” she siad to him as he died in her arms.
then when it was done she stode infront of a large mirror and in the reflection was the duchess her make was runied by all her crying she was baging on the mirror
"let me out this isnt what i wanted"
"no but its what i wanted" the anti-duchess smiled at her sinersterly then walled away
"now your be the one traped forever" the anti-duchess said as she walked away

after that megami dissaperead without a trace but she left her mark where ever she went killing those who had wronged others it was her mark she left in blood at the scenes the symbol of megami the anti-dutchess
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Posted 12/30/08
this is baroness R form the red roses story the_letter_R
It had been over a fort night since her husband had died. Rosemary had wished she had missed him like a widow was supposed to but, it was common knowledge that she really hadn't known Ambrose all that well. He was indeed almost fifty when they were wed, and she was naught older than sixteen! Old enough for a father, or grandfather even! But when her Aunt had married her off, it wasn't like she had family to speak up, her parents had died when she was nine, during a trip to Africa. Aunt Lucinda had never told her how they died, it could have been a nameless amount of horrors. After all, Africa was a large untamed content! How it had teemed with such thing as mysterious natives, infectious diereses, and fathomless landscapes. It always loomed in her dreams, after she closed her eyes.

For being so wealthy, her parents' estate and her savings had dwindled to nothing, in the matter of less than seven years. She had been only a poor girl with a title before marriage. Somehow, Rose had suspected her Aunt of using most of her funds to get her cousin out of trouble and keep up the lavish lifestyle that she thought she so richly deserved. Lucinda's son Nickolas was always having to be bailed out in some aspect. Once it was so bad, her Aunt had to pay to have a neighbor girl sent to a monastery to keep the girl's family quiet. So, by Rose's sixteenth year Aunt Lucinda was very hard up for money.

When Ambrose had asked her Aunt if he could take Rose as his bride, Lucinda all but threw the girl at him. Rosemary sighed, the memory could be a funny thing. It was only last year and they really hadn't done many married activities. If anything, Ambrose was often away on business. He tried to coax her on his hunting trip into the Congo but that was out. So, for the longest time she was left on her own. She spoke a little to the house keeper, and was often invited to dinners at her new in-laws, who were about her age, but after awhile she seem to cocoon in the manor and it's luscious gardens.

The manor could be creepy at night. One wing was made of nothing but mirrors like a fun house. The mirrors had strange runes and gems set into the frames. Rosemary had never seen or imagined anything like it. There was also a library and a carousel in the very same wing! Rose was very curious about this place. “Why is it locked up so?” She would inquire to the house keeper. The house keeper, Ms. Frost, who was often pleasant enough, would get a cold expression and tell her to mind her business. But still, it bothered Rose, who was so curious and with nothing to do, she often explored the grounds on her own with nothing to do. She would only hear rumors of what was behind the door. The chamber maid, a girl as young as herself, had been fired once Ms. Frost caught wind of her speaking about the wing. Rosemary could only imagine!

Before Ambrose came back, one rainy afternoon, she could take it no longer and decided that she would find out what Ambrose kept in the wing before he came back from his hunting trip. Ms. Frost had taken ill that day, and was bedridden, so if anytime was right it was then. She snuck down the hall, and went at the door with a bobby pin. She wriggled and jiggled but it just didn't work! Giving up in almost a child-like huff, she turned to leave. But when she had taken a few steps down the hall, the door slowly creaked open.

Rose couldn't believe her eyes! One minute the door was almost unpick able, and the next, it was a jar! Every bone in her body told her to run, but where would we be without people who ignored all common sense in such stories?

She approached the door gingerly, “Is anyone there?” Rose tried not to be too loud, for she feared that the one of the house's maids or worse would come striding around the corner, but even that was unlikely, for the rest of the staff avoided the wing like the plaque!Perhaps I should venture in a little and check it out, there might be someone playing around in there. She turned this over in her mind and realized that if she didn't take the opportunity to go in now, she probably would never have the second chance.

The door itself was unimpressive, just carved brass. As she pulled it open a cold drafty chill penetrated her clothing and went right straight to her bones. Rose stepped through the doorway and into a long glass hallway full of glass mirrors. It was wondrous! Even in the semi-darkness things glittered and glistened. Maybe she could ask Ambrose to make a room like this for her! It was most opulent. As she touched the smooth, cool glass she tried not to make finger prints but it was unavoidable. After feeling around a bit, she found a brass candle holder that she could light and some matches beside it on a small table.

When she lit the candle, everything had an eerie polished look and she saw a chair next to the table. A little further down the hall, was a gilded door set into the glass. That must be the library! All around her, shadows moved, but she ignored the creepiness and was taken in by the glamor and illusion of what she was seeing. Because of this however, Rose failed to notice a singular shadow following her own.

Upon pulling open the door she noticed a strange carving along the frames of each set in piece of glass. Rose reached out and traced the runic designs with her fingertips. They were strange to touch in a way she did not like. Run! You can turn back now and no one would ever know! She shook this out of her mind. Such non-sense! Sure this place is creepy, but for the love of Pete, I am acting like a scared little girl..

The Library itself was rather unimpressive, with large tomes in leather on the walls. It smelled fairly pleasing. What was impressive though, was a large frame, covered by a yellowed sheet. Rose pulled the sheet off and gasped. Such a pretty mirror!It had lovely carved dark wood, with angels and demons and mythological creatures fighting on it. The wood felt sensual to touch and it even gave off the faint sent of roses! So most of it was true! No carousel, but it wasn't all a loss.

As she admired the mirror the shadow moved in behind her, it almost seemed to absorb the candlelight, and for a moment it flickered. Rose felt a cold hand on her shoulder. It felt colder than ice. She saw someone smiling at her, behind her in the mirror. “Who-?” Turning to face the stranger behind her everything went black.

When Rose awoke, she was lying in a chair by a window in the study. It took her a few minutes to realize that she was not where she had fallen. Had someone found me and brought me back here? I'm going to be in so much trouble! Before she could think of an excuse, there was a piercing scream from upstairs. “Ms. Frost is dead! Quick call an inspector!” She tried to get up out of her chair but felt woozy. What happened to me up there?

It was hours before the Inspector finally showed up. Some of the kitchen staff had patched together a rough meal of soup, bread, and cheese. Rose was thankful it hadn't been much because she had felt nausea upon waking. After the Inspector examined everything, he came downstairs to meet with Rose in the drawing room. Although, he had initially been concerned, he was sure it was a heart attack brought on by a scare. He would help the coroner remove the body. He also told her that it was better that she didn't look at Ms. Frost and that if possible they arrange a closed casket funeral with her next of kin.

“Are you sure?” Rose paled, something told her that this was her fault somehow. I had no business even being in there! “Missus?” She looked up at the officer in tears, she just couldn't believe this was happening! “Sorry, what were you saying?” “I was trying to explain to you that though her death was rather gruesome even though it was a simple matter of heart attack. It would give any normal person nightmares.” They talked for a little longer, mostly while the coroner had the body removed. It had been a long night, and soon Ambrose would be home. When she finally laid down sleep was long in coming, but before she did sleep she could almost hear a dry nasty laugh coming from the nightstand's mirror.

The funeral was held the following week, there was no next of kin, and by that time Ambrose had returned home. He was disturbed but his new wife's odd behavior but had chalked most of it up to grief and loneliness. Every mirror in the home had been covered. While it was a little disturbing to see such a pretty girl go out of her way to avoid mirrors, it was also a custom to keep them covered during the time up to and the day of the funeral. If she was insistent after the burial, then he would insist on her seeing someone though, it was a shame to see such a lovely woman go daft.

The whole week of Ambrose's return was terrible for Rose, in every mirror she saw a shadow or heard a voice. What was the worst part was that her features were the same but changed somehow, in a very unwholesome way. She would only look in a mirror a few seconds before seeing a feature warp if only a little. Once she dared to look for a whole minute and started seeing her features turn very dark and sinister. Dear God, what have I done? What's happening to me?

After the small funeral was taken care of and the body removed, the mirrors were uncovered again. She didn't know what to do about it, she just ran from one place to another, but she was still very much afraid, and in Rose's heart she knew she was changing. She couldn't hide any longer, and was not surprised when Ambrose called her into their bedchamber to talk.

“You have been acting like a loon and shirking your household duties.”
“Whatever are you speaking of my husband?” *PANIC* “Why would you say that?”
“You went into the East wing didn't you?” He raises his fist to strike her across the face and decides otherwise. Rose tries to look at the floor, and sees something moving in the mirror.
“You're not that crazy you know...When I was a young man, I used to visit the dark continent of Africa a lot. I even met my first wife there.”

As old as Ambrose was Rose didn't doubt for a second that Ambrose had been married several times.
“I built it for her you see, she studied a practice out of Africa that allowed her to see other worlds. I helped her build that so that she could go back and forth between them. The first few times were very exciting, but as time passed, she came back less and less.” He shifted uncomfortably in their bed. “What came back each time was less and less natural.”

Rose couldn't believe her ears. “So that's why you had the place sealed off? What happened to her?”

“She..I had to. What came back wasn't my wife. She wanted to bring more through. I did what had to be done.” Rose shuddered. “You killed her...!” Ambrose glared at her. “It wasn't that I wanted to. I just had to. She could have killed us all.” They began to hear dry sinister laughter, something that sounded like the dry crunch of leaves. Something black and shapeless began to pour out of the mirror, like a dark oily rain. It devoured her!

Ambrose let out a horrifying scream, that also gurgled It sounded like he was choking or drowning. She couldn't look at him but instead turned to face the mirror. Her features began to twist and warp. Her hazel eyes turned into black pupil less oily slicks. Her hair which had always been sunny and bright shone with an absence of light. But her mouth was the worst of all, she opened her mouth to scream and it became a ring of razors!

With some control over her body left, she turned and fled. Ambrose was a goner, and at that point she would be too. The only thing she could try to save her own life would be to destroy the mirror. If she could break the portal, whatever this thing was would be stuck on the other side or maybe she could kill it. Rose picked up her skirts and ran like the devil was after her.

Rose ran downstairs, through the darkened labyrinth that was the house. By that time, the remaining servants a mere skeleton crew, were asleep in their own quarters. The house had only a small bit of candlelight left. The shadows were everywhere, engulfing every nook and cranny of the house. The only thing Rose could think of as she pumped her legs and ran was that this was all her fault.

She had awakened a dormant entity within the glass, something diabolical from another world. This mistake, would be paid for in full, if only it would not have to be with her life. Shadows followed her as she ran, and she could hear chanting. The chanting grew louder and louder and she could not tell if it was in her mind, or if it was real. It surrounded her. She felt hunted.

The magic that made this came out of the dark continent, out of Africa. Rose always knew Africa would kill her, that the continent would rise up and swallow her heart. As she ran, she knocked over one of the large looking glass in the hallway. Something screamed in rage and began to crawl out of the mirror. Rose gasped in shock, if that was at all possible. She bumped into a small table with a shiny vase on it. Everything in this place was a mirror, a hole where the blackness could get in. Somebody, please help me! Tears streamed down her face as the vase crashed to the floor.

Rose looked on in horror as a black oily figure started pouring effortlessly out of the mirrored pieces. I'm cracking up! I'm cracking up! Just like this vase. What's happening to me!? Rose scoots backwards on her hands and knees to get away from the creature. She begins to hear hollow, rusty laughter. It's like something that had never laughed, finding something funny for the first time. But, unlike a baby's laugh, it was purely soulless. Evil.

“What do you want from me?!” Rose continues to scoot back as she says this, she gets to her knees. The way she kneels is perfect to give her room to run. Maybe, it will give itself away so I can destroy it. She looks for something to defend herself with. In the home's vestibule, she sees Ambrose's collection of swords and guns. She doesn't know how to fire a gun and at this point thinks she will injure herself. Come on, you can do this! Fight! If it's going to kill you, make it work for it's meal!

Rose pulls herself to her feet, and pushes past the thing materializing and into the vestibule. Could it be? As Rose moves past, she sees the oiliness start to bend and push...into the shape of a girl?! “Come on! You want to kill me so badly?! Come on!”

STUPID GIRL...WE ONLY WISH TO JOIN WITH WHAT IS NOW RIGHTFULLY OURS...KILL US? AS IF YOU COULD.... Dry nasty laughter echoed off the walls. It almost sounded as if it was in her head. Rose pulls a cutlass from it's scabbard, off of the wall. It may not be much but I could swing it. She starts to look for a way out of the room. If only I could go back to where this all started. Maybe there would be something to kill it, Ambrose might have something there.


Rose ran out of the double doors on the side of the office and back into the hall. She could hear laughter mocking her at every turn as she neared the forbidden wing of the house. I wish I had never found this wing! Tears momentarily blur her vision. She struggles to open the door and balance the cutlass. The knob feels slippery from her sweaty palm.

Frustrated, she forces the lock and breaks it. Rose can feel everything getting darker around her. It was still following behind me. Her eyes grow wide as she feels someone directly behind her. She aimlessly turns and slashes at whatever the thing is...and instantly regrets it. The young maid that was employed to tidy up rooms falls to the floor, on her knees. “Madam...” She clutches at Rose, and then falls completely to the ground. Rose watches in horror as the girl's body begins to liquefy and turn into a thick viscous oil.

At this point Rose doesn't need to be told twice. As she runs down the mirrored hallway and into the library, the thick smoke flows like water into the mirrored panels. Again with the mocking laughter. “Shut up you horrible thing!!!” Rose didn't care if she woke up the entire house, as if answering her, the entity laughs louder still.


Rose slams the door behind her and colaspses onto her knees. She gasps for air. The mirror!! She rushes forward again to the mirror, to break it, but before she can do this, tenticles spill forth from the looking glass. To avoid being grabbed she pulls back as far as she can, swinging the sword left to right. “Get away! Get away!”

Rose hits one, and while hurting it, it does nothing to slow it down. More tenticales spill forth, erupting from the mirror's glass surface. They wrap around her arms, legs, and neck. They are pulling her now, Rose feels herself sinking to the floor. Her cutlass drops to the floor with a sharp clatter, and she feels a numbness overtake every limb the tenticales touch. I am dying. I am dying. Then she hears a loud sound ring through her ears and mind.


Rose feels like she is underwater. Floating comes to mind. She sees something emerge from the corner of her eye. A woman glides out of the mirror. She begins to take shape and she leans close to Rose's face. She smiles. Rose looks into the woman's face, and finds her own. No! You aren't me! No!!

YES....I AM YOU...I WAS ALWAYS HERE...The woman points to Rose's heart and laughs a dry mocking laugh. WE JUST NEEDED THE MEANS TO REACH YOU... The woman lovingly cups Rose's chin in her hand, Rose is repulsed but cannot move a solitary muscle. DON'T BE AFRAID...WELL YOU CAN IF YOU WANT...I ACTUALLY PERFER IT THAT WAY...

Her double licks her lips and opens her jaws wide, and for a moment there is nothingness.

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Posted 12/30/08 , edited 12/30/08
this is a firend of mine leshea's countess story (shes not part of this group yet)

“LeShea would live to a ripe old age, as long as she never knew herself…”

LeShea wanted nothing to do with falling in love and rebuffed all attempts at romance.

Raakel was the only one who tried to melt her frozen heart, with a warm heart and a warm smile.

Raakel loved LeShea, but that love was coldly rejected. LeShea’s cruelty to Raakel was the last and grand finale of her life as she knew it.

A curse was placed upon LeShea that day:

So may she herself love, and not gain the thing she loves in return

One morning, LeShea was gripped with the sudden urge to walk, and never to stop walking. She walked for days which went on for years till she reached the end of the earth.

She unknowingly stumbled into the Garden of Eden. All around, were plants and wild flowers, the earth made room for every flower that reached for the sun. A bright rainbow illuminated the sky in so many dazzling colours.

“We’re glad you’ve come” is whispered on the breeze.

While she stood at the door to paradise, her travels had made her thirsty…so unbelievably thirsty.

She happened upon a silver lake, its water so pure; it must’ve been holy water. LeShea knelt at the lake side and bent down to take a sip from the fresh water when suddenly, she stopped.

There was someone swimming in the water…no…under the water…staring right at her.

LeShea felt her face flush and skin get hotter. Who was that? A water nymph of some kind?

The person in the water was so beautiful words could not describe…dark sun bronzed skin, wide brown eyes, deep shimmering blue-black hair and sweet lips.

LeShea stared…how…beautiful….she reached down to touch the nymph but her touch seemed to frighten the beauty away.

“No wait! Don’t leave please…stay…” she whispered.

“Don’t leave please…stay…” the beauty replied. The nymph gazed up at her, a slow smile spread across LeShea’s lips, and the beauty smiled back… (1)


She’s so beautiful I thought with a sigh. I smiled, delighted when my beloved smiled back. I wondered how I could’ve possibly lived my life without what I had now, this amazing feeling of being in love. Completely love sick and helpless to resist that bright smile directed at me…only for me.

I saw her dark eyes shine with love as she stared directly into my eyes. I hadn’t always been this way….I was once shallow and petty; I rejected anyone who set their gaze upon me. I felt that I was not worth them. I was once vain and egocentric, I was beautiful and I knew it, and I flaunted it…I was once a tease, letting others know what they couldn’t have, I let them know I wasn’t meant for mankind…

I was once a fool…

That was before I fell in love.

I stared at my beloved, admiring her in the moonlight and until dawn when the faintest traces of the aurora washed its splendid colours across her face. How she looked in the glow of evening, the way her bronzed skin glittered in the crystal water. The beauty of the rising sun could not compare to her.

I wished to tell the world I found a love that turned my life around and share the rare beauty I found in her. I slowly began to walk away, I waved a sorrowful farewell to her seeing she waved goodbye in return. But as I got farther away, my heart clenched painfully, a feeling of dread and despair washed over me and I turned around to tears streaming down my beloved’s face and she clutched her heart as if in immense pain.

I returned to her and she gleefully greeted me with a bright smile, admiration gleaming in her eyes.

It was then I noticed something…she didn’t look…healthy. Her eyes were red rimmed and her beautiful body was becoming slim and frail, blue black hair was slowly thinning. How could I have missed it? I wondered.

“LeShea” her eyes pleaded… “Release me…let me go!”

I gazed sorrowfully at her, “Oh my love…I would if I knew how!”
Her eyes began to well up with sad tears, “Please! Set me free”

I couldn’t bear the heartbroken look in her eyes and I pulled a dagger from my sheath, watching as my beloved did the same, “There’s got to be another way!” I cried.

“There isn’t! Please you must!” She insisted, raising the dagger towards me and me towards her.

“Please don’t make me…” I sobbed.

“You must!” She cried, “If not for your own sake then please for mine!”

“I can’t kill you!”

“Then kill yourself” she replied softly.

I felt numb at her request, but I never felt the blade I stabbed myself with, I never felt the sleek metal pierce my flesh. I glanced up at my beloved and saw the look of immeasurable thanks on her face; I knew that same expression decorated my face as well.

“Please…let me kiss you at least” I said, bending down lower to meet her lips and she to meet mine before I lost my body position and fell into the silver lake. I felt a pair of arms encircle my waist and drag me lower and lower till I couldn’t breath. My lungs screamed for oxygen and I began to struggle.

I happened to glance back at my captor to notice…it was my heart’s desire…it was her! But she was killing me…my love…wasn’t returned… (2)

My world went black.


“Pathetic love sick fool” the Countess mumbled as she stepped out of the silver lake. She was the reflection of LeShea, but she was a whole new identity no longer confined to the lake…no she was free. She glanced over her shoulder at the lake where LeShea was at the bottom…the once crystal water red with blood.

She smiled and tossed her long blue black hair over her shoulder. Anti-Countess LeShea was free…and she was craving blood…
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Posted 12/31/08
a story i did on request of Mysterioza this story is about viscountess Mysterioza

The fall of an angel the rise of a dragon

The beautiful Viscountess Mysterioza was indeed a rare gem she had a smile that could stun many men into fits of Euphoria, and she had such a positive out look on life, many of the girls envied her she was beautiful talented and smart she was gifted with an amazing voice that made everyone who heard her songs weep with joy she could stop arguments with just a few words she truly was an amazing person, she was born into the wealthiest aristocracy around as the viscountess many looked up to her for advice and guidance , one day the young Archduke got word of Viscountess Mysterioza and diced to pay a visit to her home in the Kingdome of grandall her home was surrounded by Acers of forest lands and her large mansion was set in front of a lake
“Are you ready yet milady” one of the servant girls came in to check on Viscountess Mysterioza
“Yes I’m almost done” Viscountess Mysterioza said while putting on the finishing touches she was wearing a long orange dress that was beautifully decorated she finished putting of her jewellery
“Good because he will be arriving any minuet now” then the girl left
Viscountess Mysterioza admired her self in the mirror
“I hope I make a good impression” she said to herself the Archduke was a very important guest she had to make a good impression on him as she looked more closely in the mirror she could see something from the Conner of her eye she quickly turned round but there was nothing there
“That’s strange I could of swore I saw some thing”
Then she left to meet the Archduke she was caught of guard when she saw him step out of the limo
“Good evening Viscountess Mysterioza” he walked up to her and kissed her hand
She was expecting the Archduke to be a man in his 40’s so she was surprised when she saw a young man the same age as her
“Yes it is come in” she led the way inside her grand mansion to the great hall
“Here please sit down,” Viscountess Mysterioza said while pointing to the seat at the top of the table as soon as they sat down loads of servants came out carrying various foods on platters
“Dinner is served”
“I heard a lot about you Viscountess Mysterioza,” the archduke said cheerfully
“I hope you heard nothing bad” Mysterioza said while blushing
“No nothing bad at all quiet the opposite in fact,” the Archduke said smiling
“That’s good”
“Yes and Im quite impressed you do not disappoint that was a wonderful meal my complements to your chef”
“Shall we go outside its such a lovely evening” the archduke added the they left the mansion by the glass doors at the back that led out side from there position they had a beautiful view of the lake and the moonlight was reflecting in the lake it truly was a beautiful site to behold
“Its amazing” Viscountess Mysterioza, said stunted
“Its not half as amazing as you are” the Archduke said and Viscountess Mysterioza, blushed as they kissed
“Im sorry I shouldn’t of done that” the archduke apologised
“Why not?”
“Because no matter how much I care for you we cannot be you maybe the viscountess but I’m an archduke my position is higher than that of a prince and your not that high up in the ariosccray, maybe our love could be if you where a marchioness but since that is not so we cannot be together I’m sorry” with that the Archduke left and she sat in front of the lake broken hearted as she sobbed away she remembered a story her mother had told her when she was a child about how a powerful dragon was sealed away under this lake because she had fallen in love with a man she could never have and if some one who’s heart had been broken like hers stood in the water and said the magic words then the dragon would rise once again Viscountess Mysterioza, took of her shoes and socks then stepped into the water

“Breath of fire
Come forth and snuff out the liar
And destroy that I admire
Dragons heart full of rage
I realise you from your cage”

Viscountess Mysterioza, waited but nothing happened
“I guess it was just a fairytale” she sighed then went inside

Some time later
Some one was at her door
“Who is it?” she said while opening the door it was two police officers
“I’m sorry milady but we have some bad news” they said sadly
“What happened”
“We found the body of the archduke”
“He was killed not far from here”
“That’s terrible do you have any ideas who did it”
“It looks like an animal attack”
As they walked away and got back into there police car the other cop said
“No way it could be an animal attack did you see that bite it looked like it was from a much larger creature”
“Don’t talk about that stupid dragon theory of yours again cause I don’t want to here it”

“Could it of really been a dragon?” Viscountess Mysterioza, wondered

That night she tossed and turned in her bed she had a horrible nightmare about a dragon chasing after the archduke she was then awoken by a strange sound she got out of her bed and went to investigate the glass door at the back of the mansion was wide open
“Hello is anyone there” she asked but there was no reply not a sound until as strange sound from outside broke the silence it sounded like a noise a very large animal would make she went outside there was nothing there but she saw something move from the Conner of her eye
“Is any one there” she asked again
There was just silence than she saw something again she made her way back to the door but it suddenly slammed shut
“Who’s out there show your self”
She could see there was something in the water and it was coming up Viscountess Mysterioza, fell to the floor she couldn’t believe her eyes it was a girl who looked just like her
“Who are you”
“I’m am you” it replied
“No you’re not me”
Then it walked across the water to meet her
“But who could tell the difference I look just like you”
“What are you” Viscountess Mysterioza, asked terrified
“You should know you did summon me”
“You can be”
“But I am” then the girl changed her shape and she turn into a black dragon with red eyes
“And you killed the Archduke” Viscountess Mysterioza, said frightened
“I did it in accordance with your wished” she said then turned back into her girl form
“What are you going to do to me” Viscountess Mysterioza, said trying to get away then the creature went back into the lake
Viscountess Mysterioza, moved forward and looked into the lake then the creature rose up and grabbed Viscountess Mysterioza, there was a struggle but Viscountess Mysterioza, was no match for the dragon and she was pulled down into the dark recesses of the lake

“Now I drag you down into your resting place
So I can erase
Now you sleep in the pitch black
I will slash and hack
I speck the words of the ancient mage
Now this shall be your cage”

The creature walked back out of the lake
“I’m Anti-Viscountess Mysterioza, who are you?”
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Posted 12/31/08
in estonia
"Mu silmades on kurbus,mida keegi ei näe
mu hinges on üksindus,mida keegi ei tea
mu huultel on soovid,mida keegi ei kuule
mu südames on haavad,millest keegi ei hooli"

it's a pome what one of my friend made,,it have deep meaning in it

in engish
my eyes have sadnes ,what nobody cant see
my soul have lonlynes ,what nobody dont know
my lips have wishs ,what nobody cant hear
my heart gave wounds ,which nobody dont care
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Posted 12/31/08
Put a smile on your face and pretend that your okay
nobodys going to ask you how you feel
so why bother telling them the truth-
they just want a smile and for you to say your fine
even if your screaming and crying inside no one cares so why bother?
just drown yourself in books and music,
build the wall around you higher and hope that no one tears it down.
just hope that no one tears you down..
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Posted 12/31/08
cool heee
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Posted 12/31/08
1000 times I have shed my tears
1000 times I’ve coward at my fears
1000 times I have said sorry and met it
1000 times I found the true gold with out the hint
1000 times I’ve said my good byes
1000 times my truths mistaken for lies
1000 times I take the blame
1000 times I carry my shame
1000 times I have felt the hurt
1000 times I’ve felt like dirt
1000 times I felt to run away
1000 times I couldn’t face the light of day
1000 times I downed in the pain
1000 times I drove my self insane
1000 times I hide behind smiles
1000 times I admit to denials
1000 pace my heart felt
1000 times this pain must be delt
1000 times I will forgive
1000 stabs I will live
1000 promises broken
1000 words unspoken
1000 days
1000 ways
1000 hopes
1000 dreams
1000 words
1000 stories unheard
1000 rhymes

1000 times

But this,
My dear is only 30 of what I want you to hear
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Posted 12/31/08
i hope they dont have to be my write it
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Posted 12/31/08

i am not a slave but still not free, liveing in the darkness
apon the chanse that used to rule me, in the shodows of my life
no man or friend or any other can free me from this curse
of liveing here in totle fear, to find out what i'm worth


life is like an ocean, blowing in the wind
you'll never know witch way it turns
till the waves come crashing in!
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Posted 12/31/08
thats good who wrote it?
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Posted 12/31/08
the girl in the mirror poem

When did she cry
She wont tell
Why did she lie
She starts to yell

Why don’t you just go
And let me be
My heartache wont show
Why do you keep hurrassing me

The mirror is my home
I paid for it with my soul
It’s the only protecting dome
I’ll never fall into a black hole

I don’t want to get out
This is the place where I want to stay
So please don’t shout
I can hear you anyway
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Posted 12/31/08

killerandkain wrote:

thats good who wrote it?

sorry i dont know
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Posted 12/31/08
sad life by ~miki4650

Im crying i am bleeding i am hurting i am screaming

I can let these feeling build up inside, i must find some-
where dark so i can hide.

I pull out the blade,as tears run down my face,
i slice open my flesh, im such a disgrace.

How many times will it take, till i learn from my mistakes.

Im taking my life,every time i pull out that knife,
i strech out my arm and then i slice,
this feeling isnt bad, its actully nice

Some say im sick,when they see my wrist,
I tell them im fine,look arnt i alive,
but really i am not afride of death i just want to die.

Blood is a gift from the demons of death,
i thank them every night befor i take my last breath.

Im not insane, or sick in the head,
I just hate my life,
wishing to be dead.

I dont do it because i depressed,sad and angry,
just to let out the hurt, the pain and the agony,

One at a time i cut open my vains,
i sit in numbness,poring out the rotten blood,
poring out hate and pain.

Blood is dripping from my finger tips, as my arm hangs next to my waste
I bring my hands to my mouth i am devoring it, addicted to the taste.

Late at night when the stars are starting to greet me, I lay in my bed quitly weeping,My mom walks in but i am peacely sleeping, she tip toes her way to my bed, Leans down wispers she loves me, then pecks my forhead and then gently hugs me,

When the sun comes up and there is no more moon, my mom knock on the door then enters my room,she starts to yell because of the blood on my sheets, she screams clean them up the come down to eat,

My brothers run around cursing and hitting, ones on the floor twiching and bleeding, i fall to my knees holding him close, hes inoccent and little i love him the most,

Every other kid that lives in this house doesnt know how to act or watch their mouth, cameron the eldest runs at me with a stick, then hits me in the face, i am bleeding all over he slip open my lip.

I chase him around then i throw him to the ground, then grab him by the hair drag him up the wooden stairs, the ask him why, he tells me some stupid ass lie, I hate their guts, I hope they all die.

I drive myself to school, all stessed out and clothes all bloody,
but as soon as i get to my locker i jack some from my buddy.

My boyfriend aproached me, today in the hall, he wiped of my tears and ask me what wrong,
I replyed dont worry, it just a little fight with my family thats all.

He said alright then held me tight, kissed me and told me everythings fine
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