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**Game Title Combinations
Posted 12/13/07
It works just like the Anime Title Combinations but instead of choosing animes I would like to hear some game combination. I know it will sound super strange but I would also like to see how creative you can be.


1. You can choose any games that exist in the world. Ragnarok, Counter Strike, Panzer Bandit or even Panzer Dragoon Zwei

2. You cannot create something like this
Pokemon Yellow + Pokemon Gold = Pokemon yellow
You can create this
Pokemon Yellow + Pokemon Gold = Yellow Gold

3. You can't use the Forum game. What I mean is no **Choose between two options + **The 4 lettered word game = Choose between 4 lettered word game

4. I allow a game that is already exist as well. What I mean is
Megaman X4 + Legend of Legaia = Megaman Legend

Here I go

Panzer Cop
Panzer Dragoon + Virtual Cop

Posted 12/13/07
The Legend of Gunbound

The Legend of Zelda + Gunbound
Posted 12/13/07
Final Legaia

Final Fantasy + Legend of Legaia
Posted 12/14/07

Gunbound + Killzone
Posted 12/14/07
No one heart

Kingdom heart + No one live forever
Posted 12/14/07
Alien Evil

Alien + Resident Evil
Posted 12/14/07

Maplestory + Gunbound
Posted 12/14/07
Kill Story

Killzone + Maplestory.
Posted 12/18/07
Panzer Legaia

Panzer Bandit and Legend of Legaia
Posted 12/26/07
Pokemon KOTOR

Pokemon Red VS Star Wars KOTOR (Knight of the Old Republic.
Posted 1/3/08
Devil Zelda

Devil May Cry VS Legend of Zelda
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29 / M / Singapore
Posted 1/8/08
Crysis + Bioshock
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M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 1/8/08
Tales of Kombat

(Tales of Symphonia + Mortal Kombat)
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23 / M / Philippines, Asia
Posted 1/8/08
Atelier Iris + Dark Cloud = Dark Iris
Posted 1/8/08
Street Kombat

mortal kombat + streetfighter
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