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Posted 12/30/08 , edited 12/31/08
Okay I made this topic because I'm seriously tired of people constantly asking the same questions over and over again.

Q: Is Futkoi Alernative a second Season to Futakoi?
A: No it is not a second season to the show Futakoi. Just as the title says, it is an alternate story that happens to use the same drawing concepts and same sort of characters as Futakoi did.

Q: What happened to the main character in Futakoi?
A: This is an alternate story from Futakoi that is trying to tell a more detailed and interesting story by using an older and more interesting character than the one in Futakoi, as far as I'm convinced he's dead cause he has no relation to this story.

Q: What's with all the weapons?
A: This Alternate story is based on a more action packed and controversial topic that uses lots of action and weapons to tell their story and about modern times and war like problems.

Q: What's with the Fire breathing Squids... their kinda stupid...?
A: Although the squids may seem stupid and pointless they are actually a very important and well thought out plot Device used to help create usable conflict and develop the characters, their background, and the story as well. I wont spoil it so just watch and see if you can catch it on your own.

Q: I watched the first episode and it doesn't make sense, I think I'll give up on it.
A: Okay if you want to give up on it, fine, but they made the first episode extremely fast and explosive to help give you an idea of what this show is all about, quite of a few of the episodes are like that but they never drive away from the story and keep it at a fun fast pace.

Q: So with all this crazy action, I gotta know, is this a romance story or what?
A: Yes in fact I personally think it is one of the best romance anime's I've ever watched. It tells an amazingly well built complex love story that constantly builds up and explains itself thoroughly. The love story is quite an entertaining one and controversial for that matter. The show tends to be very heart warming and also risky to get it's point across of the kind of relationship that takes place in this show.

Q: Is the last episode of this show really the last episode?
A: Um... Well I can't guarantee anything but I'm pretty sure that this show was only meant to be one season because they were trying to tell their main story, which they do, and then in the last episode after all the action they give off a feeling of a happy ending to close off the whole show. So, just like I said, I'm pretty sure there will not be a second season or sequel to this show.

Q: ...Are you sure this isn't a second season to Futakoi...
A: YES I AM POSITIVE THAT THIS IS NOT A SECOND SEASON OF FUTAKOI. YOU WILL BE VERY CONFUSED IF YOU WATCH THIS SHOW AND THINK IT'S A SECOND SEASON. So please just enjoy the show as it is and you might be able to appreciate how good it is.

If there are any questions you would like to ask that are NOT any of the above questions, ask away and I will answer them to best of my knowledge or somebody else might answer it.
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Posted 12/31/08 , edited 12/31/08
good one rezy !
newbie to futakoi must read this!
they must accept this is a brand new story, not a sekuel from original

the idea was creative, with a little experiment. yes, futakoi alternative is an experiment project to a new anime story telling. and the experiment was succeed :D

if you miss it, you will miss one great anime ever made.
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