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Posted 12/30/08

By: Krystine Lee (heh heh its me)

Whats the other side of love?
No one cares how I feel
That's all I get after this.
What I get is
"Let's break up."
When You Like it
It's love
When he said that
It's hate
That's the opposite.
I guess that might be the ending for now...
Two Week after.
When I see him.
The only thing I can say is
Good Luck.
Two week before, he said
...I will treasure
you special love...=]
Two week after, he said
Let's break up
I got someone else I like.
Two week before, he called me a
cute, white angel.
Two week after, he call me a
good, nice girl.
I let him go...
The other side of love..
It's Hate.

Posted 12/30/08
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Posted 12/30/08
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