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Posted 12/30/08 , edited 12/30/08
hello i am chrystal i practiced for years and i have been picking it back up lately i follow the book and shadows and the word of Gerald Gardner , i love holistic thing making oils and medicine and to be one with the world around me, i think i am a typical wiccan
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Posted 12/31/08 , edited 1/3/09
Merry Meet, I am Rayne Hecate Cohors, (my magickal name). I am a new wiccan I've been practicing for about 3 months now. I personally follow the dark goddess Hecate and the greek god Pan. I come from a family of very religious christians, but i was never really into it. I am one of those wiccans who are always afraid i've done something wrong, and I see signs in everything. But i love candles, and unlike the very few who dont, I LOVE CHANTING. I know a bunch of chants already and have them memorized, i sing them 24/7...any way ok thats me...have anymore questions pm me...blessed be...
Posted 1/2/09
I am a new wiccan, as well. My name is Christine. Rayne converted me to wiccan. I have no goddess right now, but am learning to worship Hecate. I love candles...night...full moons...and I'm really shy.
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Posted 1/5/09
Merry Meet
I am Crystal Moon, I have been practicing wicca for 2 and a half years. My friends and I have recently decided to form a coven called the Wolves of the Sacred Moon. My Tradition is Welsh Celtic, Ancient Egyptian and a bit of Shinto thrown into the mix. Our coven though is an open one with no set tradition.
I practice Tarot reading and numerology.

I feel at peace when it rains , under the light of the full moon and when surrounded by friends.

I am a Cancer , the element of water and empathic

Blessed be and may the goddess guide you
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Posted 1/9/09 , edited 1/9/09
Bright Blessings.
I'm Penelope Imogen Shadowcaster, yes this is my real name. In covens I'm known as Lady Death, publicly I'm called Death and to friends I'm called Pen. Call me what you will. If you want to know more, visit my profile, I'm going to be lazy and not write all of it again.

I am a High Priestess, I've been officially initiated into my clan's coven. I have yet to get my tattoo, but I will eventually. I'm an Aries on the cusp of being a Pieces. I was born under the reign of the Holly God. Also I tend to take offense to being called a Wiccan. So please keep that in mind.
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Posted 1/24/10
Hello I'm Sammy (nickname) I been studing the craft from time to time and I really hate to admit this but when I first started it I was ignorant at the time thinking its all about spells, magick and ritual (in 6th grade) at the time. Then later on I quit for a while cause my tiny brain still thought that it's evil. Then at eight grade is when I really got serious about it and started to do my research and thats how I discover Wicca. I didn't knew a religion like that excisted. I fell in love with it and happy to know there is a goddess and god. Cause I already knew that there are many Gods (I bother my parents saying which God.) So I have been studying since then but don't practice it (time to time yes) And sometimes I get a break from it and do something else.

I'm a Sagittarus. I love the moon and stars. And at times I make my own chants. I don't got a personal deity but I do got some that I really like.

Right now I'm reading "Drawing Down the Moon" by Margot Adler and later on "The Spiral Dance" by StarHawk. (But I did took a peak okay maybe a lot but I fell in love with a chant called "Invocation To The Goddess as Mother")
Posted 2/14/10
hi i am saita. i am the 3rd generation in my family to be a wiccan. i am currently learning more about witchcraft and such from my mom. im not really sure if this is catagorised in the wiccan stuff....but i am a palm reader.....and i am going to shut up.....
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Posted 4/24/10
My name is Toshi. I have not been a wiccan for long and I am a single practitioner. I mainly do confidence chants and the occasional healing. I don't yet have a godess as there is no-one to teach me. I am trying to learn by myself So cha. Thats me
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Posted 7/17/10
um...., hi , im a new wiccan i know very little, but im studying it, i've recently converted from being catholic, my mother doesn't know , and i don't plan on tellin her till i live in my own house . My name is Midnight Swallow(wiccan name), im pretty shy but once you get to know me i wont shut up uh well i actually became a wiccan because my friend was talkin to me about i found it amazing and she already had a coven and everyone of the people in it were my friends :D, uhhhhhhh i like anime :D, music, like candles, and love the moon very very much. I was born in october and im a libra, my element is air, love the wind, hehehe well uh i guess this is the part where i say blessed be
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