[GAME] Is this a.....?
Posted 12/31/08 , edited 12/31/08

> one person will post a pic. u will hab 2 gues if dat ish a....
- both anime and manga
- a game
- or just a random anime pic

> You will also be asked what is the name of the character in the pic. If it is just a random anime pic then just post *anonymous*

> Use this 2 answer:
- That is a _____ and the person there is named ______.

Since this is our first game...the person
who will post the last at the end of the month and
get the answer correct will get 1 month free avies,
banners, presents, color overs or manga color
scans! *we charge 2 pics per request*

- no backstabbing
- no cheating
- no badmouthing other members

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