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25 / F / In my own little...
Posted 12/31/08 , edited 7/13/09
Last update to the Story :: May 1 Yay Random Stuff xD

Okay, so this is a completely random, sort of fake-ish story about a lonely feather Some people *coughCAN-CHAN-SAN-KUN-MANcough* reallly wanted me to make one, so.... HERE YA GOOO!!!!

Characters in da story ::
~ the Feather

~ Ember

~ Koko

lol, JK, she actually looks like this...

~ Kinnie

~ Wolfie


The Feather was not always lonely...
He once had many friends...
They all were happy on Mother Turkey...
And he was one of the special white feathers.

But one sad, fated day, Mother Turkey was shot and plucked, and eaten for Thanksgiving dinner.
And thus, all of the feathers were scattered, never to meet again.
And the special white feather was lonely. He was sad.

And then, one day, as he was drifting along on the wind, after spending some time with a Mister Gump, he was thinking.
He hadn't wanted to leave his friend, Mister Gump. He had told a fairly interesting story. And he had such a cute son.
But, the fates of wind forced him away, and thus he floated now.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard noises from down below.
"KINNIE! GET YOU'RE BUTT OVER HERE!" Shouted an aggravated looking Duckie.
A small Lamb with a stick in its mouth bounced over to the duck, a happy grin on its face.
"WHAATTT?!?!" It complained. "I already saved the stick, YOU CAN'T HAVE HER BACK!!!"
The Duckie sighed, and said, "I don't want your stick! It's just a STICK!"
The Lamb recoiled in shock, and wailed, "IT HAS A CHANCE TO LIVE TOOOOOOO!!!"

They were interrupted when a Little Wolf and Kitten padded up, both looking a tad annoyed.
"What are you too arguing about NOW?!" Said the Kitten, tilting its head.
"NOTTHHHIIIINNNGGG!" Said both the Lamb and the Duckie at the same time.
The Little Wolf laughed, and said to the Kitten, "Haha, they're funny when they argue, right?"
The Kitten nodded cheerfully.

And the Feather was surprised to see a Can of Campbell's Condensed Tomato Soup roll out of nowhere and knock the Little Wolf and Kitten over.

"ROLL, MY CAN MINIONS!" Screamed the Duckie fiercely, and the whole group was bombarded by a mass of rolling cans, ranging from sodas to soups, to canned REFRIED BEANS. The group was swept away, all screaming, save the Duckie, who was simply laughing manically, and saying something about "My Precious CANS!"

Luckily, the group was being swept in the same direction that the Lonely Feather was being blown by the wind. This made the Lonely Feather quite happy; this group was very intriguing indeed.

The group was swept into a river, and the Duckie swam happily, as its companions scrambled frantically. The Little Wolf did not have much trouble staying afloat, but the Kitten and the Lamb were scrambling desperately to stay up.
"HEEELLPPP!!!" Shouted the Kitten.
The Little Wolf paddled to its friend, and said, "Quick! Get on my back!"
The Kitten gratefully climbed onto the Little Wolf's back, and said, "Thanks, buddy!"

But the poor Lamb was not having any luck.
"COME ON!!! LET ME OOONNNNN!" It shouted at the Duckie, who could not be bothered.
"NO! You're too FAATTT! I'll DROWN!" The Duckie swam away, laughing manically again.
The Lamb scrambled some more, desperate to stay afloat, and was sure it would fall to the depths of the river, when a large shoe floated next to it. The shoe seemed to want to be ridden, so the Lamb smiled gratefully and clambered onto the shoe.
"THANK YOU, MISTER SHOE!!!!" It said, eyes round with love for the inanimate object. It still clutched Miss Stick in its mouth, and smiled cheerfully.

And eventually, all four made it safely to shore, and sat panting on the ground, drying their coats and feathers.

"Well, what fun!" Said the Duckie, grinning happily.
"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?!" Said the Kitten. "We almost drowned!"
The Little Wolf scratched behind its ear and shook out its purty brown pelt. "Well, it was pretty fun, actually."
The Kitten's face fell, and it wailed, "You were supposed to be on MYYYY SSIIIDDDEEE!" It sat down and gave up.

The Lamb was oblivious to all of this. All it thought about right now were its savior, Mister Boot, whom it hugged tight to its soft white fluffy fur, and Miss Stick, whom it still clamped in its mouth safely.
"Mister Boot saved me!" It mumbled to itself, a sort of far-away look on its face.

The Little Wolf, the Kitten, and the Duckie bounced, waddled and padded [[ respectively ]] to the Lamb, wondering what it was mumbling about.
"Er... Are you okay?" Asked the Little Wolf, as the Duckie waved a wing in front of the Lamb's nose.
The Lamb was unresponsive. It continued to mumble about its Boot Savior, with occasional mumblings about colorful cheese....
The Kitten looked around the group and said, "This looks bad..." It tried to snap the Lamb out of it by whacking it on the side of the head. Nothing happened.

The little group spent hours trying to snap the Lamb out of its post-near-drowning experience trance, until the Kitten, with its extremely short attention span, spotted the Lonely Feather, caught in the branch where he'd been watching them.
"I KNOW! WE'LL TICKLE HER!" It shouted, bounding up to the base of the tree.
"But how are we going to get that feather?! It's so high up!" The Duckie complained.
"We can do it!" Said the Little Wolf with a determined look in its eyes.
It began to scramble up the trunk, but only got about two feet up before sliding down again. "Aw, dang." It mumbled.
"WE'RE DOOOOOOOOOMMMEEDDDD!!" Wailed the Duckie, before rushing off to its emo corner to cry.
"GET BACK HERE, EMO!" Yelled the Kitten, running after the Duckie and coming back two seconds later dragging the Duckie by the tail.

It spat the Duckie out at the base of the tree, where the Little Wolf still waited. "Ew, your tail tastes NARSTY!" It said, licking the grass to get the taste out.
"WHAT?! It's on my BUTT, whadya expect?!" Said the Duckie, offended.
The Kitten shrugged. "Whatever... But anyway, WE NEED....." It looked around the group, pausing for suspense.
"We need...?" Said the Little Wolf, eyes wide with suspense.
"We need......" The Kitten paused again, for more suspense.
"We need...?" Said the Duckie, eyes wide with suspense.
"WE NEED......" The Kitten paused again for more suspense.
"JUST GET ON WITH IT!!" shouted the Little Wolf and the Duckie.
"We need....." The Kitten could not help the slight suspenseful pause. "We need a plan." It finally said.
The Little Wolf and the Duckie both deflated.
"No DIP, Sherlock." The Little Wolf said, rolling its eyes at the Kitten, who sat grinning in a silly manner.

The Kitten looked from the Duckie to the Little Wolf and then at the Lamb for a long time. "I KNOW!!!" It said after such a long silence.
The Little Wolf and the Dickie both looked at the Kitten, expectantly. "No dramatic pauses this time, please," said the Little Wolf.
The Kitten deflated, having wanted to dramatically pause. "We should get out MR. FLUFFY!"
The Duckie and the Little Wolf both looked confounded. "Who's MR. FLUFFY?" Asked the Duckie.
The Kitten grinned, and said, "THIS is MR. FLUFFY!"
And the Feather assumed that the Kitten pulled out of it's pockets (Which should not have even existed since all it wore was fur...) MR. FLUFFY. But the poor Lonely Feather could not see MR. FLUFFY because a tree branch was in the way.
But it could hear the ooo's and aaahh's from the Duckie ad the Little Wolf.

The Lonely Feather was happy to find that he could once again see the group, having been dislodged from the tree's BRANCHES by the wind. If it could smile, it would have smiled upon the three going to help their friend the Lamb get out of its strange trance.
The Kitten was smiling, and creeping up behind the Lamb silently. The Duckie and Little Wolf were right behind, following just as silently, with the exception of the Duckie, who made a slight squeaking noise very time it stepped.
When the Kitten was directly behind the Lamb, it pulled out MR. FLUFFY and said, "AARRRGGGHH!! WAKE UUUUUUUPPPPPPP!" As it pulled the cord on MR. FLUFFY and the chainsaw roared to life. The Kitten waved the chainsaw around a little, laughing and yelling for the Lamb to "wake the heck up."

After two minutes strait of this, the Kitten gave up, and sagged.
"MILLENIUM HAND AND SHRIMP!" Shouted the Lamb with eyes wide, out of the many folds of its confusing mind. It's eyes regained the distant haze, and it drooled a little.
The Kitten, Little Wolf and Duckie just looked dumbfounded, and all shrugged.
"I guess there's no way to help..." Said the Little Wolf sadly. Its tail drooped, and it whined a little, trying to get the Lamb to come back to itself.
The Duckie shrugged, and said, "Well, this gives me more time to take over the world with my CCCAAAANNNNNSSSSS!" It laughed maniacally and ran off, hugging the Campbell's Condensed Tomato Soup it had pulled from under a wing. "My precious caaaaannnnsss!" It mumbled, and sat down next to the Lamb, staring at nothing and stroking its can, just as the Lamb was stroking its Beloved Boot.

The Kitten and Little Wolf sighed and wondered if there was possibly anything they could do to get the Duckie and the Lamb to come back to normal.

The Feather watched as they sat in thought for some time, and wondered what they would do.

And out of nowhere, the Feather heard a shriek.
He watched as the Kitten and the Little Wolf looked up frantically, running for cover.
"NOOO!!! It's the KOWAII GUCCI BAG!!!!!!" Shouted the Kitten, frantically scrambling to get up the tree. It finally reached the first branch, and reached down a paw for the Little Wolf to grip, to lift up into the tree as well.
"We should be safe here," panted the Little Wolf, eyes wide as out of the water of the river flopped the Kowaii Gucci bag. The Kitten screamed, and the Little Wolf gasped.
"It's too scary!" Wailed the Kitten. "I can't watch!" It hid its eyes behind its paws as the Gucci Bag approached their friends the Duckie and the Lamb.

"CHIIICCKKKEEENNN!!" Shouted the Duckie randomly, in the same way the Lamb had been shouting earlier.
The Gucci Bag turned to the Duckie, and inspected it.
"No, not the perfect shoulder..." It mumbled through its unzipped mouth.
It inspected the Lamb as well, and hissed as it found that the Lamb's shoulder was not the perfect one either.

It turned from the two in the trance to the two in the tree. Pointing at the Little Wolf, it shrieked, "YOU!" It rushed up to them, and looked over the Little Wolf, as the two little animals shivered in fear of the Kowaii Gucci Bag.
"Wh-wh-what...?" Said the Little Wolf, blinking.
"You..." Said the Bag. "You have the perfect shoulder. I was meant to rest upon YOUR shoulders!"
The Little Wolf looked confused, and tilted its head, as both it and the Kitten forgot to be scared in their confusion. "Wait, what?" Said the Little Wolf, confused. The Kitten nodded frantically, wanting to know the meaning of the Kowaii Gucci Bag's words.

The Kowaii Gucci Bag sighed exasperatedly, and said, in a more normal voice, "You are the one who's supposed to use me!" It said.

The Kitten and the Little Wolf both staid motionless for just a little bit, and then broke out in grins of understanding and said, "Oooooohhhh!"
"You should've just said so!" Said the Kitten, laughing.
The Little Wolf nodded, and whacked the Kowaii Gucci Bag with a large log. By all laws of Nature, the Little Wolf should not have been able to lift the log, but it did, and soon was shouldering the stylish bag over it's shoulder.

"'S not that Kowaii anymore, eh?" It said, showing off the bag to the Kitten, who clapped its paws eagerly.

But the Kitten's face fell as the Little Wolf's eyes seemed to lock onto the Not-Kowaii Gucci Bag, and its eyes took on the same distant haze as the Duckie and the Lamb.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" The anguished shout from the Kitten made the birds in the tree that the Lonely Feather was again lodged in fly away, which got him freed again.
He slowly drifted down, toward the Kitten, now lonely like himself. Maybe they could be friends?

He landed on the ground, and was watching what the Kitten would do with its loneliness.

"Nooo! They're all gone!" It wailed, tale tucked between its legs. "There's nothing I can do to get them out of those blasted trances!"
The Kitten's wails grew louder when the Little Wolf, the Duckie and the Lamb said, respectively, "FRIED TOFU'S YUMMIIIIIEEEE!" "CHIIIICCKKKKEEENNN!!" "LAAAAMMMBBB! WAAAIIT, NOOO! DDDUUUUCCCKKKKK!!"

The Kitten sighed sadly, and plopped its rump down in front of its friends, to lament their apparent insanity. The Lonely Feather watched and was sad that the Kitten was alone now.
"Hmm..." The kitten said, tail swishing back and forth. "There has to be SOME way to save them!"

Out of the bushes stepped a human boy- or, part human, the Lonely Feather corrected.
He had blue hair, and blue kitty ears and tail. He had a black High School uniform on, and a little cross choker around his neck. He spotted the sad Kitten and walked coolly over to it, kneeling down next to it. "Is something wrong, little Kitten?"

The Kitten looked up at the pretty neko boy, and mewed, "My friends are all in trances. They won't wake up. Can you help me, mister Pretty-Neko-Boy?"

The Neko-Boy nodded with a smile, and stood in front of the three tranced creatures. He flashed a smile at them and winked, his dazzling blue hair sparkling in the sun shine.

The Duckie and the Little Wolf both blinked, and stared at the Pretty-Neko-Boy, almost drooling.
The Kitten also stared, drooling.
But the Lamb blinked, and said, "EWWW!!! GET IT AWAY FROM MEEE!!!" And scrambled away from the Pretty-Neko-Boy.

The Pretty-Neko-Boy tilted his head, and said, "Do you not like me, Lamb?" The Lamb shook its head fast.
The Pretty-Neko-Boy frowned a little, saddened that the Lamb did not like him. But he eventually shrugged, and smiled at the Kitten. "Are you happy now, little Kitten?" He asked, eyes caring and face smiling.

The Kitten nodded, in a daze.
Pretty-Neko-Boy smiled and picked up the Kitten, and pet it behind the ear, humming a tune that would sound beautiful on a VIOLIN.
The Kitten stuck its tongue out at the Little Wolf and the Duckie, and thought, Hahahaa, Pretty-Neko-Boy likes me best!

When Pretty-Neko-Boy set the Kitten gently back on the ground, the Ducki and the Little Wolf jumped it, and wrestled it to the ground, screaming, "NO FAIR!!" and "WHY YOU?!"
The Kitten laughed and said, "Because I'm a Kitten, DUH."

Pretty-Neko-Boy laughed a melodic laugh, and said, “I don’t just like you best, little Kitten. I LOVE you.” He picked the Kitten up again and put it on his shoulder, scratching it behind the ears.
The Kitten was now in a trance quite like the others had been in. It stared ahead and drooled as Pretty-Neko-Boy stroke its purty fur.
It was lost in a fantasy world.

The Little Wolf, Duckie and Lamb all gasped in shock, and said, OH NO! All at the same time.
The Little Wolf took action, and pointed with its tail, “Duckie, you take right, Lamb, you take left. I’ll go for the head.”
The other two fluffy animals nodded, and all three stood in a pose one might see in a cheesy anime. At the same tie, all three launched themselves at Pretty-Neko-Boy, and tackled him to the ground.
The Duckie and Little Wolf took a moment to look at the Lamb. “How’s he a perv, exactly…?” they asked, confused.
The Lamb rolled its eyes, exasperated, and explained, “Kitten’s so much younger than him! It’s WRONG!”

Pretty-Neko-Boy looked at the Lamp, who was currently gnawing his finger, and said, “I resent that.” He looked hurt. “What is age to those in love?”

The Lamb stared at Pretty-Neko-Boy for a moment, and then blurted, "LOOK, YARN!"
When Pretty-Neko-Boy looked up with expectant, sparkling eyes, the Lamb leapt up and clonked him hard on the head.
He went down with a soft thump, his fall broken by the Kitten, who happened to be on the ground again, right where his shoulder fell.
"HEEELLPPP!!" Wailed the Kitten, trying to struggle free.
The Little Wolfie and the Duckie offered their wing and paw to their friend's aid, and eventually pulled the Kitten free.
The Kitten stared evilly at the Lamb, who stood wiping its paws as if it had been a job well done.

"WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT ABOUT?!?!" It mewed, breathing heavily from being squished by Pretty-Neko-Boy.
The Lamb looked over innocently, and said, "He was too old for you. Come along, missy."
The Lamb dragged the Kitten away from Pretty-Neko-Boy, who was still unconscious.
"I'll wait for you!" Shouted the Kitten, reaching out for the unconscious figure on the ground.

The Little Wolf sighed sadly, and said, "Ah, tortured love. How terrible T^T"
The Duckie nodded slowly, and said, holding a wing up to its mouth to cover it from the Lamb, "Yeah... Lamb went TOO FAR there... LAMB'S CRAZY O_O"
"I HEARD THAAATTT!!!" The Lamb pouted, putting Kitten down and crossing its arms over its chest. It still carried Ms. Stck in its mouth, and huffed moodily.
Kitten just sulked in its emo corner and glanced longingly at Pretty-Neko-Boy. "I miss him already T^T"

~~~ More to come soooon :D

CHANGED THE PICTURE FOR EMBER! It's much cuter now ^^

lol, Wonder what will happen O.o Will the Kitten and Little Wolf be able to free the Duckie and the Lamb from their strange trances?!?!?! ONLY TIME CAN TELL!!

Aww, poor Kitten's alllll alllooonnneee now :[ The end of this randomly crazy story is drawing near, folks :[ JUST KIDDING! I'll keep it going, just for you guys ^^
Posted 12/31/08
LMFAO!!!!! >.<
LMAO i LOVE iT!!!<3333 x3
Posted 12/31/08
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21 / F / o-o places =3
Posted 12/31/08
oh well cant wait :]
Posted 12/31/08
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25 / F / In my own little...
Posted 12/31/08
lol you're a sheep because I sometimes think of you as a cuddly, slightly deranged sheep xD
Can-chan-san-kun-kon=mon-MAN you're not a depressed duckie, you're a sleeping duckie, but only in that picture. In the story you're going to be.... RASNDO O.o *OMG who would have guessed?!?!?*
Posted 12/31/08
out of knowhere yu talk about meh soup can!! :D
i couldn't STOP LAUGHING >xD

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25 / F / In my own little...
Posted 12/31/08
xD I know, right?!?! The soup can xD
And all your can minions xD
HAHAHAAA! I shall add some more soon :D
Posted 12/31/08
i wuffles it SOO MUCH!!

x33333 -SMILES- =]
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21 / F / o-o places =3
Posted 12/31/08
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25 / F / In my own little...
Posted 1/1/09
I've added more xD
Posted 1/1/09
""NO! You're too FAATTT! I'll DROWN!" The Duckie swam away, laughing manically again. "

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25 / F / In my own little...
Posted 1/1/09
xD lol, no just looking to preserve your well being xD
lol, but it's funny is it not? So who cares if yu're just a leeetle mean in it? :D
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25 / F / ~somewhere in the...
Posted 1/1/09
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25 / F / In my own little...
Posted 1/2/09
We alll do xD
you know that's actually Link in the Twilight Princess game Just, in CHIBI form and OHHH SOOOOO ADOOOORRAABBLLLLEEE!!
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