Post Reply Which Year Do Youu Want To Be In?
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Introduce Yourself:
Classes Youu Can Choose Three:
What are Youu: e.g.Beasts Princess Mermaid Hunter
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23 / F / Behind you
Posted 6/21/09 , edited 6/22/09
Username: Vixen929
Year : 2
Introduce Yourself: I lurve the water and I have a fondness 4 blue
Classes Youu Can Choose Three: Art, Science, Home Economics
What are Youu: A water godess
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28 / M / In the Unknown
Posted 9/19/09 , edited 9/24/09
Username: wolfsujiyama1
Year 4
Introduce Yourself:we are from another world we came here to this world to learn more about this planet. are name are Wolf Sujiyama, Corin Koritan, Kert Sujiyama, and Jace Marala and we are from a planet that all elements started from. are planet is pretty much the past of all planets. we came here to make friends and to escape are past.
Personality: i am a kind person but easy to make mad. if i get really pissed my inner demon comes out and i don't want that to happen. corin is my best friend i grew up with him and he is a cool guy who will do anything for you if he knows you very well. Kert is my older brother he has watched over me since we were kids and he has tought me a lot of things. Jace is a new member to the teeam we only know him for about a year and he has helped out a lot so he's a good guy and he's fun to hang out with
Classes Youu Can Choose Three: Band, Fight Style, and sword play
What are Youu: Wolf: wolf demon, Corin: fox demon, Kert: wolf demon, Jace: kyote
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