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??? What is an RPG ???
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Posted 11/6/09

EmperorKorea wrote:

RPG = Rocket Propelled Grenades

also known as "rocket launchers" or "bazookas".

nice one dude, thats hilarious
Posted 11/6/09

Darkphoenix3450 wrote:

What is an RPG....?

- you create a character, you choose what its stats,and skills will be like and its name.
- EXP.. You level up as you go along by doing things like killing shit.
- the world plays around your choices.
- freedom to play the character as you see fit.

At least thats what RPG's used to be like. Today people are mistaking action/adventure games as RPG's.

Blue Text is just my rant.

'Yes I love Non-linear games do to the fact the Idea behind a rpg is to put your self in the game, create your character and they play around you and your choices. Thats what they need more of. I don't even consider Final Fantasy real RPG. How I see it its a action game with some RPG background. Other than FF3 and FF tactics. They can be counted as RPGs.
I find it funny people think Zelda is an RPG! How the hell can you call Zelda A RPG its a Action hack and slash thats all. You do not create your character, you do not level up. You gather harts that are used for Hitpts like all Action/adventure games. '

What is more to say?

Well, if you put it in terms of its 3 words (role playing game), which is you (the player) taking a role in the game, so even a game like DMC can be a RPG but its genre still remains a hack 'n slash. But technically it doesn't work like that. In the gaming industry, There are JRPGs, Action RPGs, MMORPGs.... You know the rest. This is only my point of view.
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Posted 11/6/09
'Fallout 1,2, & 3 are good samples of an RPG.. so is Oblivion. (I am trying my luck as a heavy armor, blunt wielding Nord Vampire)
I am most of the time a bad ass.. Unless there throwing fire balls at me.. I do not like that.
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