What's your wish for 2009?
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30 / F / CDO
Posted 12/31/08
what's your wish???

wish - feel or express a desire or hope concerning the future or fortune of
- an expression of some desire or inclination

What do you want that you couldn't get in 2008? or not exactly in 2008 but in the previous years. i don't just have one wish though..

here's my wish list: (not in particular order)

1. World peace (duh)
2. peace in our family
3. all the food i can eat but never getting fat
4. good health
5. knowledge
6. own fashion line
7. get to meet my favorite manga artists and voice actors
8. that our life is like anime (the happy ending type of anime)
9. peace of mind
10. stop mediocrity
11. success

i can't think of more right now..... what's your wish/es??? let me know
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25 / M / Dallas,Texas
Posted 12/31/08
ehh to relax and be a better person
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22 / F / Canada♥
Posted 12/31/08
success : D
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29 / M / Planet Earth
Posted 12/31/08
To get closer to my goals.
Posted 12/31/08
To have more money and KILLER LOLIS.
To be more brutal than ever.
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M / big UK chinatown
Posted 12/31/08
I WISH FOR WORLD PEAS , a world full of pea's yummy. also i wish for resident evil 5 and driving test success . big dragon tattoo on my back and me and my mates going sky diving should be great.
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26 / M / Cavite, Philippines
Posted 12/31/08
My wishes are:

1. That I can stay at my new job. (I'll be having a job abroad as an Applications Engineer n_n)
2. That we I can be close to my father (Believe it or not he will be my boss T_T)
3. That I can finally find someone who will truly love me
4. To have a spanking new gaming laptop or desktop!
5. To play the latest RTS's
6. To be filthy rich!
7. To have my own car and drive it with beautiful girls. Har har har!
Posted 12/31/08
Similar thread.

1. Get straight As for my Cambridge exams.
2. Get distinction for my guzheng grade 7 exam.
3. Stay as healthy as ever.
Posted 12/31/08
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