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Piece One: Go to Bangor, And go to where Price normally is, There should be a Pile of ore, Get a Pickaxe, And you should get a Piece.

Piece Two:Get a Fishing rod, and some bait, And set up your character fishing, go afk for like 5minutes, and you should have at least one.

Piece Three: Go to the east of Dunbarton, By the path to bangor, You should find a Weird looking well by the farthest house, Its a Tall skinny one.

Piece Four: You can get piece four, from going to where the NPC is in the Library, And go check the shelf labeled "Literature" And you should get it.

Piece Five: Go to The Forest Of Uliad, west of the Lumber Jack camp, with the bots. You should find two Wooden Men, hit them, and you should get piece 5.

Piece Six: Go to Ferghus, You should see a symbol on the back of his house, with a new tree, Hit the tree and you will get the piece.

Piece Seven: Beat Ciar Normal, in a party or not, All the reward chests will give at least one Piece Seven.

a Random Gachapon like Item, and a Fortune

Best Rewards so far: White and Red Kiteshield, Purple-Pink Leather long bow, 5x Finest Leathers.
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wow that helps a lot thx
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