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Posted 12/31/08 , edited 1/1/09
There's 5 more hours left to this quite unusual year. I've had quite the rollercoaster this past year and I don't think it's stopping just because it's a new year starting.

I used to think it was silly for people to come up with new year's resolutions. Mostly because I would watch people all around me tell me theirs and weeks later they have lost all resolve. For those of us who are strong willed and maintain a sense of self control, I think new year's resolutions are a great tool.

I always start with a self reflection. I note my successes and short comings of the previous year, and analyze the direction I'm currently going in. This is a time to set a new path if that's what I desire. If I choose a new path, I map out the changes necessary to begin on that path.

It's all simple stuff, but so many lack the willpower and self control to change who they are.

This year I've decided to seek more friendships, both occupationally and personally. I would also like to transition from car over to bicycle as much as possible. This may be a problem being in the Dirty South with the heat and humidity in the summer, but I'm still a few months from having to work that out.

I have been avoiding a personal belief structure for a few years and think it's time to decide what I believe. I will begin my search for that soon.

After I started writing this, I realized I have more to think about tonight than I first thought.

Does anyone else have anything they do for New Years? Do you know your resolutions for this next year if you decide to have them?
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Posted 12/31/08 , edited 1/1/09
I've never really celebrated New Year ... for some reason... maybe it's because I don't drink and back home that's what New Year is all about haha.

In Japan we're mean't to eat all evening with our family, hear the 107 ringing of the bells from the temples then go pray at the shrine at midnight. Unfortunetely even if I live 'in' tokyo I still live too far to catch the last train home (12:30am) after the bell ringing and praying so I've decided not to stay out all night and just stay home. I watched the bell ceremony on T.V. while eating a special New Year Bento... then I watched lots of Prince of Tennis lol !

The only new year resolution I have is it to work harder on learning Japanese so I can take the JLP next year. I've been very lazy this year.
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Posted 1/5/09 , edited 1/6/09
Well actually I don't celebrate New Year... yes schools are off and so but no there are no such celebration.
This time of the year is for studying at least for us because the first week or so is time when finals start eeww so tired of that

Other than that I like to write down what I did last year and things I like or dislike about things around me or in my personal life and try to do better and achieve my goals in the coming year.... I do that after finals because no time to think and write that down now because I need to be relaxed and aware of what I'm writing otherwise I will write bunch of notes which won't be helpful for me!! hehehe So it like evaluating my performance that's all^^

And yes this a topic I posted about the new year
Thanks for the topic and wish you happy new year ^_^
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