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Do you hate Matsuri Hino or the director for being to baised to Zero?
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Posted 11/21/09

DragonLegna wrote:

Aikirei wrote:

I think it's funny that people keep arguing about who suffered more for Yuuki. Should Yuuki be with the person who suffered more, or the person she's in love with?? She shouldn't give up her own feelings just because she feels sorry for another persons sufferings. Secondly why would anyone be angry at the author for writing HER story just because it doesn't work for certain fans? The story belongs to her right? Shouldn't she be allowed to write the story the way she wants to. Like CROSSKAIEN said the author probably made the connections between Yuuki and Zero in the beginning on purpose. So who knows maybe Yuuki will be with Zero in the end. That's what I keep telling myself anyway hehe.

Aye, exactly! So what's wrong with how much Kaname and Zero have suffered? It has nothing to do with who Yuuki should go with. Apparently, Yuuki HAS feeling towards both of them(Ah, I'd call this kind of person as two-timer, lol), so it is rather pointless to argue who she likes better and who she should go with. She can't even make up her mind, and she doesn't seem she will until the very end of the story. Because if she has made up her mind at the very beginning, the whole story would be rather dry and boring. Heh, we all are searching for drama, ADMIT IT! xD

yeah, i agree!she's a two-timer!!!i',m losing interest in this anime/manga because of that....damn, kaname loves her so much and she can't even repay him back, tsk tsk
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Posted 11/22/09
I think the author made the connection between Zero and Yuuki on purpose. She had the choice of leaving it out, but she didn't. That's why I think Zero and Yuuki might end up together. Because if Yuki and Kaname were to end up together, then:
- Zero's connection would not be romantic towards Yuuki
- Zero wouldn't have saved Yuuki more times than Kaname did
- Zero would not be in the second arc of the manga, which just started
- Zero would not be the Vampire Knight
- Zero would not get any handmade choco from Yuuki
- Zero would not have a romantic place in Yuki's heart
- Zero would not be Yuki's shoulder to cry on

He's not just her raised sibling, he's her everything. But the girl is so in love with Kaname, that she doesn't see that.
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