Post Reply Why do people hate Kaname?
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Posted 12/31/08
Why? I don't hate him at all.
Posted 8/17/09
That's a hard one... I know Ihate him but it's hard 2 think of a reason...does there have 2 be one? Well I know I don't like him cause he is stopping Yuuki and Zero getting 2gether, will that do?
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Posted 1/6/10
well now i don't hate him that much but still not sure of him yet
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Posted 8/18/10
Well i dont enitrely hate him, i haven't finished VK guilty or read any of the manga but i know I dislike him because:

1. Half the time he is so cold to all of the other Night Class students
2. After all the things Zero has done for Yuuki, Kaname says he protected her the whole time
3. he tore Yuuki and Zero apart in a way
4. He told Zero that he is only alive to keep Yuuki happy so that he would be able to have her for himself

And stuff like that makes me kinda dislike Kaname Kuran. He is OK I guess but I dunno, i liked the younger version of him more.
Posted 10/20/10
he's soo mean to zero!! i dont like that
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