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Post Reply >>> ROLE play! center!
Posted 1/3/09

Nope...not human....

*takes out library card*

you wanna guess wat I am?
Posted 1/3/09 , edited 1/3/09
*Gena jumps infront of Namu*

Gena- She is a bird! You taught me about birds! See she has wings!

*Namu pats Genas head laughing*

Namu- So is she right you a bird?
Posted 1/3/09


Half-bird would be more accurate.....

Posted 1/3/09
*Gena frowns*

Gena- Not a bird?

Naru- Sorry she hit her head and doesnt know anything...

Gena- I didnt hit my head I-

*Naru covers Genas mouth*

Naru- you know something humans do.

*Naru looks at Gena as if saying keep your mouth shut*
Posted 1/3/09
half- bird.......


she lost her memory??
Posted 1/3/09
Naru- Yep she did, right?

*Looks down a Gena*

Gena- Ya all gone...

*Gena looks down a feels bad about lying*

Naru- So what up with the book what do you want to know?
Posted 1/3/09
I want to know...about a certain artifact and where I can find it.....

*puts book on table*

*starts flicking through it*

where is should be here....

Posted 1/3/09
*Naru sits down next to her, Gena sits of his lap, he blushes*

Naru- So what is your name anyways?

*Says in flirty voice*
Posted 1/3/09
*looks at him, eyebrows raised*

Im Sky.....nice to meet you....

*stops at a page*

Posted 1/3/09
*Naru gets closer look at book*

Naru- What do you see?

Gena- What do you see?

*Gena copies what Naru is doing*
Posted 1/3/09 , edited 1/3/09
Someone ripped the pages out!....and they were sooo kind enough to leave a note!



You think its gonna be that easy....Hmph!

Your underestimating me.....

{i just chose a random name.....}

Damn it!....


[i have to go to sleep~my next post is my last......]
Posted 1/3/09
*Naru sits bak in chair and sighs*

Naru- and just when I thought thing were getting interseting. So who is Thorn?

Gena - Why you want to read book, what you want to learn? Why you want to learn Bird-Girl?

Naru- Gena sshhhhh! That is rude!

*Gena looks down*
Posted 1/3/09
Tch!....this guy......kinda like a rival........ill tell you more about him later...

right now we have to leave....if he was here he definatly left something explosive behind....

[i gota go....i would have said more but i cant....carry on tomarrow....okay...bye!]

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Posted 1/3/09
{ back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol what i miss?? }
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Posted 1/3/09
Ana looked at Naru // Gena leave and she got a bit mad

she followed!

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