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Post Reply >>> ROLE play! center!
Posted 1/3/09

*Namu sighs with relief*

Namu- Thanks, it means a lot.

*Gena whispears in Namu's ear*

Gena- Why not we tell her?

*Gena graps Namu's hand, Namu blushes really deep*

Namu- Why do you always have to hold me hand Gena?

Gena- Safe, I feel safe.

*Namu and Gena starting fighting forgeting about Ana*

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Posted 1/3/09 , edited 1/3/09

Ana looked at them

then she looked above

she spoked

* love......... how nice...............*

she got sad then


she thought

something .......... i knew....... but was taken away very fast......

Posted 1/3/09 , edited 1/3/09

*Namu turns around slowly eyes wide*

Namu- Love? I d-d-don't love h-h-er!

Gena- Gena loves Namu!

*Hugs Namu*

Gena- Sad, you have love right?

*still hugging Namu*
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Posted 1/3/09 , edited 1/3/09

Ana looked away and shook her head

she remembered about everything ............that made her real sad

Ana bowed at them and walked away

she was crying and didnt want to be a pain

Ana!!!!!!!! come on!! dont be sad!! ahh i mean.. you have me.......... and i have you so........

she covered her face but nodded
Posted 1/3/09 , edited 1/3/09

Gena- No love?

*Gena and Namu watch Ana walk away*

*Gena bows even though Ana can not see*

Namu- Come on Gena, lets go home.

*Gena grabs Namu's hand, Namu blushes*

(I have to go sorry buds)

Posted 1/4/09
*walks back to them, putting the book in her bag*

Hurry up you guys....the explosives go off in 2 minutes......

*hits a fire alarm, setting it off*

since i dont have the time to find the gonna have to get everybody out of here.....

Posted 1/4/09

*people start rushing out of libary*

*Gena covers ears*

Gena- Loud! Loud noise!

Posted 1/4/09
The entrance is gonna be full.....

*looks up*

they have a glass roof.....thank god!

*unfolds wings*

Gena,wat if i said tht you can come flying with me?.....
Posted 1/4/09

*Gena smiles*

Gena- Gena would love to fly!

Namu- NO! There is no way~

*Gena looks up a Namu begging*

Gena- Please Namu!

*Gena and Namu have a short talk*

Namu- Fine!

*Gena starts laughing*

Gena- Thanks Namu!

*Gives Namu a quick hug and walks toward Sky*

*Namu starts to walk to door, turns around*

Namu- If she gets hurt you will regret it!

Posted 1/4/09 , edited 1/4/09

Got it!.....Gena you have to hold on tight...okay....

*puts out her hand*

Posted 1/4/09

*Gena nods head*

Gena- Ok, I will!

*Gena takes Sky's hand*

Posted 1/4/09 , edited 1/4/09

*Gena closes eyes really tight*

*Open eyes when out of window*

Gena- Blood! You have blood!
Posted 1/4/09
I'll be fine.....

I think some of the glass is stuck in my wounds....

*lands outside, near Namu*
Posted 1/4/09

Namu- Gena are you ok?

*Looks a Gena closely*


Namu- Good your fine, though I can say the same thing for you.

*Gena walks over to Sky*

Gena- Hurt, that is bad.

*Puts hand on Sky and whispears something*

*wounds start to heal*

Posted 1/4/09
*a little surpised*

Thanks Gena


*turns to library which explodes*

*people start screaming,car alarms go off*


you guys wanna go to a cafe?

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