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Why you should quit Crunchyland
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Posted 8/7/09 , edited 8/8/09

Dusterbayala wrote:

Xaszx wrote:

gunblastergun wrote:

Xaszx wrote:

gunblastergun wrote:

Xaszx wrote:

*sigh* users should not have the ability to edit the stats on what they make, that is the best and easiest solution to this whole problem <3

i say every item should have item should have randomized stats =.= (like it would still follow the level to point guide we have but it would randomize where they are placed)


i've been coding an open source 2d MUD engine lately, and it's not any fun when your a player and you can make your own item stats..without some condition....otherwise it just abuses the system >.> putting in a special item leveling system with enchantment slots that people can put runes in, where the item stats are static, but by using magic,physical,distance,etc upon using it a certain number of times, it will create a +1 to whatever can fuse the runes together and attach it to an item to get better trade the runes to fellow players and the better the item u get, the more attachments are possible, that way you let the player decide the item's stats BUT there is a condition which is trade, leveling, creature slaying, in order to achieve it =3

although if we randomized the chances of getting items that have proper stats to level up with would be rare =.= hmmm

i don't know exactly what coding Crunchyland uses, i hope it's not entirely java/flash >.>..but if any form of C++ is used for the source (which it should), you can randomize the values concerning the level of the avatar...for example a level 60 would have a better chance to find an item that has level 60 stats than a lvl 1 would,etc...

it is quite easy to accomplish and can be coded and compiled in less than a few's not hard =P and rare items invoke a trading system more-so than the current one, since hopefully trading will be a feature involved in future updates, it gives a sense of purpose to leveling up than just getting gold and going into pvp (which is completely one sided now thanks to users creating abusive item stats)

If you have a moment and are still possibly interested, i would like to discuss with you a modified balanced stat guide that we could put into use. The one we have now... well, it's just terrible. I'm willing to listen to suggestions, and want to work with you to create a new stat guide to be placed into effect asap.

This would also include NPC stats.

Sure, send me an email if you want ^^ i got the whole day tomorrow off from work as well xD
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