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yamada ryosuke-----------michiyo shimizu "izza00t"
yuuto nakajima--------------------kawashima akako "Geh-san"
chinen yuuri-----------------minami airi " atij"
ryutaro morimoto------------------hana hikari "jannahh94"
keito okamoto---------- fujiwata azumi "so_in_love"
inoo kei-----------kikkawa miharu (taken.. kedo.. i forgot the username)
yuya takaki-------------- (occupied.....ill edit.. later! ahah)
yaotome hikaru---------------tachibana usagi " pafoua"
arioka daiki--shuki yamase ( oh yah... i forgot this one to0..ahaha demo..taken)
kota yabu------------miyake miki "etyl5566"

cua michiko - shimizu's friend ------mitchy_yuuto (act as a boy, look as boy but actually a girl)
yamada rini- 10 yrs old sis of yamada ------- lizbeth_yao95

maybe ill need more characters! XD ill add some nxttme!


what will happen if a girl version of HEY SAY JUMP is created?!~

watch out!~


~~~my name is shimizu michiyo... well.. some call me mizu-chan.. i have 10 best friends!! ahah.. they're many ne?~i know.. something big is gonna happen! we live peacefully and.. a normal life... untill...........

Shimizu - KOWAIIIII YOOOO!!! *embrace airi's legs*
Airi- eeehhh???!! don't be like that!-- we'll fall! ---
Shimizu- who made this idea!!!??? i don't wanna ride a ferris wheel!!!! lemme out! lemme out! *banging the window*
Airi- Akako!! make her stop!!
Akako- mizu.....
Shimizu- uuhh?
Shimizu looked at akako . she looked like being beaten up and had black shadow under her eyes..
Akako- eck!--- are- you--- o--kay?!
Shimizu - wwwaaa!! k-0waiii yo0o0o!!! lemme out!! *still banging*
Airi gave Akako the "dont mind her" look then they went on with their conversation...
Airi- there's only 4 of us ne?~ where's the others?
Akako- i dont know nne~ Azumi!!! tell Mizu to stop!
Azumi- mizu...stop (she said it without looking away to the book she's reading)
Shimizu - Iyyaa~ kowaii yoo
Azumi- she said 'no'
----------------------------shimizu's imagination----------------------------

girl- minna!! the ferris wheel stopped!! its stucked!!
another girl- eeehhhhh???!!!
Guy- guess what?!
All- were gonna DIE!!

----------------------------------------end of imagination-----------------------------
guy- ehem.... pls go out of the ferris wheel now....
shimizu saw the 3 other girls outside , walking and she was left behind...
Shimizu- oohh.. so its over? we are on the ground now?
Guy- hai...
then shmizu went out of it.. FASSSSTTTTT
* dash*
then... *TAP*...
Shimizu - minna-san! lets eat sushi! HURREEII!
then she ran
Airi- she-------'s -----------okay?!
Akako and Azumi- looks like it....
shimizu looked back and shouted "hhaayyyyaaakkkuuu!!! [hurry]
------------------------at restaurant-----------------------------
AIri- ne. ne, ne!!! mite! [look] *points outside* Usagi and Miki are here!!!
Usagi and Miki- oh! minna!! we've bought a newspaper!! guess who's on it?!
All- HEY!SAY!JUMP???!!
Miki- hai! *sat down and read*
Airi (POV)- pls. dont mention yamada.. or else.. shimizu will.....
Miki- then YAMADA....
miki went on but...
*BAM* shimizu stood up (gloomy)
Shimizu- im full.. jaa minna~
after a min....
Usagi- MIKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MENTIONED YAMADA!
Miki- oooppss.. ehehehe...
--------------SCENE ON SHIMIZU-----------------
*running....running....* * saw a huge rock and sat down*
Shimizu (whispers)- yama-chan............ you've forgotten me....... im still worried.... do you remember me?

it happened 10 yrs ago.... when i was 5.....
there was a popular boy in our neighborhood and school............ when i first saw him.....I

fell for him................................

shimizu- jaa minna! *waves*
Shimizu -ouch
boy- gomen *smiles*
shimizu- *SHOCKED*
boy- ii desu! im yamada ryosuke.. nice to meet ya!
we became bestfriends then......... until.....
when we were 6..... he got to move to another place.....
yamada- gomen ne?1 mizu-chan... ill remember you!! itsumo! *waves*
mizu- jjaa!!~~ ill remember you to0....
when yamada left... she whispered "itsumo"
------------end of FB-----------------------------------


then when she was about to cry....

some guy- ITAI....( the guy tripped)
Shimizu- *looked around*
guy- *looked at her*
shimizu and guy- *eye to eye*
guy (POV)- this girl... i know her!!!
Shimizu *looked down* yama-chan......
guy- gomen!! i didnt mean to disturb you...
Shimizu - *sniff* sniff*
guy- eeehhh???!! don't cry *goes towards shimizu*
shimizu - *stood up and went to the guy*
guy- eeehhh???!!!
shimizu- *looked at the guy seriously..*'ve forgotten me.. *sigh*
then shimizu left the guy alone and went back to the restaurant..
------------BACK TO THE GUY---------------------
another guy - oi! YAMA-CHAN! what are you doing here?~
yamada - i met a strange girl ....she even eyed to eyed me!! yuuto.... help me!!!!!
yuto- eeehhhh??!! nande?~ [why?]
yamada- i thinkk.............. i know her....
yuto- yama-chan! you know that stranger?
yamada's eyes widened as he hurriedly fished his wallet out of his pocket and inside there was a tattered picture that he had taken with a girl several yrs ago...
Yamada - no... it cant be her... ..(he muttered, disappointed yuto wondered what is wrong with his bestfriend)
Yamada- *smile*.. nothing.. let's go!

----------- BACK TO THE RESTAURANT---------------
*shimizu sat down*
*all look at her*
miki- shimizu.... anou....... gomen ne?~
Shimizu- ii desu yo.. nothing big.. *fake smile*
Usagi- mizu-chan.. yamete yo0.... you're faking your smile..
Shimizu- oh.. so you guys know now how i smile?
Airi- nande? what happened? why are you sad?
shimizu- i.... met HIM
all- HIM?!
Shimizu- hai.. yama-chan...
all- oohh......
Usagi- seems he forgotten you ne?~
Shimizu - un! *nod..* demo.... IM SO0O0O DEPRESSED RIGHT NOW! (shouted)
all- EEHH?! *crawled back*
Shimizu- WAITER!!!! *calls waiter*
waiter- hai?
waiter- demo... its good for 8 people... you're only one....
shimizu- I DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!!
waiter -*scared*..hhaaii

Airi (whisper to Azumi)- this is creepy
Azumi( whisper to all)- this is what happens when shimizu is depressed! beware!
Usagi- ano0o0o..mizu-chan.. *goes to shimizu*
all (whispers)- no!!no!! *tries to reach usagi*
shimizu- hm? *becomes sweet*
all - *whew..went close to shimizu*
Miki- ne!ne! i called michiru,shuki and hana! they'll be here! oh! and yumi to0!



----------after 10 mins--------------
miki- *points* its them!! they're here!!!
michiru,hana, shuki and yumi- yo!!! OMG guys!! have you read this *placed magazine on table*
akako- *reading loud* ..the johnny's entertainment are now open for girls??!!! you can audition anytime. but.. we opened an audition date for hey!say!girls. which is the girl version of HSJ. these girls are going to be guests if HSJ have concerts and they'll sing the songs that HSJ sang??!! *finished reading*
all- *SHOCKED*!
Usagi- what are we waiting for?! lets audition!!
shimizu - are you out of your mind?!
miki- what? we can do it! ne minna?~
all- OH!
shimizu- demo...
airi- dont worry!!! it'll be okay.... are you in?!~
shimizu- *sigh* lets go! HSG! YOSSHH!
they stretched their ams and shouted "FIGHT OHHHHH............OH!"
azumi- chotto....
All- nande?
azumi- we are not prepared...
all- *sat down* oh... you're right...
miki- we gotta practice!!
akako- uuhh.. yap!
michiru- *sigh* can we really do it?
hana- ofcourse!! we are HSG!
shimizu- dont say that.. we are not yet accepted to be HSG
yumi- chotto...... we are also 10 ne?~
all- hai!
yumi- what if we divide who is great in singing and dancing?demo.. we should do it all to0 ne?~
shuki- oh! right! and those who are great in these two , will teach those who are not so great...!
all- your right!! YOSH!
azumi- shall we start the training?`~
all- yep!
shuki- where are we gonna practice?
azumi- someone with a BIG house!
*all looks to airi*
airi- what?!
azumi- you have a big house right? *glomy*
airi- *scared* okay.. we can practice there...
azumi- *becomes sweet* okay!! there guys!! lets do our best!!!

----------------t b continued----------------
*while practicing*
shimizu(texting or SMS)- hey! pls bring food for 10! and drinks.. im kinda tired... thanks! pls!pls!
----after 30 mins------
*knock knock*
Azumi opened the door
all- whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Airi(whisper)- there's a bishie!!~
???- yo! *raised hand*
all-* feel heavenly*
Shuki- uuhh.. hello... why are you here?
???- uh.. i brought food and drinks! *smile*
Hana- do you have a friend here?~
Miki- yah! maybe a girlfriend?~
???- uh....
Usagi- do you?!
???-* sees shimizu* miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzuuuuuuuuuuu!! *ran inside and embraced shimizu*
All- SHIMIZU IS YOUR GIRLFRIEND?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
???-*ignores* wa! mizu-chan! how are you?!
shimizu- im good!
all- hey!
shimizu- uuhh.... this is my childhood friend..>,<
???- yup! ne! mizu!! remember i liked SIR TAKADA?!
ALL- SIR????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE GAY???!!!
???- uuhh.. no.. im a girl.
all- *laughs* haha.. don't make a joke
???-*serious look* SERIOUSLY.... im a girl.
( sound effect- mr. lonely by akon)
all- huh?! * all kneeled down*
Shuki- oh..... no.............
Miki- i thought you're the one.......................
Usagi- demo....................
ALL- YOU'RE A GIRL??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
( sound stops)
???- uh.......... yup. im cua michiko!! yoroshiku!~ *flashes peace sign*
Shimizu- you can call her michi!
all- sonna,,,,,,,
michi- OK!!!* becomes strict* FIND YOUR POSITIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Usagi-*scared..* where...?
michi- ANYWHERE!! A- 1.. 2.. 3!!!! FOLLOW ME! *dance*
------------to be continued-----------------
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Posted 1/1/09 , edited 1/1/09
yatta!! ..kawaii idea!! >o<
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24 / F / Singaporeeeeeee :D
Posted 1/1/09 , edited 1/1/09
yeah~i'm with ryutaro!BANZAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!a girl version of hey!say!JUMP???...*screams*'ll be uber awesome!!!
Posted 1/1/09 , edited 1/1/09
kakkoi ne?! kyaaaa~! i'm so excited! xD
Posted 1/1/09 , edited 1/1/09

narusigawa wrote:

yatta!! ..kawaii idea!! >o<

ahahaha.. hai!!
Posted 1/1/09 , edited 1/1/09

Jannahh94 wrote:

yeah~i'm with ryutaro!BANZAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!a girl version of hey!say!JUMP???...*screams*'ll be uber awesome!!!

ahahahaha..,... hai!!!! matte ne?~
Posted 1/1/09 , edited 1/1/09
wee~ a new fanfic!!! :D
ahhh, poor takaki, not taken yet??

then i guess i'll partner him? is that okay?
Posted 1/1/09 , edited 1/1/09

preppygothika wrote:

wee~ a new fanfic!!! :D
ahhh, poor takaki, not taken yet??

then i guess i'll partner him? is that okay?

hai hai!! ur his partner! yoroshiku! >,<.. ill post the chap. 1 now.. chotto..
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waaa..omoshiroi ne~!
Posted 1/1/09 , edited 1/1/09

yama_dia wrote:

waaa..omoshiroi ne~!

aheheh.. arigato! i posted whole chappie 1 now
Posted 1/1/09 , edited 1/1/09

lizbeth_yao95 wrote:

kakkoi ne?! kyaaaa~! i'm so excited! xD

chappie 1 posted.. pls leave comment
Posted 1/1/09 , edited 1/1/09
minna!!! chapter 1 is now posted!
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Posted 1/1/09 , edited 1/1/09
kyaaa!great job zy-chan!looking forward to the next chappie!
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Posted 1/1/09 , edited 1/1/09
i read it!! i read it~!!!!!! haha~ post chap 02 soon~!!!!!><
can't wait~
Posted 1/1/09 , edited 1/1/09

Jannahh94 wrote:

kyaaa!great job zy-chan!looking forward to the next chappie!

souka!!! yay~~ arigato na ana-chan!!!!!!!
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