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[News] January 2009
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Posted 1/4/09
[VIDEO] 090104 TBS Dreams Come True Special (TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/東方神起/동방신기)

Screencap from: under_an_oak
TBS Sanma-no Super Karakuri TV
Yume ka na e taro ka

[Dreams Come True]


Credits: [email protected]/DNBN

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Posted 1/4/09 , edited 1/4/09
[PHOTOS] Yunho visits his Alma Mater (TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/東方神起/동방신기)

Credits: kwangil site + 준수오빠사랑해요@DNBN

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Posted 1/4/09
[NEWS] DBSK, surprise visit to a girls' highschool.

DBSK, surprise visit to a girls' highschool.
HAHAHA song campaign, school attack, to be released on the sixth!

Samsung HAHAHA Campaign (which features Korea's top stars such as Ja Ooh Rim, Lee Weh Soo, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Yeon Ah and received hot reaction)'s new UCC which feature DBSK in a school attack is a hit amongst the netizens even before the release.

Last December 23rd, DBSK surprised a Girls' High school in a city Seoul. They performed cute and comical dances to the song "HAHAHA Song" which is the theme song of the "HAHAHA Campaign".

DBSK, who prepared this school attack wanted to give a surprise gift to the students. And so the HAHAHA Campaign producers used the white lie that they were recording a typical Korean High Schooler's life.

The students who were waiting for the filming to happen, were surprised with DBSK's surprise entrance, but soon showed hot reactions and welcomed them.

A student with an excited face who was at the scene said, "I couldn't belive that I was seeing the DBSK oppas with my own eyes! Due to the oppas' awesome supports, I think I can study even harder now!"

DBSK's Hero Jaejoong said, "They were so cute when they were surprised. This visit has become more meaningful to us, because of the students who enjoyed what we did."

This news has spread like wildfire through the internet, due to the students' blogs and mini-hompy's and have boosted the excitement level for the video. Other DBSK fans showed various reactions from, "Why not our school?!" to "On which standard do you choose the school?" and made known their jealousy.

"SAMSUNG HAHAHA CAMPAIGN", said, "Hahaha campaign is there to boost your energy and to make you happy when you are down. We hope that the students of Korea would cheer up watching the video."

DBSK's surprise school attack "HAHAHA SONG" UCC, will be revealed on the coming 6th at the HAHAHA Campaign offcial site "HAHAHA FOR YOU (

source: Edaily SPN Reporter @
translation credits: [email protected]
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Posted 1/4/09
Changmin @ suju concert!!


Changmin and Hongki were in the audience.. Changmin was having such an awesome time..he clapped through most of the songs, danced to YMCA and was dying of laughter watching the interlude videos like the Sexy Back practise one.keke

Kangin was like “"Changmin, since you're here, you must be E.L.F right??"” So Hyukkie took off the sapphire blue E.L.F jacket he was wearing and Changmin wore it <3>Min's Bday.. it was so cute cos his was probably the second loudest voice (after Kibum’s low baritone and then everyone was like SUngminnie and he was all, "Me? For me?"” keke.. he got caked pretty good and was chasing after the others.
Teukkie was running like a little kid and Kangin was like “COme back Sungmin” so he left him and started chasing Hyukkie.. lol.

credit: sapphirepearls
Shared By DBSKnights


[ENG]090101 DBSK~Zoom-In New Years Special Cut

credit: [email protected]
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Posted 1/5/09

credit: DNBN
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Posted 1/5/09
TVXQ Clean Version of album released: MIROTIC Acoustic Version

One article from Khan Sports states that TVXQ"s MIROTIC clean version has been released in the market, and that corresponding to that they will be removing the "Restricted-19" red stickers on the album. It was released on the 5th [yesterday] and that the problem according to the Commission on Youth Protection was the song's lyrics.

The "under my skin" to "under my sky" along with "I got you" to "I chose you" was also mentioned as the lines changed from the lyrics. TVXQ had re-recorded the song since end of last year. The record was made due to the Commission on Youth Protection requiring SMEnt to oblige unconditionally to their decision, because they cannot sell the original to younger fans due to the 19-restriction stickers.

There is a total of 17 tracks exactly similar to the original except for 2 of those, the MIROTIC clean version and MIROTIC acoustic [listen to audio below]. SMEnt is still dissatisfied with the decision about the new version and is still continuing on filing a suit on court.

The article ends with mentioning that TVXQ is on a ten-day vacation spending time with their family and friends, and will be back for promotion for their new single for the rest of the month.

credit: fangirlmitz


credit: [email protected]
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Posted 1/5/09
[VIDEO] School Attack Version and Dance Classes Version - HaHaHa Song

School Attack

Dance Classes Studio Version

credit: [email protected]
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Posted 1/6/09
Professor Ashida Hironao gives ToHoShinKi 80 points for NHK Kouhaku's performance

Professor Ashida a critic, writer who rates the Kouhaku yearly on his blog.
the boys are 5th in the ranking with 80points and a pretty high review by him.

i did a quick rough translation to his review... ~ DBSKnights

read the ranking he gave for all artistes who performed here

第5位:東方神起(初出場)『Purple Line~どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?』 80点。
(5th place: Tohoshinki (First time performer) Purple Line & KimiSuki 80points)

『Purple Line~どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?』 80点。
い いねぇ、東方神起。初めて聞きました。歌がうまい。SMAPよりも上手いのはもちろんのこと、EXILE、ゴスペラーズよりもはるかにうまい。平井堅のバ ラードよりもはるかに声量がある。EXILEを尊敬しているらしいが、比べものにならないでしょ。口先だけのEXILEの歌唱よりはるかに上だし、 EXILEの堅い踊りに比べれば東方神起の踊りの方がはるかに上質。メンバーの個性もそれぞれはっきりしていてグループの力を存分に発揮している。たぶん Back Street boysあたりをイメージして作っているのだろうけれども、そこまではいけないにしても日本の男性グループボーカルよりもはるかにいける。

8) Tohoshinki (First time performer)
Good, Tohoshinki. Its the first time i listen to them. Songs are good. Certainly better than SMAP.
Even comparing with Exile, Gospellers they are better. Ballad sounds more powerful than Ken Hirai........etc
Each member has their own individual personality to shine. Their image is probably created to be like Back Street Boys.
Their vocals are much better than those japanese boy groups so far.

Credits: [email protected] (Translation)
Shared y: DBSKnights
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Posted 1/6/09
[INFO] Tohoshinki's Sudden Surges @ Oricon Charts

Singles Daily Chart 09/01/06

*1 秋元順子 「愛のままで…」 1,632
*2 羞恥心「弱虫サンタ」 982
*3 平原綾香 「ノクターン/カンパニュラの恋」807
*4 浜崎あゆみ 「Days/GREEN」
*5 アンジェラ・アキ 「手紙 ~拝啓 十五の君へ~」
*6 ポルノグラフィティ 「今宵、月が見えずとも」
*7 東方神起 「どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?」
*8 矢島美容室 「ニホンノミカタ -ネバダカラキマシタ-」
*9 東方神起 「Beautiful you/千年恋歌」
10 コブクロ 「時の足音」


*2 SMAP 2008 super.modern.artistic.performance tour SMAP 12/17 V
*3 KOBUKURO FAN FESTA 2008~10 YEARS SPECIAL!!!! コブクロ 12/24 WMJ
*4 真夏の大感謝祭 LIVE サザンオールスターズ 12/03 V
*5 Perfume First Tour『GAME』 Perfume 10/15 TJC
*6 B’z LIVE-GYM Hidden Pleasure~Typhoon No.20~ B’z 12/10 VMR
*7 SUMMER TOUR 2007 FINAL Time-コトバノチカラ- 嵐 04/16 JST
*9 TOKYO STAR Tour 2008 加藤ミリヤ 12/10 SR

10 3rd LIVE TOUR 2008~T~ 東方神起 08/06 RZN

Oricon singles weekly rankings:

**1 58,108 倖田來未
**2 40,003 浜崎あゆみ
**3 37,591 秋元順子
**4 28,231 羞恥心『弱虫サンタ』
**5 23,537 ポルノグラフィティ
**6 22,342 平原綾香
**7 18,284 シェリル・ノーム/ボビー・マルゴ
**8 16,980 ランカ・リー with ボビー・マルゴ/ボビー・マルゴ
**9 15,984 Kalafina
*10 15,532 矢島美容室
*11 13,339 東方神起『どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?』
*12 12,520 東方神起『Beautiful you/千年恋歌』
*13 12,231 嵐『Beautiful days』
*14 12,021 コブクロ
*15 11,636 凛として時雨

*98 *1,613 東方神起『呪文-MIROTIC-』
Credits: 2ch

BY: 107,855
Doush!te: 103,688
Mirotic: 86,657

Credits: Oricon Style + DBSKnights+ DNBN
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Posted 1/6/09 , edited 1/6/09
[NEWS] DBSK surpassed "Culture President" Seo Tae Ji

Fourth album breaks Seo Tae Ji's album selling record and also breaks the 490 000 mark... The album market's signal to change from old icon to new icon!

Boyband DBSK surpasses Seo Tae Ji.

DBSK's management SM Entertainment's staff said, "If we count all the DBSK fourht album that have been sold, it has officially passed the 490 000 mark on the 31st of December. 500 000 isn't a difficult to achieve now. Anytime soon."

With this, Seo Tae Ji's record has been broken by DBSK in four years. Seo Tae Ji had sold 482 000 copies of his seventh album last 2004.

DBSK and Seo Tae Ji as leaders of huge Fandom, came back in 2008, as Seniors and Juniors. Seo Tae Ji's 8th album's first single and DBSK's fourth album were the only albums that passed the 200 000 mark when first sold, and created a non-competition like competition. The two teams performed at the Seoul Jamsil Performance stage and had an "Old-New Fandom Competition" also.

The happening of DBSK surpassing Seo Tae Ji has many meanings. Thanks to the two teams, 2008's music market has found life once again, in a long time.

They didn't turn away their fans. And paid attention to the general audeitnce, and held events which helpd the selling of their albums.

Creds: [email protected] (translations)
Sharedby: DBSKnights
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Posted 1/6/09
[INFO] Tohoshinki’s 4th Japanese Album Release

Release Date: 18th March 2009
CD - 2800¥/ USD$30/ €22
2CD - 3500¥/ USD$37.60/ €28
2CD+DVD - 5040¥/ USD$54/ €40

Tracklisting: Purple Line, Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou, Beautiful You, Sennen Kouita, MIROTIC, Bolero, Kiss The Baby Sky, Wasurenaide etc.

Source: Multi-Lemonia + [email protected]
Translations: [email protected] Australia + KPOP JJANG

[PIC] Yoochun + Changmin Endorsing Em Polham

FYI, that hoodie is USD$37/ €27/ 3440¥/ SGD$54

Credits: Em Polham + DNBN + KPOP JJANG
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Posted 1/6/09
[NEWS] Doushite: From top 200 to Rank 32

Song Ringtone: NHK Kohaku with TVXQ singing a song from ranking of 200 soaring to within 50

Song downloads on the New Year holiday rankings show that Tohoshinki ranked from 200 went up several places to rank 32. On the 21st, the new single "Bolero / Kiss The Baby Sky / Don't forget" will be released.

Music distribution service "♪ direct sound recording" (Label Mobile) "Choku-Uta (R)" (2008 tally Dec 29 - Jan 1909 4 days) has released its ranking...

In addition, the team's debut in NHK Kohaku, Korea's dance and vocal group Tohoshinki "Doushite Kimi Wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou" from outside the top 200 now ranked 32...

** they currently rank number 24 for doushite on the "full" ranking whilst 48 for the "uta ranking" on the 5th of January.

To quote May-san:

has became No.32rd from outside range of over 200 songs of "Chaku-Uta(R) ranking"
which delivers by "RecoChoku♪Sound (Label mobile)" after 2008 Kohaku.
* "Chaku-Uta(R)" : Melody (Song) services of arrivals of mail messages or callings on cellularphone.
* The ranking has been added up since 29th Dec.,2008 until 4th Jan., 2009.

Source: Mainichi + fangirlmitz

The jump that stood out most was TVXQ! :D

TVXQ old recochoku comment here

From Yahoo

It is a general website for downloading some music to cell phone or your PC. There may be some free music you can download and some are for sale. If you download them to your cell phone, you can listen to the music or even set up for your ring sound.
There are many many sites like this, so you can find your favorite ones. The problem is that most of them expressed in Japanese not in English.


This is a site for buying popular music which has been edited down into files for special use on the cell phone. When your phone rings, or you get mail, you'll get that song or it's intro. It looks like you must have a japanese cell phone in order to purchase. The same with the square bar code. J phones have special software which will read these.


090106 Jaejoong, Junho, YooSu invests on Cosmetic Line - CreBeau

Jaejoong, Junho, Yoochun and Junsu apparently invested on CreBeau, a cosmetics line from Korea being imported to China under Sohu and thus the boys went there to apparently see how things go.

From one of our cbox-ers ica89:

CreBeau is the new Korean Cosmetic Products which are made from the sheep/lamb's placenta and pearls~ some china cassies say there are rumours that HoMin might join them tomorrow in china.
from china cassies: the boys leave the launching conference venue by a personal car and the driver is a pretty lady! ><>.<
from china cassies: jae had a pimple on his nose! LOL, can see how detailed china cassies are! xD she even say that jae's hand is very big! >< totally making me jealousss! from china cassies: jae look very pretty and he even smiled chun look extremely tall and skinny compared to videos. su is very handsome too! junho is the tallest among them! haha. currently for this product, only YooSuJae are investing in it. that's what most news say ^^ a china cassie say the CreBeau staff told her that our boys might go china again for the cosmetic in june and dec!

Here's a poster:

From apple:

YooSuJae n Junho r in Beijin for 3 days [according to] Mickyhome

Credits: as tagged + TVXQbaidu + YJbaidu + ica89
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Posted 1/6/09
[INFO] 2008 10th Anniversary MKMF DVD

According to ica89:

MKMF Limited Edition DVD will be released in Mid Feb!! total got 3 versions, TVXQ, Wonder Girls & Big Bang!!!

There's one drawback to this product though. It's supposed to be released on Feb 28 and is thought to be a "gorgeous and cool" with it's High-Definition shots of the event that makes the one MNet initially broadcasted pale in comparison.

You'd have to be a "full member" of MNet to get this though.. See the gift wrapping on those DVDs? It's freaking FREE for 300 full members of MNet, limited supply and chosen at random... this promo poster is e-mailed to Korean netizens who subscribed to MNet.. Includes the Red Carpet and all the performances

Pic & Info from: chohj2560 + fangirlmitz

[NEWS] SM-YG-JYP, overseas into World War Three, who will be the winner?

[SPN News] At the beginning it was only BoA and TVXQ, both SMEntertainment, but now also Seven and BigBang of YG as well as Park Jin Young of JYP attacked the market of United States and Japan, launching the challenge with each other.

Among the overseas activities of singers, SMEntertainment's TVXQ, BoA and Super Junior are the most conspicious. But this year, YG and JYP also put forward a formal plan for the focus of overseas activities of their stars.

The first is SMEntertainment's BoA and TVXQ, witness to every singer's dream to stage for the American dream POP market and the world. TVXQ's 2nd record market is in Japan devoting all of their efforts as the focus of their activities.


Last year after appearing for the first time on NHK Kohaku debut in Japan the status of the show proved that they will continue to carry out activities in Japan without pause. TVXQ in mid-January this year will release their single Bolero while afterwards on March they will release a formal album. For the first half of this year, they plan to focus on activities in Japan. All four of their singles released last year recorded on Japanese Oricon Weekly Chart at number 1 equally to Arashi as having Most No.1 Oricon Weekly Singles record in a year in the Japanese market. The record also garnered a lot of Asian music people's attention.

Source: SPN News + DNBN
Trans: fangirlmitz
**Retained from the news only the parts about TVXQ.
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30 / F / Brunei
Posted 1/7/09
[VIDEO] TVXQ Message to Thai fans: SMTown in Bangkok

U-know : hello. this is TVXQ. we are tvxq, ahh.. not only tvxq but sm town that is coming to have a concert in thailand

Xiah : in bangkok

Max : what did you say?

Xiah : in bangkok

U-know : actually, we should have met thai fans at the end of 2008 but bcoz of some reasons so we have to postpone the day of the concert to 7 of feb

Max : with all of the sm family

Hero : tvxq, super junior, csjh the grace, snsd, shinee, zhang ri yin

Micky : and xiah junsu

Max : ahh.. xiah junsu .. great

U-know : now, we are really happy and excited of going to have concert with all the sm town family

Max : moreover, this will be the first time that all sm town family going to thailand and having concert together. -right, hyung?

All (except Max) : yes, it's great

Max : so this concert is really meaningful. all of us, we will do our best to bring you the best performance. please dont forget to come to support us. we wont let you disappoint

All : lastly, we are tvxq. thank you

Hero : i love you (in thai)

Thai to English Translation : [email protected]
vid credit: [email protected]
shared by: fangirlmitz
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30 / F / Brunei
Posted 1/7/09
[INFO] 4th Live Tour in Japan

From May-san:

Oh boy, we, Bigeast club member, haven't received any information
via mail from Bigeast office until today!

Well....2009 this year, TVXQ staff change the way to book chickets [tickets]
at each performance.
We have to choise one type from 6 types of chickets as followings:

Premium Seat \30,000 --- special chicket + premium goods + good seat (maybe so near the main stage ) + private entrance
S seat \7800 --- booked seat (arena area seat or stand area seat)
S seat + special goods \9800 --- booked seat (arena or stand) + special goods
S seat (prohibited standing) \7800 --- booked stand seat only.
We must take our seats during performance
S seat (prohibited standing)+ special goods \9800 --- booked stand seat only.
We must take our seats during performance + special goods
A seat \6000 --- not good seat (maybe stand arena seat), which is far from the main stage.

They don't explain what is each special goods on this information.


May 4, 6:30pm, Kobe World Commemoration Hall (10,000pax can be accommodated)
May 5, 4pm, Kobe World Commemoration Hall (10,000pax can be accommodated)
May 9, 6:30pm, Saitama Super Arena - (37,000pax can be accommodated)
May 10, 4pm, Saitama Super Arena - (37,000pax can be accommodated)
May 16, 6:30pm, Hot House Super Arena - (7,000 people can be accommodated)
May 23, 6:30pm, Makomanai Sekisui House Ice Arena Hokkaido (11,500 people can be accommodated)
May 30, 6:30pm, Marine Messe Fukuoka (15,000 people can be accommodated)
June 6, 6:30pm, Hiroshima Green Arena - (10,000pax can be accommodated)
June 11, 6:30pm, Osaka Jou Hall - (16,000pax can be accommodated)
June 13, 6pm, Osaka Jou Hall - (16,000pax can be accommodated)
June 14, 6pm, Osaka Jou Hall - (16,000pax can be accommodated)
June 18, 6:30pm, Japan Gaishi Hall - (10,000pax can be accommodated)
June 20, 6pm, Japan Gaishi Hall - (10,000pax can be accommodated)
June 21, 4pm, Japan Gaishi Hall - (10,000pax can be accommodated)
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