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what dramas/movies have you decided not to finish?
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28 / F / philippinEs
Posted 1/3/09
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F / Xiah's Heart.
Posted 1/3/09
meteor garden 2....xD
Posted 1/3/09
Love marraige - I didnt like the main character for some reason. The story was also slow and going absolutely no where.

Smiling pasta - I was on the 10th ep, then i decided it was too stupid for my liking. harsh xD

ISWAK - I only got up to the 5th episode. I couldnt stand Ariel Lins character.

Romantic Princess
- I was only a few eps away from finishing but it was really repetitive and immature.

Last freinds - It was soo serious for my taste. No comedy or anything at all.

Proposal Daikun
- I dont remember why I didnt finish it but im not gonna bother trying to.


Rolling Love
Hana Kimi (tw)
Yi San
hwang Jin Yi
My sassy girl
Full house
Hana Yori Dango Final
The World they live in
Liar game
Nodame Cantabile
Wonderful Life
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F / non of ur business
Posted 1/3/09
Tokyo Ghost Trip
World's Within
Hana Yori Dango ( Season 2 )
Gokusen 3
Here is Greenwood
Kurosagi ( the Movie )
Little mom Scandal
When it's at night
Meteor Garden 2

hmmm.... forgot some ( they are all boring )
Posted 1/3/09 , edited 1/3/09
Love Queen- so boring i can't hold on!

Daisuki- So mature drama!mother and daughter

Mars- IDK why?

Cyborg Girl- idk also!/

Proposal Daisuken?- So slow and Boring for me!

Wish to see you again

Rolling Love

Posted 1/3/09
Mu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru....[i just find it boring]..JMO
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25 / F / California
Posted 1/3/09
Gokusen3 - same as the others
hana yori dango final - no point to the plot
brown sugar machiatto - funny but too fake and voices are annoying
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25 / M / Auckland NZ
Posted 1/3/09
Hana Kimi Taiwan: I was really disapointed of both Chun and Ella's acting... I tried to watch up to 4th episode but it was really awful...I really cant stand ella's voice and chun's facial expression, you can oviously see his trying but not enough...

Meteor Garden 2: I tried to give this drama a chance after falling in love with the first one but it just wasnt that much fun...

Romantic Princess: I got bored... that all I can say...
Posted 1/5/09
last friends..
teppan shojo akane..
vineyard man..
liar game..
seigi no mikata..
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Posted 1/5/09
Last Friends - can't stand Nagasawa Masami and DV stories are not my cup of tea..
Haikei, Chichi ue sama - too slow and i find it very boring..
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47 / I Go Where The Wi...
Posted 1/6/09

nissikisses wrote:

karishika wrote:

LisaMarie12314 wrote:

romantic princess and love queen(after 10 min. i was completely confuesed and wanted to throw my computer out the window)

I wasn't confused on these...they were actually VERY clear...the story plot (especially on Rom Pri) is one that is so repetitive....and then the acting skills of the actors and actresses...just couldn't get into them.

it became too predictable right?

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26 / F / Home.
Posted 1/6/09

LoveSano wrote:

well there are a lot :S
summer scent for example...or smilling pasta..i just didnt like them...i just look dramen which i like from the beginning :D

that's the ones i stopped too, but then i looked back at smiling pasta 'cos of my current obsession over Nicholas Teo and it was actually really..smily and happpy! :D
if you wantt, you might want to try it again.
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F / Glasgow,Scotland
Posted 1/6/09
likeable or Not(only saw the last episodes),My girl(4 me can't handel a twisted ending),unsopable wedding(too long),finaly...Goong(princess hours) becuse i can't find aplace to watch it from....
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25 / F
Posted 1/6/09
worlds within
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F / Here and there......
Posted 1/6/09
Devil Beside You. I watched the first 20 minutes and couldn't stand the acting anymore.
Bambino. My roommate and I were halfway through and just gave up because it was so stupid.

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