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Posted 1/1/09
So after you're done downloading and it's up and awesome before you in all it's glory, it's time to DOWNLOAD. You'll have an even better time trying the program out after downloading trust me.

So I forgot how it was with CS2, CS4, and 7. I'm going to do this in the point of view as CS3 but I think it's kind of the same somehow.

This is the site for downloading, there's more but what's the fun in ME sharing and YOU not sharing?

Now, click on a brush set you really really like. Click download. If you use saving on desktop or something with your zip, awesome. So you get the zip. Now extract it, don't click ANYTHING but Extract Here. Then, get rid of EVERYTHING except for the bluish icon with the brush on it. Go to your Photoshop folder and click into Presets. Then, place this into Brushes and only brushes. Open up CS[ ] and your brush is right there to use.

Pattern is just the same, but using it is different. You follow EVERYTHING except you put it in PATTERNS instead of Brushes. Then, click the small arrow under gradient. You will see that paint bucket. Choose Pattern from Foreground and you will have the patterns there.
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