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Posted 1/8/09 , edited 1/9/09

Gothic_Angel13 wrote:

PinkAnime wrote:

Gothic_Angel13 wrote:

Name: Akumu Nikki (Last frist)
Age: 14
Class (Night or Day): Night class
What Are You? (Vampire, Pureblood, Human): Pureblood (If I'm not alwod I'll b a Noble vampire! :3)
Personality: She's shy around new people and pretty anti-social making it hard for people to kno her. Usually will give up and talk if they are president enough. She spins most of her time in the near by graveyard or some other remote(Sp?) place. Once people get to know her she is a sweet and loving girl. Also is more outgoing around her friends
Extra About Character: She's a singer who is just starting out. Her songs are usually on the erg of dark yet have a light side to them. In school she is also studying cosmetology. She lives with her older brother Kino. He plays guitar and the violin. he a year older making him 16. They live alone since their father is dead and there mother a banded them when Nikki was at a young age. So they are very close siblings.

^-^ Ur Allowed To Be A Noble But Which Would U Rather Be? Noble Or Pureblood? =3

I rather be a pureblood ^,..,^

^-^ Ok.
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KawaiiHimeka-chan wrote:

I wanna make my own character! ^^

Name: Ayame Suzumi
Age: 13
Class: Night Class
What are you?: Pureblood
Personality: Sweet,kind,gentle,friendly and caring
Extra about character:
Ayame comes from a rich family and also is Kaname's cousin (If it's ok),and she just transferred to Cross Academy's Night Class and Kaname put Aidou and Ichijou to take care of her. She controls ice and water and can make weapons from the ice. She luvs to sing and an excellent cook and also a good archer. She can play the flute and the piano.

Did I get accepted? Cuz you didn't quote my forum post >.<"
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