Chen Qiao En G-Cup kicks away Kelly Lin, work and endorsements comes rolling in
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Posted 1/1/09 , edited 1/1/09
Ever since Chen Qiao En acted in “Fated To Love You” and becomes popular, many drama and endorsement deals comes knocking at her door. She just returned back to Taiwan after finishing her work in the Mainland and recently defeated sexy queen Kelly Lin to win the 2009 endorsement deal for “Ladies” (蕾黛絲) brand of undergarments. This commercial will also let everyone see Chen Qiao En’s G-Cup!

After entering the entertainment circle for six years, Chen Qiao En finally enjoy popularity this year when her portrayal of sticky note girl in “Fated To Love You” causes her to become a household name and create astonishingly ratings! With this kind of fame, Chen Qiao En quickly gains the attention of China and she flew to China to star in “Staying By Sunshine, Staying By You” with old partner Ming Dao. According to Next magazine, Chen Qiao En has been filming in the Mainland for three months. She has plenty of commercial deals after she returned to Taiwan and the most notable one is wining the endorsement deal for undergarment brand “Ladies” from Kelly Lin.

In order to be a professional endorser, Chen Qiao En not only diet to losesweight, she also massages her breasts and hopes to appear prettily in front of the camera. According to report, the company spends 5 million before Chen Qiao En agrees to bare herself. “Ladies” happens to be the brand she likes most and after being tempted with endless supply of undergarments, she finally nods her head! But this will be the last time, because the 29 years old Chen Qiao En hopes to end her 20s with this work.

During filming, when Chen Qiao En changes her clothes and appears, everybody on the set including both men and women are stunned. Her profile writes her as a D-Cup but she looks like G-Cup instead! During filming, she also poses generously and even complies when the advertiser asks her to dance, causing the atmosphere to be very happy. But this endorsement also pits her against a strong competitor, which happens to be her love rival Bianca Bai in “Fated To Love You”. Because Bianca Bai has been endorsing “Modern Girl” (曼登瑪朵) for three years and each year sales has been good, she poses a big threat to Chen Qiao En.

Beside endorsement for undergarments, Chen Qiao En also has commercials Avon, Kang Sifu, green tea and online games etc on her hand when she returned to Taiwan. Her work schedule is full and she does not have time to accompany her boyfriend Michael, so she can only makes use of free time between works to sing and dine with her boyfriend. According to reports, even though her boyfriend does mind Chen Qiao En having so much work, he respected her. Chen Qiao En’s character is independent and has her own mind; in love she is also always in a dominating position and her boyfriend obeys her like a little boy. Their love is very stable, like an old couple.

But now Chen Qiao En is putting her career first, so if her boyfriend wants to get married, he has to wait for a few more years.
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