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When I saw that all the Younha pv's and live's were gone from CR I wrote down 2 of the Younha extras interviews for people to read. You are free to post news and interviews etc. etc. If you can't see it then you can read it!


Younha ExtrasHitmaker interview

Viewers of Pops in Seoul, hello I’m the singer Younha and I’m back with my 2nd album, “Someday”. The 2nd album, “Someday” is a diverse album with a variety of songs. I worked hard to showcase the distinctness of my voice. Because the album offers such a variety I think you´ll find a song that suits your taste. I hope that you all love “Someday” as much as I put my heart and soul into it.

“Telepathy” is the title track of this 2nd album, “Someday”. It’s a teen pop song that features the bright, lively image I’ve presented, along with the piano. It refers to communicating better, hence the telepathy than we did with “Secret Code 486.”

We tried to make the music video comical, but I’m not sure what you thought of it. There are computer graphics of hearts and cupid´s arrows and I play a kid doctor- type. The colors are really nice too. I think a lot of people will have fun watching it.

Q: Tell us about the self- written songs on this album and the sorts of songs that you want to write in the future.
Y: This time I really tried to take on different styles. There are the songs “Dislike” and “For Catharina”. While making this album I was actually really interested in songs you can perform. I want to make more diverse songs. I think I also have a desire to make fast songs. That’s why I’m making up-tempo music.

Epic high feat Younha - Umbrella

Q: You and Tablo have been featured in each other’s songs and given each other songs. What’s your relationship like?
Y: We became very friendly while being featured on each other’s album, and before that, while listening to “Sunny All Day in Seoul Today,” Tablo heard my voice and really took good care of it. I’m so grateful because in a way, he takes better care of my voice that I do. He gives me great advice and encouragement. He’s been a great source of strength for me and rather than it being about exchanging work, he promised to give me a good song. Among many songs, he wrote me a song that fits my voice, so that’s how we came to work together. I’m really thankful for him.

Younha - Houki boshi (comet) and Audition

Q: What are your goals and dreams? What sort of artist do you want to be?
Y: I have a lot of dreams. Rather than specifically wanting to do this or that, I hope to be singing for a long time, with many other people. I hope to be the sort of artist who can conclude her life on stage. I think it’s up to me, what I do. It also depends on your support. It’s not something to worry about now, but I’ll work hard so that later, many people can think back and say “My memories are associated with Younha´s songs!” I’ll work hard to become that sort of artist.

Q: Closing comments…
Y: Viewers of Pops in Seoul, this has been an interview with Younha, and I’m back with my second album, “Someday.” [Laughs] I hope that you didn’t find the interview trite and boring. I put my all into my 2nd album, so I hope you all will listen to it. I ask for your continued support.
Thank you.

Interview from: 2008-10-23 Pops in Seoul


Younha Extras The first Encounter

Dami [reporter]: Hi, show viewers. It’s kind of weird that I’m in front of the piano, right? But I’m not going to play the whole day. Actually I have a very special guest today. Can you guess who it is?

A little giant!
A singer with mighty musical powers!

15 foot powerful singer, Younha has returned to the limelight with her second studio album “Someday.” Let’s get close and personal with Younha. Ok, Show extras viewers I have Younha with me. Let’s take time and interview her.

Q: Hello Younha- Shi.
Y: Hello, nice to see you again.

You lost weight, and changed your hair. You look fabulous.
Y: I did lose a lot of weight from working.

Q: Pretty intense work, right?
Y: Yes, the recording and editing are tediously long. We pulled all nights due to the one-month time span.

Q: But it’s good to see you again. Why don’t you say hi to our viewers?
Y: It’s been a long time, Showbiz extra viewers. I’m singer Younha. [Laughs]

Younha is the leading became a household name after releasing her debut album in 2006. Now she’s out with her second full length album filled with wonderful written songs.

Y: The second album includes tracks of various genres. I’ve done things I didn’t do in my first album. I’ve worked harder to create a sound that would stand out anywhere, anytime. It’s a brilliant album. The title track is called “Telepathy”. But I emphasized the overall flow in the album so many people should feel the vibe all the way to track 1 to 17.

Q: I heard you composed two tracks by yourself.
Y: Yes, they’re called “For Catharina” and “Hate”.

*Younha playing “For Catharina”*

Q: When did you learn piano?
Y: I learned classic piano since I was five but I quit in middle school, because I got sick of it.

Q: Were you gifted at singing since you were born?
Y: I couldn’t speak when I was born!

Q: But could you sing?
Y: I was not a prodigy capable of singing before I could speak. It came about naturally, my dad was the first motive. He bought a lot of music sheets for me, and told me, “True beauty of a woman is visible when she sings while playing piano.” As a child, my father was the greatest man in the world. So I feverishly practiced singing while playing the piano to impress him.

I heard this place has a special meaning to you.
*Younha looking around*
Y: Of course. It has been two years since my last visit.
Q: Two years!
Y: My very first performance in Korea, with a piano, was set at this place for my concert.

A great year of pretention was faith to Younha when she made her debut performance in Korea November 2006. It was a tremendous success.

Y: I become serious when I talk about how I’ve changed since then. I was very nervous back then.
Q: I bet you were. It was your first concert.

Y: My debut was the time when I kept worrying about how to look appealing to the audience. But now, due to my fans who listen to my music, I’m gradually solidifying my position as a singer.

Looking back on her first performance in Korea she sings a song for us. Why we don’t take a moment to indulge ourselves.
*Dami [reporter] sings while Younha is playing the melody of her song Kidarida*: I never thought that I would really love you, I never thought that this day would come. Just one, I want you next to me more than anything else. My love for you last forever.
*Younha continues to sing on the actual lyrics of the song.*

For the love of singing & piano
A girl embarks on a New Journey
Younha a petite yet mighty singer

Y: It was my first composition in Korean. (kidarida) It was released as part of a digital single. Although it was not the title song, it received so much attention and love. I don’t know why, but it was written at the first snow.
*Younha continues to sing on kidarida*

That was an excellent performance, don’t you think?

Y: I like the English lyrics. [Laughs] They sound like a pop song. [Laughs]
Q: The title track is called “Telepathy”. Like its title, if there is chemistry in the air do you usually make the first move?

Y: I’m a shy person. I make a very peculiar move. Instead of trying to look cute and adorable, I would just put my arm around the guy’s shoulders.
Q: Like as if he were your friend?

Y: Yes, and we actually do become friends.
Q: Like Gong Yoo from “Coffee Prince”?
Y: I liked him so much from that TV drama! After it finished, I rented DVD’s for “Open city”. I also liked Sim Ji- ho from that movie. I was infatuated with his role as the swordsman.

Q: One of your nicknames is the “Oricon comet”. How do you feel about it?
Y: Comets disappear, I wish I would not.
*Both laughing*
Q: Do you want to be an eternal comet?
Y: Mmmm…

Q: Your fans also call you “Teeny Weeny”, right?
Y: “Teeny-Younha-Weeny.”
Q: These nicknames are cute and adorable. What do you think?

Y: I don’t belong to the group of tall girls. But I’m not a dwarf, either! [Laughs] At first it was hard for me to accept them. I began to wonder whether I’m not attractive. But now I’m used to it. I try to appreciate what I have.

a singer burning with talent and passion for music. She says in her first part of close up on the ever triple singer Younha.

Y: Showbiz Extra viewers! I think today was full of honest conversation. I hope you think of it that way as well. Also, I hope you enjoyed today. Keep an eye on my busy day and stay tuned. I’ll appreciate your love and support for Younha.

From Showbiz Extra

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