{Game} : Truth or dare
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Posted 1/1/09 , edited 1/1/09
Hi !! Let's play /truth or dare..but it's turn by turn so.. >"<..if u wanna play then u can go here-->http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-423609/Avi-Shop.html for sign up..if i accept then u can play when it's ur turn.pn me if u have any problems and questions..

so..i put a example.:

Person 1 (cutiesteffie) : Devil_Queen , Truth or dare?
Person 2 (Devil_Queen) : Truth .
Person 1 (cutiesteffie) : okay ! Who do u have a boyfriend ?
Person 2 (Devil_Queen) : No..i'm 13 year old...Okay !! then ..Angel_Queen , Truth or dare ?
Person 3 (Angel_Quenn) : BlaBla.........etc..

u understand now :O ?

1) cutiesteffie
4) X-x-Cherry-Drop-x-X

so..i'm the first one i'll start

Devil_Queen..Truth or dare ?
Posted 1/1/09 , edited 1/1/09
Wrong section.
No advertising of group threads allowed.

I don't see how you can play truth or dare anyway because how can you carry out dares?
It's kind of a pointless thread.
Sorry but

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