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Posted 1/1/09 , edited 1/1/09
I'm gonna try and make it as clear as possible. My book is in Romanian so I'm gonna just write in English what's most important... kinda like a summary ^_~

A child's head is much bigger compared to his body, than a grownup's. A child isn't an adult at a smaller scale. The head of a 2 year-old baby is 1/5 of his total height (including the head). He's chubby and he almost has no neck.

The 6 year-old child is thinner; his head is 1/6 of his total height and his neck grows longer. Nevertheless, some children grow too thin and tall for their age while some remain chubby.

At the age of 13-14 the child isn't really... defined... he can be tall, short, thin, fat etc... There isn't a general rule, but we may establish that the head is approximately 1/7 of his total height, almost as an adult's.

An adult's head is approximately 1/7 - 1/8 of his total height. Just like children, adults can be short and fat or tall and thin or in between...
On average, a well built man, of approximately 1,80 m, has a total height that's 8 times his head, whereas a woman of average height and posture, has a height that's 7,5 times her head.

As people grow older, there may occur modifications... Even a perfect athlete can become shorter....

This is it for now... I hope you got the idea... ^_^
If I find anything else, I'll make sure to post it!
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Posted 1/2/09
OOOOOOHHH!!! good!!! thankies for your tutorial!!! ^_^
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