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20 / F / In the Eva
Posted 1/30/11 , edited 1/30/11
What will i do?Hmm......

Beki's inner mind theatre:

Hikaru:Will you marry me?
Hikaru:Um...are you okay?
Beki:AAAAA!!!!HIKARU!!!!*jumps,hugs him,pushes him to the ground and kisses him*
Hikaru:*kisses her back*Is that yes?
Beki:In all languages Hikaru~koi!
All the other hosts:*clap*
Beki:Haruhi,i told you to end up with him!Now he's mine!*kisses him*
Hikaru:*kisses her back*

end of Beki's inner mind theatre.

You see i have s strange imagination xDD!!!I LOVE HIKARU♥♥♥!!!If that could happen i will be the happiest girl in all the world!!!!♥♥♥

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19 / F / going insane
Posted 7/29/11 , edited 7/29/11
intermind theater
tamaki: Lee will you marry me

Lee: OH TAMAKI! of corse i will marry you!
end of intermind theater
Posted 8/10/11 , edited 8/10/11
If tamiki married me i would scream and have the wedding the wedding in a month, then i would scream and tell my mom and everyone else
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