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22 / M / Zanian96
Posted 3/9/09 , edited 3/10/09
Name: Yurito Nokkido
Age: 13
Powers: Martial arts, good with all weapons, speed
Pics: Normal Form:
Full Power:
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26 / F / San Diego
Posted 5/2/09 , edited 5/2/09
Age:1000(but i look 17^^)
Powers:power absorbtion (can absorb other vamps powers by being in the same room and be able to ues the powers whenever no matter if im with the vamp or not) i got wings and i use a flaming sword
Pics:my avatar

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21 / F
Posted 5/9/09 , edited 5/9/09
Name: Yukki
Age: Secret
Powers: Manipulating others, elemental control, speed, strength, healing powers, telepathy, mind control, turn humans into vampires (F-class), destroying a thing, a place, a being with my death spell....
Weapon: Hell's sword, Death Fan, Trinity Cross, Bloody Chain, Witches Nails....(All my weapons are transformable....)
My Human Form...

My Vampire Form...

When I;m ready for battle...

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