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The reason why you LOVE japanese culture.
Posted 1/9/09 , edited 1/9/09
Anime, manga, school uniforms, music, language and literature.
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Posted 8/8/09 , edited 8/9/09
You shouldn't love it only for anime.

I'm interested in the wars and the traditional clothing. Anime is good and all, but it's not at all the most interesting aspect of the culture.
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23 / F / Malaysia
Posted 8/8/09 , edited 8/9/09
well, i love the food too! but basically it's their lifestyle that i love most of all..
they are like... free.. 4 example, the school rules are not that strict but there are still school rules and still look like school. (complicated? i know.. it's juz my opinion)
the scenery there too is breathtaking!
especially the manga and anime! KYAA!
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31 / M / Lumberton Texas
Posted 8/9/09 , edited 8/9/09
I love the culture because it's very respect-based things seem more laid back at times as well. I have a Japanese friend and from what she told me about Japan makes me want to move there. And if I had the money... I would've done so a long time ago.
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Posted 8/11/09 , edited 8/11/09
.it's like they have everything to be addicted about----Games ,music (pop,rock,acoustic and etc J genres),fashion (modern and native outfits),dramas (esp.Mind game series), animes (detective series),manga (anything), food (esp.Takoyaki),language(nihonggo)... and oh the technology and hi-tech gadgets.
i like their art too---it's like they can make a lot of art out of simple things--from flowers to papers...piece of a crap to a magnificient sight...
i mean, what could you ask for?..
i feel there's something weird about the japanese culture which makes it attractive..idk why it has to be Japan..but i am so attracted to their culture..majide!
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31 / F / San Diego
Posted 8/14/09 , edited 8/15/09
I LOVE JAPAN because...

...for such a small country, they have such a large variety of things to do and learn and be entertained with.
...their entertainment, although it's only targeted towards Japanese audiences, I can still appreciate it.
...their stuff are so cute. Hello kittty (^.^)
...they have cute, sexy, hot, dorky boy bands from Johnny's entertainment (NewS, Arashi, Kat-tun, Kanjani8)
...their dramas are just long enough for a one-day drama-marathon when i am bored.
...the way that the old and new are being used together, rather than the old being discarded.
...of yaoi. Guy on Guy (~.^) yay!
...of anime, mangas, and jpop. Everyone has a genre that they could get addicted to.
...of origami, they are just so addicting to make.
...their food. Sushii, Ramen, Udon, Tempura, Shabu-Shabu, Gyoza....yum yum (^0^)

There are just so much variety that I am still enjoying learning all about it.
Posted 8/23/09 , edited 8/23/09
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South Korea
Posted 8/27/09 , edited 8/27/09
because it´s the total opposite of the culture i´m livin at :D
1. the fashion ^^
2. the food
3. school -> the school uniforms in japan *_*
4. the ppls
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25 / F / Chicago. Home of...
Posted 9/27/09 , edited 9/27/09
-I love their entertainment industry and how it's different from America's. Plus their fashion scene is <3.
-Food is amaaazingg.
-The actors and the male artists (Matsumoto Jun and Ikuta Toma~:D)
-The language is so pretty that it makes me want to speak it lol
-Johnny's Entertainment. xP
-That's where Tohoshinki was born <3
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26 / under the same sky
Posted 10/3/09 , edited 10/3/09
it's just one of those unexplainable love you know

i know the food and manga and anime do a play a role though...

and of course, i am fascinated with the language...
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Posted 10/4/09 , edited 10/4/09
Sceneries(Sakuraaaaaaaaa <3)
Posted 10/5/09 , edited 10/5/09
music food the way they live ahhhhh!!! i wanna go to japan T_T
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26 / F / U.K.
Posted 10/5/09 , edited 10/5/09
Woah!! Gotta luv their food....their funky n trendy fashion
Gorgeous Animes, coolest music n their awesomely cool Final Fantasy games (addicted to it)...LOL
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65 / F / OP,FL
Posted 10/14/09 , edited 10/14/09
Personally I like the Japanese culture for your sense of humor.
I watched any number of Anime and TV shows and realized when something was absurd they knew it and
played it to the hilt.

You guys have a great culture, steeped it art, cuisine,education and technology.
And I'm grateful that you share it with us.
Posted 10/16/09 , edited 10/16/09
Cause they look cool. They are (sorry for all other contries (in my opinion)) and are EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT
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