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Post Reply sOme News abOut RAIN oPPA in 2009
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Posted 6/17/09 , edited 6/17/09
from April to May to June
sorry for the late news!!!

April 2009

Rain at Incheon Airport going to Australia for Nature Republic CF

19th April 2009
rain msg
Headed to Austrailia!
Thanks Fa! ^^ & the rest of the clouds for getting the source! you guys are awesome!
Aigoo, can’t wait to see the CF! I’m thinking tropical forest with half-naked Bi! ahahha!!! ^^^

2009.04.24 Rain back to Seoul, arrived at airport around 6pm
Lotte Family Concert 2009 in Seoul

2009.04.24 Rain attended "Thirst" movie premiere at 7:55pm
he vampires are coming to Korea.
For the VIP screening for the new horror flick, “Thirst” (박쥐 2009′) on April 24th, a-listers showed up to support Song Kang-ho and Kim Ok-bin. Directed by the famous Park Chan-wook (Old Boy, I’m a Cyborg), the story weaves a tale of a priest who turns into a vampire and falls in love with his friend’s wife.

“Thirst” (2009) flies into theaters on April 30th.

may 2009

2009.04.30 Arrive in Beijing for Jackie Chan's concert

2009.05.31 The 3rd 2009 Green Ribbon Hope Walking Campaign

June 2009

Rain will be scheduled to fly to Hong Kong with actress Lee Dae-Hye

2009.06.03 Gwangjoo City 2015 Summer Universiade Game performance

2009.06.05 Departure to Hong Kong
2009.06.06 6to5 Fashion Show in Hong Kong with actress Lee Dae-Hy

rain at hk ariport depart to seoul with lee...

2009.06.09 The ceremony of appointment as 'Global Publicity Ambassador' under the city of Seoul at 4:50pm

rain at public ambassador ceremony

coming soon
6to5 autography event at 1pm in Incheon branch of Lotte Department Store
6to5 autography event at 5pm in Daejeon branch of Lotte Department Store

6to5 autography event at 1:30pm in Centum City branch of Busan Sinsegye

2009.06.27 6to5 Fashion Show in Macau
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Posted 10/10/09
wow this forum is so much informative than the other one I belong to...thanks for this great information..
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