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Posted 1/2/09
This thread is for any product-related questions, comments, reviews, or requests.

Please feel free to participate, and hopefully,
this thread can become useful to everyone

It'll be best if you can include some basic information
about your personal hair type to avoid confusion.
Afterall, different products do produce varying results on
different types of hair.

You don't have to include all of the following information,
even just a couple of them will be great.
This is merely for convenience. Similarly, you can include
other kinds of information that I have not listed.

Remember, the more you include, the more useful your review will be,
and the easier it will be for others to provide help for you

For example:
-Texture (straight, wavy, curly)
-Thickness of the individual hair (fine, medium, thick)
-Quantity (thinning, sparse, normal, dense)
-Colour (brunett, red head, blonde, and what shade?)
-Chemically treated (yes/no and what kind?)
-Condition (dry, greasy, dandruff, frizzy...etc)
-Length (buzz cut / shoulder / bra strap / waist..etc)

Of course, what you include will depend on the type of
product you're talking about/what you want to know.
For example, if you're talking about a hairdye,
you would include your hair colour so others know
how well the product works.

So then, I'll start the snowball rolling with a product review...
(Once again, you don't have to include as much info
as I am, but as the thread starter, I should to set a good
example, right?)

Hair type:
-Texture: Mostly straight with a slight wave
-Thickness: Fine+medium combination
-Quantity: Normal, leaning towards sparse.
-Chemically treated: Yes, bleached twice in various layers.
-Condition: Greasy roots, 1 inch of dry ends, well moisturized every where else.
-Length: Longest strands just touching the hip bone level.
-Styling habits: Every day blow-dry, straight iron fringe and ends, pomade/clay+hairspray. I occasionally use the curling iron.

Product: Biolage Hydrating Conditioning Balm
Type: Conditioner/Treatment

I've been using this product at least 3 times a week for the past month.
It is a fantastic moisturizing treatment for your hair, and it always
makes my hair feel incredibly soft and cushy.

It has a very nice floral smell that isn't overpowering,
so you don't have to worry about bees going after you

(Haha... if anyone reads this...sorry, this review will be incomplete until tomorrow because I am dead tired right now...)
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Posted 5/25/09
I need tips/advice on how to take care of my hair. My hair is medium length, thick, little wavy and very stiff.
How do I make my hair smooth, and soft without always straignting my hair?
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