Post Reply Do kurogane like or hate fye??
Posted 1/2/09 , edited 1/2/09
He Like`s Fye ^^

Kurogane said that he hate`s fye in the whole world when they were in the land of outo but when kurogane asked Seishiro is fye is dead he was very angry and ready to kill Seishiro even his strength will go down because of the curse ^^ aheee and in the manga vol.17 fye will be dead in any second .... kurogane made fye a vampire in return the only blood that fye can drink is only kurogane`s blood ^^ it`s because of syaoran gouged out fye`s eyes ~_~
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Posted 1/7/09 , edited 1/7/09
he likes fye^^
Posted 1/9/09 , edited 1/9/09
he likes fye though
is he a girl or boy (fye)
confused still yaoi if likes]
non yaoi if girl xD
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