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Gospel and Christian Japanese Bands
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Posted 5/29/11
is there anything new? We are in 2011 now. I hope there are more Japanese/Asian Christian singers ^^ -- Japanese Christian Radio
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Posted 11/6/11 , edited 11/6/11
Heh, I realize this is an old thread, but you guys might be interested in the singer KOKIA. She's done some anime work (like the Break Blade OP, a Requiem for the Phantom OP & ED, Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino OP, and some other stuff). Though I don't know if she's still one (I'm thinking she is), she was raised a Christian and apparently attended Sunday Mass as a child. Some of her songs are dedicated to God, and she has covered several Christmas hymns, Amazing Grace, and Ave Maria (her English is very good, too). She does some secular music as well.

Her voice is AMAZING, and she writes many of her songs, too. She's on iTunes here in the US. Check her out.
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Posted 4/16/12
at all dont pay attention to these ignorants unbelievers buddy... and yea there are few christians gospel in japan becuz i know people japanese christians. and i leave u here the list of those gospel christians singers: Yoshi Blessed -rap music-, kaori Yamamoto, Genuine grace, Migiwa, Jasmine (japanese singer), Misa Kamiyama, Route of Soul (rock music), Saluki (rock music), Samuelle, Hideo Terada, Night de Light, hillsong United, Daisuke Yokoyama. and there are alot but u have to search god bless you
Posted 4/30/12
Most Japanese are Buddhist right?

I havent heard on a Catholic band or somewhat.
but that's cool if there are, which I think there is.
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Posted 6/15/12
Japanese Christian songs... do u mean that they write the lyrics with Christianity? im nt sure about Gospel bands (nvr heard them b4 ) but here's 2 that i know

Versailles ~Philharmonic Quintet~

they r rock bands but the lyric r always saying about salvation, judgement or sumthing that i think which have connections 2 christianity fit urself
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Posted 9/16/12
This has been a very helpful thread, I have been looking for Japanese christian bands myself and here I have a few.
I also found one myself it's called GaGaalinG, if anyone is interested in checking it out.
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Posted 2/24/13
Closed due to inactivity. Please feel free to remake.
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