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[Game] RimaXNagehiko Story
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Posted 1/7/09
Rima: Nagehiko!!! WATCH OUT!!!
Rima: Wait-Did I just say that?
Boss: Nagehiko, eh? That's your name?
Nagehiko: Oh no..Rima..What did you do..????
Rima: W-What did I do?
Nagehiko: If the Boss knows my name...
Boss: HAHAHAHA!!! I will crush you into bits now!!!
Nagehiko: Temariiii!!!!
Temari: Ching, Pang, Shang!!! Chara-Change!!!
Nagehiko: YOU FAT, OLD PEDOFILE!!! THINK YOU WILL CRUSH ME!!! YOU THINK FUNNY!!! *swings katana around*
Boss: You...IKUTO!!!!!!!
Ikuto: *comes sleepily* Yes?
Boss: Beat the crap outta him!!! *points at Nagehiko*
Ikuto: -smirks- This might be fun. *chara-changes with Yoru*
Nagehiko: I will defeat you!!!
Ikuto: Try to. *comes lashing forward with claws*
Nagehiko: I will!!! *swings blade viciously*

To Be Continued~
Posted 1/8/09
Nagihiko: KORRAAHHH!!! I will slice you into tiny pieces!! =0=
Ikuto: Will never happen! -0-
The two people starts to fight. -_-
Nagihiko swings the scythe. Ikuto dodges. -_-
Ikuto swings the claws. Nagihiko dodges. -_-
This went on for 15 minutes. -_-
Rima: Darn, this is taking like foreva! -0-
Kusu Kusu: What should we do? -_-
Rima: Ikuto! I'll tell Amu about this! =0=
Ikuto: ..........!
Ikuto stops attacking Nagihiko.
Rima: Your love for Amu is just great. -_-^ (<<< Getting jealous)
Boss: What are you smoking, Ikuto?! Hurry up and kill that boy!
Ikuto: Bahh~!! =0= Don't feel like it, man. -_- I'm friggin tired.
Boss: You dare to disobey me?! KILL HIM!! =0=
Ikuto: STFU!!!
Boss: =0=
Nagihiko grabs Rima's hand.
Nagihiko: Hurry! Let's get out of here, Rima-chan!
Rima: O-Okay!
The two jumps through the broken window.
Boss: Why you!! Stop right there!! =0=

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26 / F / Australia
Posted 1/9/09
Rima: L-Let's keep going!!! *holds Nagi's hand more tighter without knowing*
Nagi: The Boss is catching up!!!
Rima: Don't look back!!!
Nagi: Alright! Where should we hide?
Rima: I just think we keep going! This is scaaarrry!!!
Rima: Noooo!!
Boss: -cackles- I've got you now, Fujisaki Nagehiko.
Nagi & Rima: Oh no...

To Be Continued~
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Posted 1/9/09
Ikuto: hey, mayb i can help... *smirk*

Rima n Nagihiko: HONTO DA?! ARIGATOU! *glomp at Ikuto*

Ikuto: *sigh* easy...... *chara change wit Yoru* *swing claw at boss*
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26 / F / Australia
Posted 1/9/09
Boss is defeated.
Rima: Thank you Ikuto!!! I will definitely tell Amu how much you helped us!
Ikuto: -smirks- Of course. No Problem. Seeya. -flys away-
Nagehiko: Well, well, at least he has a good side to something.
Posted 1/11/09
Rima: So,,,
Nagihiko: o_o,,?
Rima: We were in the middle of the date, correct? -///-
Nagihiko: What? So you're desperate to do this now? ^-^
Rima: You've got it all wrong, man! =0= I'm just keeping the promise!
Nagihiko: Since you saved me, I won't bother you anymore.
Rima: ......
Nagihiko: Rima-chan?
Rima: I-It wasn't,, that bad when you were with me.. =///=
Nagihiko: Huh? -_-
Rima: I-I mean..! I was kinda bored, so... It's fine.
Nagihiko: T^T Rima-chan,,,
Rima: Don't make that kinda face! =0= Hurry up and take me to the food court! =0= I'm starving! =0=
Nagihiko: We're heading to In-and-Out >_<
Rima: -_-
They arrive to the fast food court.
Nagihiko: Hey, what do you wanna eat?
Rima: C-Cheeseburger,, -///-
Nagihiko: Ok! ^-^
Rima: o_o .....
Nagihiko: What?
Rima: Hey, isn't that Amu over there? o_o
Nagihiko: Oh, you're right! o_o She's with Hotori-kun!
Rima: Tadase~~~!!!! =0= You dare to have a date with my precious Amu?!! =0=
Nagihiko: Calm down, Rima-chan. -_-
Tadase: Ah! o_o Mashiro-san and Fujisaki-kun?
Amu: Rima! Nagihiko! ^o^ Over here!
Nagihiko & Rima: -_-
The four people sit together.
Amu: Hey what a great coincidence! What are you two doing here? o_o
Rima: T-That is,, I was hungry and,, -0-
Nagihiko: Rima-chan and I were dating >_<
Amu & Tadase: o_o
Nagihiko: What? -_-
Amu & Tadase: Nothing. -_-
Rima: Oh yeah. o_o
Amu: Huh? o_o
Rima: Nagihiko got captured by the Easter boss and Ikuto helped me to save him.
Amu: I-Ikuto did? o_o
Rima: Yeah. o_o
Amu: o////o .......
Tadase: Mashiro-san. -_-^ You didn't have to tell her that. -_-
Rima: Shut up, shorty. -_-
Tadase: -0- *thinking* Tsukiyomi Ikuto! I'll never forgive you for getting Hinamori-san's attention! =0=

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26 / F / Australia
Posted 1/14/09
Rima: Amu.
Amu: Rima?
Rima: Ikuto also said to tell you that the Key loves the Lock~
Amu: What does that mean?
Rima: All I can tell you is that the Key means "Ikuto" and the Lock is "you".
Amu: Which means..Ikuto loves me?!
Rima: That's right!
Amu: I-It can't be true!
Tadese: Rima..
Rima: -glares with Tadese like how she glares with naggi-
Nagi: Eh..? Perhaps Rima is blind right now and thinks Hotori-san is me..?
Tadese: -glances at Nagi- Is she blind?!
Nagi: I don't know!
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26 / F / Australia
Posted 3/9/09
No one replied for a Long, Long time, so I will continue :(

Rima: *drinks wine by mistake, thinking it was grape juice* Wow, this tastes delicious, this grape juice!
Amu: I didn't get any grape juice!
Tadese: Same.
Nagi: I, too.
Rima: Arrrgggh... I feel so light-headed.. .So Drowsssy....
Amu: Um..Tadese-kun ..Aren't these what happen after you drink acohol?
Tadese: Why, indeed!
Rima: Nagi-kun~ *clutches Nagi's pants*
Nagi: W-what?!
Rima: *pulls pants down, revealing Nagi's plain white underwear*
Nagi: EEEEEEEK!!!! *pulls back up, blushing furiously*
Amu: *holds cheeks, trying not to laugh*
Tadese: *tries to maintain his giggles*
Nagi: RIMA!!!
Tadese: *starts giggling like mad*
Amu&Tadese: *points at Nagi* WHITE UNDERWEAR!!!!!
Nagi: -blush- Rima!
Rima: Nagi-kun.....
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