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Post Reply If you were to choose on which actress to play on Bella, who would you pick?
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Posted 1/2/09 , edited 1/3/09
Well hello guys! I think this group has been pretty inactive lately so i think it's time to spice things up..
I've been hearing comments that the actress Kristen Stewart didn't really delivered the role of Bella well as much as we expected.. well, that's according to me and my friend.. hehe.. But if you share the same feelings with me then i think you should answer this poll.. If you don't know who these actresses are then i'll provide you with their pictures..

Alexis Bledel

Evan Rachel Wood

Emily Browning

Camilla Belle

Ellen Page

Yeah they're hot right but you shouldn't only judge them by their looks but also the way the put themselves into the character. These actresses already starred in critically-acclaimed movies and has provided outstanding performances from the roles that they potrayed. If you have time you should see their works. By the way, this poll is not created to show that Kristen Stewart is a bad actress but just to voice out who would you like to play as Bella. Well if you like to keep Ms. Stewart then you don't need to vote.. And if you have other suggestions please specify them..
Posted 2/2/09
Ellen page. She lloks like Bellla.
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