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29 / M / Land of darkness
Posted 1/2/09 , edited 7/14/09

Aitono brast Master of Ice & Aitono Nora Master of Water

Friday 09/01/2009
????? (man) - So princess can you tell us where are you going?
Ren - ...
Ironoside – hey..The two of you..What do you want?
????? (Woman) - What we want? We want princess Shino .
Ironoside - what do you mean by princess Shino?
????? (Woman) & ????? (Man) - Huh!!!!!!
????? (Man) - Hey kid are you kidding with us?
Ironoside - kidding??????
????? (Man) - maybe you didn't hear about us I am Aitono Brast the master of ice power and this woman is my wife Aitono Nora the master of water.
Ironoside – master? Ren what it means to be a master?
Ren - i-t.. m-e-a-n –s…t-h-e-y …a-r-e ..i-n ..l-e-v-e-l ..3 ..o-f.. U-l-t-i-m-a-t-e.. P-o-w-e-r
Aitono Nora - don't tell me princess Shino's bodyguard don't know this!!!!
Ironoside - bodyguard????? Hey hey hey what two of you mean by princess Shino and bodyguard?
Aitono Brast - Hey kid do you really don't know who is this girl?
Ironoside - I know her and her name is Tori Ren.
Nora - Tori Ren??????? Is this the name that you use when you go out princess Shino?
Ren - ...
Brast - Her real name is Toria Shino the daughter of Toria Onas the king of Sora country, in another word she is the princess of Sora country did you understand or not?
(Ironoside looked at Ren and asked)
Rronoside - is this true Ren?
Ren - ...
Brast - those things are never important now so let's finish the mission.
Ironoside - mission ??????
Nora - yes mission. Kidnapping the princess hahaha...
Ironoside - kidnapping princess? hey maybe Ren lied about her name to me but I am sure she has a reason for that so don’t ever think about kidnapping Ren because now I am her bodyguard
Ren - Ironoside...
Brast - her bodyguard? You ? hahaha hey kid don't make me laugh you don't know what ultimate power is so you want to fight with us?
Ironoside - if we must fight for that I will fight. She promised me she will get me out of this forest so I will protect her until that time and every time in my life too.
Nora - so boy be ready
(Ironoside put his hands on his swords and slow slow he draw his swords, in this period he was talking to Ren with low voice)
Ironoside - Ren when the battle start you run away ok?
Ren - ...
Ironoside - listen they want you so I will stop them here and you get away.
Ren - no need for run my sister and Kora is coming this way they are strong. And we can fight with them until they arrive
Ironoside - when they will be here?
Ren - i think after 1 hour
Ironoside - Ren as you say if they are in level 3 it means somehow impassable for us to stand up for one hour
Ren - that maybe be true but..
Ironoside - Ren I know they can't arrive here on time so do as I told you.
Ren - but you....
Ironoside - even if I defeated by them they won't kill me because their mission is kidnapping you so you don't worry about me
Ren - ...
Ironoside - and about your name that time you told me your name I know you were hiding something from me
(Ironoside remembered when he met Ren)
Ren - who said that I lost I just lost some power and I need some rest, by the way my name is ... Tori Ren (and Ironoside was watching her eyes )
Ironoside - {what is this feeling I think something is wrong}
Ren - {oh no did he know}.
(Back from memory to real time)
Ironoside - now I know that time when you told me your name why I felt different. Anyway you have your own reasons to lie on me
Ren - ...
Ironoside - and I am not upset from you. Everyone has the right to hide something and how know maybe someday you will tell me the reason.
Ren - I am ...
Ironoside - don't say anything else and be ready to run ok?
Ren - ok but promise me do not die until I come back with help promise?
Ironoside - ok I promise
(Ironoside has draw his swords and he is ready to fight)
Brast - huh are you going to fight with us with just those two swords?
Ironoside - yes?
Brast - hmhmhmhm nora show him why swords are useless in fight.
Nora - ok
(Nora put her hands on ground ...)
Nora - let’s see umm……hey do you like to see a river boy?
Ironoside – a river?
(Brast jump on a tree behind Nora)
Ren - oh noooooooooooo Ironoside run awayyyyyyyyyyy
Ironoside - what for?
(From Nora’s hands which was touching the ground.. water like a big river come out and the water go directly toward Ironoside)
Ironoside - t-h-i-s i-s i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e
(and the river made Ironoside disappear...)
Ren - Ironosiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide????????!!!!!!!!!!

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter04

Writer : Ironoside
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30 / F / i could be anywhe...
Posted 1/8/09 , edited 1/9/09
I liked it, u r good. waiting for the rest of the story.
Posted 1/10/09 , edited 1/11/09
that was good
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 1/14/09 , edited 1/14/09
ironosiiiiiiiiiiide dont die man if u died then who will protect me oops i mean who will protect princess ren u better not die man
cant wait 2 read the next chapter
Posted 7/3/09 , edited 7/3/09
Saa "ironoside" ..i just don't know why u didn't understnad what (RUN) means?? ..u know i'm soper kind i'll help u. ..go and look on dictionary and believe or not u can find the meanin g *wohaahahha* oh nooooo thx man..i'm so kind thank you. i know
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24 / F / Alabama
Posted 7/31/09 , edited 7/31/09
OMG SUSPENSE, I LOVE IT!!! -squealing from excitement-
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Posted 5/14/10 , edited 5/14/10
i will finish this story soon and read the new one Yay
u really do good jop
come on write more storys

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