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3 Keywords:
1. “47 Prefecture Concert Tour” You`re in the middle of your concert tour, let`s hear your enthusiasm!
It might be physically exhausting, but with all of you backing us up, we`ll do our best!
2. “First Tokyo Dome Concert” You`ll be doing your first Tokyo Dome concerts from August 4-5. What do you want to do?
Make it like a HUGE festival.
3. “Mucha∞Buri!” If you could get something, what would you want?
Live large for a day.
The Road to Being a Hot Guy:
4. What determines a `hot guy`?
Hmm…Good question. Actually, I have no idea.
5. What do you think is `manly`?
Trying your hardest at work.
6. When do you think, “I`m on fire!”?
During concerts.
7. Tell us your secret to maintaining your hotness?
I don`t do anything, so I have no idea!
8. What is your hobby?
Basketball and videogames
9. What are you good at?
10. Favorite food?
11. Favorite sport?
12. Favorite music?
Rip Slyme
13. Favorite time?
When I`m eating
14. Least favorite time?
When I am hungry
15. Favorite saying?
If you try, you can do it. / Make it happen.*
16. Favorite scent?
The scent of delicious food. **
17. Least favorite scent?
18. Favorite city?
My hometown (Osaka)
19. Favorite animal?
20. Least favorite animal?
21. Favorite fashion item?
22. Favorite color?
23. Least favorite color?
Pink ***
24. Favorite country?
25. Favorite past time?
26. Favorite season?
27. Favorite body part?
My hands. People say they are very nice. ****
28. Which side of your face are you the most confident about?
The front. Because you should always meet things head on!
29. Do you have any quirks?
Sniffing the back of my hand
30. Special skill?
31. What animal are you like?
Anteater. That`s what Yasu said.
32. If you gain a magical power, what would you wish for?
Only one? To be the world`s strongest!
33. Who do you get along well with outside of Kanjani8?
Aiba from Arashi.
34. Where would you go on a date?
The land of dreams.
35. What is the one thing you would take with you to a deserted island?
What a stereotypical question. (laughs) I guess a year`s worth of food.
36. If you had a time machine, when would you go to?
2nd year of Junior High. It was seriously fun.
37. How do you decorate your room?
38. What is something you always have with you?
Portable videogame player.
39. What do you do on your day off?
Go to the sauna.
40. What kind of food are you good at making?
I don`t cook.
41. How long do you spend in the bath?
20~30 minutes
42. What are you crazy about?
43. What do you wear to bed?
44. If you could be in the Olympics, what event would you want to be in?
Discus. Because if I worked at it, I think I could be good at it.
45. If you could describe Murakami-kun in one word?
46. Shibutani-kun?
47. Nishikido-kun?
Doesn`t like to be alone
48. Maruyama-kun?
Sometimes intense
49. Yasuda-kun?
A nice guy
50. Okura-kun?
Big eater
51. Yokoyama-kun?
A genius
52. Kanjani8?
53. What determines a `good woman`?
Someone who reads the atmosphere around her
54. What type of girl do you like?
The girls that I like are my type.
55. What do you think is `feminine`?
Being domestic
56. What do you notice about a girl first?
Her boobs. A D-cup is good!
57. What changes if you like a girl?
58. Where is your confession place of choice?
Anywhere. I just want to say it.
59. Favorite fashion on a girl?
A t-shirt that shows her bodyline and skinny pants.
60. How about gesture?
Her figure when she`s cooking.
61. Hair style?
Anything is fine.
62. Scent?
63. What homemade food do you want to eat?
Something made with left-overs from the refrigerator.
64. What are you crazy about?
65. What did you dream about?
That Murakami became very rich.
66. Something you recently tried for the first time?
Family trip
67. Something that made you laugh A LOT?
Hurricane Sensei on `Rinkan`. *****
68. Something you were embarrassed about?
69. Something that was scary?
70. Something that made you happy?
My brother grew up
71. Something you `messed up`? ******
I always `mess up` during the opening of the concert.
72. Something you had to say `I`m sorry` for?
Recently, I told quite a few lies during an MC and it got to be kind of a big deal, so I was sorry about that.
73. The thing you want most right now?
74. If you could have any certification, what would you take?
Mid-sized Auto License
75. When are you the most calm?
When eating corn soup
76. Where is the most calming place in your room?
On my bed
77. When you get home, what`s the first thing you do?
Change into PJs.
78. What`s your treasure?
My family.
79. If you went on a trip, all 7 of you, where would you go?
80. What do you do to stay healthy?
Absolutely nothing.
81. What would you do if you had a long vacation?
I want to go to an island where it`s always summer time.
82. What emoticon do you use a lot?
*up arrow*
83. What`s something you can brag about?
My friends are hilarious.
84. What do you want to do this summer?
85. What flavor of ice cream do you like?
Green Tea
86. A summer date memory?
Giving her a doll at home.
87. Where would you go on a `summer drive`?
Umihotaru (An artificial island on the freeway that connects Tokyo Bay from one end to the other)
88. Tell us your goal!
To become rich!

* He gives the phrase 成せば為る. In the past, he`s said なるようになる, or what will be will be. Interesting…
** Although ごはん means `rice`, it can also be used to mean `food` in general. I decided to go with the general meaning of `food` because of his answer for #6.
*** And yet his solo outfit includes a VERY bright pink jacket…Maybe he lost a bet…?
**** You can`t see me, but I am vigorously nodding in agreement to this!
***** リンカーン is a TV show done by Downtown. I haven`t seen Hurricane Sensei yet, but this show is always great <3
****** They used ズッコケ in keeping with the theme of the tour and the song :D

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